NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, level 26 updates (25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg9.35pm: Beasley slays Hall, sets final table
And then there were eight. Derek Raymond made it 120,000 from the button and Mike Beasley called in the small blind.

Brandon Hall moved all in from the big blind, but this was a squeeze too many.


Brandon Hall all in

Although he thought about it for a while, Raymond folded, but Beasley called instantly. Hall's life was on the line.

Hall: K♦J♥
Beasley: A♠Q♠

"Ace ball!" came the shout from the rail, and the dealer duly delivered. The flop came: A♦3♠5♥ and Hall got up from his chair. The 4♠[10s] made the nut flush for Beasley and sent Hall home in ninth.


Brandon Hall eliminated

Full chip counts for the last eight, plus a wrap of the day, is on its way.

9:32pm: It's over
Brandon Hall has been eliminated. Details to come.

9:13pm: A champion before our champion
While we're still determining who our champ will be at this event, how about a word fromo our last champ, Tom Marchese.

9:09pm Final table chop?
Jonathan Aguiar just said, "Wanna chop this up right now?"

Selbst, ever the negotiator responded, "I'll take $30,000 short of first place money and I'll leave. You can chop up the rest."

9:07pm: Final table draw
Here's how the final nine are now sitting.

Seat 1: Scott Seiver
Seat 2: Cliff Josephy
Seat 3: Vanessa Selbst
Seat 4: Derek Raymond
Seat 5: Mike Beasley
Seat 6: Brandon Hall
Seat 7: Mike Woods
Seat 8: Jonathan Aguiar
Seat 9: Alistar Melville

9:03pm: Vanessa Rousso eliminated
Folded to her in the small blind, Vanessa Rousso shipped in her last 550,000 with 7♦8♠. Mike Beasley looked her up with A♥J♥. Rousso whiffed the board and finished in 10th place.


Vanessa Rousso waves goodbye

The players are currently redrawing for their seats at the final table. We'll play until one more person has been eliminated and then break for the night.

8:59pm: Josephy doubles again
Cliff Josephy just shoved under the gun for 985,000. Scott Seiver isolated with ace-queen. Josephy tabled pocket fives and sat happily as they held up. He's now approaching the ever-elusive average stack.

8:51pm: Melville knocks out one of Selbst's seven legs
Alistar Melville came in for a raise to 150,000 and Vanessa Selbst called from the button. On a flop of J♥T♦6♣ flop, Melville continued for 150,000 and Selbst popped it to 425,000. Melville moved in for 1,125,000 and Selbst made a reluctant call. She was crushed against Melville's set of jacks. She only held A♥Q♦. She missed her four outs and Melville doubled up.



8:46pm: Seiver comes out raising
On three consecutive hands after the break, Scott Seiver has been a raising machine. In the first, the three-bet a raise from Cliff Josephy and only folded when Derek Raymond four-bet all-in. Josephy quipped, "I guess you just folded the other two jacks."

"You did NOT just have jacks," Seiver shot back.

On the very next hand, Seiver raised the button and won. Then on the next hand, Seiver was in raising again, eventually checking it down against Josephy and showing pocket jacks for the win.

Give him this: Scott Seiver is not boring.

8.35pm: Back to it
After refreshment and nourishment in whatever form they could find it, our last ten players have now returned to the tables to play down to a final eight.

Their chip counts are on the chip count page and you'll notice that they are book-ended by players named Vanessa. These two, in actual fact:


Vanessa Rousso stares down Vanessa Selbst