NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, Level 24 updates, (15,000-30,000-3,000)

napt-thumb.jpg5:47pm: Players are on a 15-minute break

5:46pm: Bax and Beasley chop

Cliff Josephy opened for 75,000 and Mike Beasley three-bet to 250,000. Josephy quickly moved all-in and Beasley insta-called, turning over A♥A♣ to Josephy's A♦K♥.

Beasley looked like he wanted to die when the board ran out T♦8♦Q♥K♦J♠, both players making a Broadway straight to chop the pot.

"Only on PokerStars," Beasley said with an exasperated sigh.

5:45pm: Floppen straighten
Jonathan Aguiar came in for a raise to 76,000 from the button and Brandon Hall called in the big blind. Both players checked the J♥8♥7♣ flop. Hall's bets were 110,000 and 220,000 on the A♠ turn and 5♥ river. Hall turned over 9♦T♣ for the flopped straight.

5:37pm: Limping for fun and profit
Let's pick it up on the flop of a three-way limped pot. The board read Q♦T♦7♦. Mike Beasley checked out of the small blind, Brandon Hall bet 77,00, and Scott Seiver called on the button. Beasley got out of the way for the 7♠ turn. Hall bet 132,000 and Seiver called again. The river 9♦ saw Hall check, Seiver bet 400,000, and Hall fold.

Beasley, who'll you will recall departed on the flop, bemoaned his fold, which he claimed was a seven and nine.

Seiver reassured Beasley, "There was no way you were EVER seeing the turn."

5:28pm: Bax's tell
You wanna know how Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy has a great hand. Give him no action and he'll slam the hand on the table.

Just now, he made it 80,000 out of the small blind, only to see the big blind fold. Josephy picked up two black queens and pounded them face up into the felt.

Scott Seiver poked at Josephy, asking, "What's it like?"

Josephy, mildly steamy, answered, "You mean when you get them once every four hours and get no action. It's GREAT!"

5:24pm: Annnnnd that's it for Jetten
On the very next hand, Jetten got it in from the small blind with 6♦T♦ against Zachary Fritz's A♠Q♥. Jetten missed and he's out in 13th place for $29,000.


Petere Jetten's sad face

5:21pm: Jetten triples (but three times junk is still junk)
Jetten was left with precious little after that last hand and was in the big blind for almost all his chips.

"I don't think I'm going to find a fold," he said.

So the following hand was great for him. Michael Woods limped, Alan Sternberg raised to 90,000, and then Selbst made it 290,000.

"Give me an all-in button, please," Jetten said.

He ended up being agains Selbst's A♦J♠ with pocket tens. He spiked a ten on the flop and boated up on the turn. He still barely has any chips.


5:15pm: Jetten clings to life
Peter Jetten made it 75,000 under the gun and Michael Woods re-raised to 200,000. Jetten shoved for 935,000 and Woods called (although, a bit slowly).

Jetten: T♥T♠
Woods: A♣A♥

Jetten didn't catch and he's now below 100,000 in chips.


Woods exhales after his aces hold

5:08pm: Seiver building back
It's simply not been Scott Seiver's best day of poker so far, but he looks like he might be starting to rally a bit. Brandon Hall limped in the small blind and Scott Seiver checked his option. Hall check-called a 30,000 bet from Seiver on a 8♣6♠K♦ flop. It was another check call, this time for 80,000, on the 2♠ turn, and then a check-call for 210,000 on the K♥ river. Seiver turned over K♣9♣ for the flopped pair and rivered trips.

Note" Just because Seiver bluffs a lot, he sometimes has a hand.

5:03pm: Peter Jetten will not marry a woman named Vanessa
Or, at least, that's out prediction after he lost back to back hands to two different Vanessas.

In the first, he opened under the gun to 75,000 and for calls from both Vanessa Selbst and Vanessa Rousso in the blinds. Everybdy checked the Q♣T♣2♠ flop. On the 7♠ turn, Selbst led for 140,000. Rousso got out of the way, but Jetten called. Selbst bet 290,000 on the K♦ river and Jetten was forced to fold.

In the next hand Rousso completed from the small blind and Jetten checked his option in the big blind. Rousso led out for 50,000 on the 4♣3♠T♣ flop. Both players checked the K♠ turn. The 2♦ on the river drew a 200,00 bet from Rousso and a fold from Jetten.

Indeed, Jetten does not get along with Vanessas.

4:56pm: Good or stupid?
Brandon Hall came in for a raise to 72,000 and Mike Beasley called from the big blind. Beasley checked called a 110,000 bet on a J♥7♥9♠ flop, and then 225,000 on the 8♠ turn. On the Q♠ river, Beasley checked, and Hall bet 458,000.

Beasley wasn't sure what to do. "Either I'm being really good or really stupid," he said.

And folded.

4.45pm: Ferguson fried by Selbst
Andrew Ferguson shoved all in from the button - his last 204,000. Vanessa Selbst called from the small blind, for what was a mere sliver of her towering stack. Ferguson: Q♣3♥ Selbst: A♦2♦ Ferguson was alive, but only until the turn. The first cards out were 8♣5♥5♦ but then the A♥ turned. The 8♠ river was irrelevant and Ferguson departs in 14th.


That's all for Andrew Ferguson

4:43pm: Jetten recovering
Peter Jetten had a horrible previous level but just got a little lucky to double through Alan Sternberg.

Jetten raised to 55,000 in early position and Sternberg called on the button. On the 6♠J♣T♦ flop, Jetten bet 115,000 and Sternberg called. They got it all-in on the Q♦ turn. Jetten held A♣Q♠ to Sternberg's T♣Q♣. That was pretty good for Sternberg until an ace hit the river and gave Jetten a higher two pair. Jetten doubled up.


Peter Jetten rakes his chips

4:39pm: Big ol' race
Scott Seiver came in for a raise and Mike Beasley three bet to 165,000. That's when Derek Raymond four-bet. Seiver got out of the way, but Beasley shoved. Raymon called and it was off to the races:

Beasley: A♠K♠
Raymond: Q♣Q♠

Beasley spiked his king on the flop and Raymond didn't catch up. After the hand, Beasley had 2.5 million to Raymond's 1.7 million


Mike Beasley

4:30pm: Back from break
We're back.

Vanessa Selbst: 4,255,000
Allen Sternberg: 3,032,000
Derek Raymond: 2,087,000

While we're getting fired up, here's a couple of videos to keep you entertained.

And here's a picture of what it's like to be on the clock.