NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, level 25 updates (20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg7.20pm: Dinner
Yum, yum. Back in 75 minutes.

7.15pm: Chop chop
This could have been the end of Cliff Josephy. It was actually a chopped pot. Here's what happened: Josephy raised to 105,000 from early position and Derek Raymond called from the big blind. The flop came Q♣[10d]8♦. Raymond checked, Josephy bet 150,000 and Raymond began to count out another raise, what looked like 250,000. However before the count was fully completed, Josephy announced that he was all in, and Raymond called.

Josephy: A♠J♣ for the over card and a gutshot straight draw
Raymond: Q♦J♦ for top pair, a flush draw, plus a gutshot.

The turn was 5♥, no help, but the river 9♥ was indeed the gutshot for both of them. Chop, chop. Josephy stays alive as we head to dinner.

7.10pm: A hand! JohnnyBax doubles
Jonathan Aguiar opened to 105,000 from the button and Cliff Josephy moved all in, for 664,000, from the small blind. Aguiar instantly called and Josephy instanly declared: "Aces." They sure were, both of them black, and they were better than Aguiar's Q♣Q♥.

At this point Vanessa Selbst wandered over to see what the commotion was all about, then said: "Oh, aces against queens. That's not interesting."

Certainly the ace on the flop ended it as a contest. Josephy doubles up.


Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy doubles up

7pm: The best field report yet
After that flurry of action, the following has just been confirmed by one of PokerStars Blog's roving reporters: "Nothing is happening."

There are 15 minutes until dinner.

6.45pm: Woods trims Rousso
All bets on a Phil Ivey/Tiger Woods NAPT/Masters double were scrapped with Ivey's elimination from this tournament yesterday. But what price a Woods/Woods double? As Tiger continues to prowl Augusta National, Michael Woods is still very much in the hunt at Mohegan Sun.

Vanessa Rousso's stack has been trimmed to about a million after a tangle with Woods. Rousso had raised pre-flop and picked up a lone caller in Woods, taking them to a 4♠8♠8♦ flop. Rousso checked, as did Woods, and the turn came 9♣. Rousso checked, Woods bet 400,000 and Rousso paid to see the river. It came J♠. Rousso checked again and Woods moved all in, getting the fold from Rousso.

"Great hand," said Rousso. "Do you call a shove with a flush draw?" she continued as the interrogation started.

6.40pm: Six thousand words
There's nothing to suggest our photographer Joe Giron can't write*, but why would he need to? In the world where every click of the finger is worth a thousand words, he's Charles Dickens.

Here's the Alan Sternberg elimination (described in clumsy prose in the 6.30pm update below) in glorious pictures.


Sternberg shows his mighty six high...


...and discovers that he's dominated by Selbst's A-5...


...not looking good for Sternberg...


...the board doesn't help...


That's that. GG Sternberg


Vanessa Selbst after Alan Sternberg's elimination

* He can't, however, carry an ice bucket into his room very successfully, as the red mark on his forehead will attest.

6.35pm: Fritz fried
Zachary Fritz has ridden a short stack into the deepest stages today, but has now departed, knocked out by Al Melville. Fritz raised to 110,000 from the button and Melville moved all in from the big blind. Fritz called.

Fritz: A♣J♦
Melville: A♦Q♦

The board came 6♠5♣2♥9♥7♠, which did not help Fritz at all and he leaves us in 11th. We are left with two tables of five players.

After the next elimination, we'll go down to a single table, but we'll still need to lose another to make an eight handed final table proper.

6.30pm: Big, big hand; Sternberg eliminated by Selbst
Get a load of this. Alan Sternberg, who has been very active on table one, opened to 100,000 and Vanessa Selbst (who has also been pretty active, in fairness) three-bet to 295,000 from the small blind. Sternberg pondered his options but elected to move all in, for 1,620,000. Selbst took a little less time to make the call.

Sternberg: 5♠6♠
Selbst: A♥5♥

Wow. The board of Q♦5♦9♣7♣T♦ wasn't enough for Sternberg and he joins a massive pile of casualties strewn in Vanessa Selbst's wake. We're down to 11 and Selbst has about 6,700,000 chips.

6.20pm: Aguiar leaves Beasley ruing bad day
We have action - and we have a double up for Jonathan Aguiar. Mike Beasley opened for 105,000 and Aguair announced: "Eight hundred and ninety-seven thousand," in the big blind, which also happened to be all in. Beasley snap called and showed J♣J♠, ahead of Aguiar's A♥T♣. Beasley also had Aguiar covered in chips.

The flop, however, went "bink" for Aguair. It came: 3♥A♣4♠ and the turn 4♦ and river 7♥ couldn't reprieve Beasley. Aguiar is now closing in on two million, while Beasley is down to 1.3m approx.


Jonathan Aguiar doubles up

"I'm having a very bad day right now," said Beasley.

6.05pm: Button hits Bax
It's been a quiet start to the new level, with the most notable incident of the first few minutes being when the dealer moved the button towards Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy as he was stacking the spoils of a small pot. The button hit Josephy's hand and the dealer said: "Sorry, man." Josephy was quick to reply: "No problem. You ship me the pot, you can hit me in the head with the button."

Yeah, like I say, slow start.

6pm: It's 6pm, time for level 25
Ain't that the truth.

We're down to our last 12 players here at NAPT Mohegan Sun, but there's room for only eight of them around our final table. That means four players will need to depart before we pack up and go home.

There's a dinner break scheduled for the end of this level, which I expect will be honoured no matter how many or how few players depart in this next 75 minutes. So let's see who's in a hurry for the buffet queue.

Vanessa Selbst leads - we've written that before - and you can get the full counts over on the chip-count page.


NAPT table at the Mohegan Sun