NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 5, level 28 live updates (40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg4pm: Level over
That's the end of level 28; 15 minutes until level 29.

3:55pm: The time is...not now
Alistar Melville open-shoved under the gun for 1,425,000. The similarly short-stacked Scott Seiver asked for a count and then said, "We gotta play some time."  

But not this time.

Seiver and everybody else folded

3:50pm: Woods can't call the shove
Mike Beasley opened for a 225,000 raise and Mike Woods three-bet to 725,000. After a long think, Beasley shipped his entire stack into the middle, 2,450,000 in all. Woods dwelled for several minutes before open-folding his pocket eights. Beasley took down the pot, leaving Woods to wonder what he had.


Mike Woods, right, ponders whether to call Mike Beasley's shove

3:40pm: Selbst's clever rail
A sign held by one of Vanessa Selbst's fans: "We are rooting for Vanessa to win the poker tournament."

3:32pm: Derek Raymond eliminated in sixth place ($115,000)
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition or Vanessa Selbst's raises.

Al Melville limped, Vanessa Selbst made the call, too, and Derek Raymond re-raised from the button to 395,000. Melville got out of the way. And then what? Selbst made it $3.7 million to play. That was enough to put Raymond all-in. He had a little more than two million in front of him.

Yeah, that's right. Selbst limped behind a limper and then raised the button-raiser. We're not sure what David Sklansky would say, but we know Derek Raymond said, after a very long dwell, "Call."


Derek Raymond, centre, stares down Vanessa Selbst

Selbst: 6♦6♠
Raymond: A♣T♥

Woah, mama.

Here's how the board ran out Q♥K♣7♣8♠4♦. Selbst is now back in a dominant chip position with around 42% of the chips in play.


Vanessa Selbst knocks out Derek Raymond

3:25pm: Melville folds under pressure
Al Melville raised to 275,000 from the button and Vanessa Selbst called from the big blind. Selbst checked the Q♥J♣4♣ flop over to Melville, who bet 375,000. Selbst responded with an all-in reraise and Melville couldn't find a call, conceding the pot to Selbst.

3:20pm: Melville bets Beasley out
Mike Beasley opened for 180,000 and Al Melville looked him up from the big blind. The flop was A♥7♠6♣ and Melville checked to Beasley, who bet 305,000. Melville called and they went to the turn which fell the 5♠. Melville checked again and this time Beasley checked behind. The 4♣ on the river brought a 275,000 bet from Melville. Beasley tanked for a minute before giving up his hand and Melville took down the pot.

3:10pm: Mike Woods, the thinker
A note about Mike Woods. He does not make decisions as quickly as most people expect. In fact, when facing a raise or even an opportunity to check, Woods can take up to two minutes. At least 50% of his decisions result in him thinking for more than one minute. Yesterday at this time, Vanessa Selbst (a woman known for her relatively quick decisions) ended up calling the clock on Woods in an effort to get him to speed up. Woods handled the time-call relatively well, but, just for kicks called the clock on Selbst within five seconds of the action being on her the next time.

Here's Joe Giron's gallery of thinkers. Just call him Rodin.


Mike Woods thinks


Mike Beasley thinks


Derek Raymond thinks


Scott Seiver thinks


Al Melville thinks


Vanessa Selbst thinks

3:08pm: Raymond takes a shot on the river
Vanessa Selbst opened for 170,000 and Derek Raymond called. Raymond checked the T♠9♥2♥ flop over to Selbst, who checked behind. The A♦ hit the turn and both players checked again. The river was the J♥ and Raymond took a stab at the pot, betting 385,000. It was enough to induce a fold from Selbst and Raymond collected the pot.

3:03pm: Seiver returns to pushing
Mike Woods limped in for 80,000 in the cutoff and opened the door for another shove-session from Scott Seiver. He pushed for 1,085,000 out of the small blind. Play folded back to Woods who folded in short order.

2:57pm: Melville ships, Beasley retreats
Al Melville opened for 250,000 from under-the-gun and Mike Beasley made the call. Beasley led out for 250,000 on the 4♣2♦2♥ flop and Melville pushed back with an all-in reraise. Beasley released his hand and Melville took down the pot.

Melville is one of the two short stacks, but just like Scott Seiver, he's firing.


Al Melville at final table at Mohegan Sun

2.55pm: Quiet start
Not a great deal has happened in the opening exchanges of this new level. Al Melville moved all in pre-flop and got it through, and Vanessa Selbst three-bet Mike Beasley out of a hand. We're waiting for the first pot of note. (Tiger Woods bogeyed the first at Augusta.)

2.45pm: Level 28
We're into level 28, where the small blind is now bigger than a player's starting stack all those moons ago on day one. It puts it all into perspective, huh?

The players' counts are always available over on the chip-count page, where any vagaries are owing to the poor math skills of our intern. He got 120% on a test at college recently, which tells you all you need to know.

Vanessa Selbst leads; the Mikes (Woods and Beasley) are not far behind. And here's what they're all playing for:


NAPT Mohegan Sun trophy