NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 5, level 29 live updates (50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg5:55pm: Vanessa Selbst wins NAPT Mohegan Sun
On the seventh hand of heads up play, Vanessa Selbst came in for a raise to 200,000, Mike Beasley moved all-in with Q♥T♠, and and Selbst snap-called with A♥8♠

The board ran out 3♦6♣K♦7♣8♣. Selbst claimed the NAPT title and $750,000. Mike Beasley earned $428,000 for second place.

A full wrap-up will come in just a bit.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ72462.jpg


5:51pm: Selbst strikes first
Mike Beasley opened for 350,000 and Vanessa Selbst called. Beasley led out for 1,000,000 on the K♦8♣3♦ flop and Selbst almost immediately moved all-in. Beasley thought for a few minutes before deciding to save his last million or so in chips and released his hand.

5:51pm: Five hands in...
We're five hands in (only one of which has been interesting and we'll tell you about that one in a second). Here's who won them.

Hand 1: Selbst
Hand 2: Selbst
Hand 3: Beasley
Hand 4: Selbst
Hand 5: Selbst

5:43pm: Play resuming
With a 6-1 chip lead, Vanessa Selbst is about to do what she can to put Mike Beasley away in short order.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ72429.jpg

5:30pm: Brief break
Our players are on a brief break while the TV crew sets up for heads-up play.

5:18pm: Selbst swings her wrecking ball, KO's Woods in 3rd place ($240,000)
Mike Woods raised to 310,000 on the button and Vanessa Selbst called from the small blind. Selbst checked the 9♦8♣6♠ flop over to Woods who bet 700,000. Selbst put in the check-raise, making it 1.8 million to go and after a long think, Woods moved all-in for 3,425,000. Selbst snap-called, revealing a set of eights. Woods held 9♥T♣ for top pair and a gutshot straight draw.

Selbst's supporters held their breath as they waited for the turn and river. The A♠ on the turn changed nothing, and the T♥ on the river made Woods an inconsequential two pair. He hit the rail in third place, leaving Selbst and Beasley to battle it out for the title.
Right now, though it's a lopsided fight to say the least. Selbst has 18,810,000 million in chips while Beasley holds about 2,755,000 million.


Mike Woods accepts the end


Selbst sees her set hold up

5:11pm: Family pot yields fortune for Selbst
Mike Woods limped in on the button, Vanessa Selbst completed the small blind, and Mike Beasley checked his option. All three players saw a K♥3♥3♣ flop, Beasley leading out for 205,000. Selbst raised to 580,000 and Beasley came back over the top, making it 1.1 million to go. Never one to give up easily, Selbst shipped her whole stack in, eliciting a grimace from Beasley. He shifted in his chair and frowned at the board for a bit before checking his hole cards one last time and sending them into the muck. Beasley is down to 3.1 million.

5:03pm: Witty signage (and a decent pot) for Selbst
Mike Woods completed the small blind and Vanessa Selbst checked her option in the big. The K♣6♦3♥ flop brought a 200,000 bet from Beasley and a call from Selbst. Both players checked the 4♦ on the turn. Beasley checked again when the 5♣ landed on the river and Selbst bet 725,000. Woods looked her up, but mucked his hand after she turned up K♦5♠ for two pair and the best hand. Selbst raked in the pot to hoots and hollers from her row of supporters, displaying a witty array of signs. Our favorite? "Women love Vanessa (and Vanessa loves women)."

5:00pm: Artist's rendering
There is no topping the images from our photographer Joe Giron. However, in the event he falls and hits his head or something, one of Vanessa Selbst's fans might serve in a pinch. See the artist's rendering of our chip leader below.


4:50pm: Scott Seiver eliminated in 4th place ($190,000)
Tournament short-stack Scott Seiver shoved for 1,145,000 over the top of Mike Woods' button raise and earned a call.

Seiver 4♦4♣
Woods A♦3♥

The A♠T♠6♦ flop gave Woods top pair and left Seiver drawing to one of the two remaining fours in the deck. The turn was the Q♣ and the river was the 7♦, however, sending Scott Seiver to the rail in fourth place.


Scott Seiver

4.40pm: Melville sunk in fifth, winning $150,000
Mike Beasley made it 225,000 from the button and Al Melville moved all in from the big blind. Beasley insta-called, but he wasn't in such great shape.

Beasley: A♥Q♣
Melville: Q♥Q♠

The flop changed everything, however, as it brought the A♠ in the window, alongside the 4♣ and 3♠. The turn was 6♦, leaving Melville with only one out to stay alive.

The 3♦ was not it, and so Melville departs in fifth, winning $150,000. The all in was for 1,025,000, so Beasley adds that to his stack and we go on with four. Incidentally, Melville, a Canadian, was the last non-American player at the table. From here on out, it's USA's game.


Alistar Melville

4:42pm: Woods wins a small one
Vanessa Selbst limped in on the button, Mike Beasley completed the small blind and Mike Woods checked his option. The Mikes chekced the T♥T♣9♣ flop over to Selbst, who bet 165,000. Beasley folded and Woods called. Both players checked through on the Q♠ turn and the J♦ river, Woods turning over Q♣6♣ to take down the pot. Selbst showed the J♣7♣ for straight and flush draws on the flop.

4.32pm: Resistance is futile
Vanessa Selbst raised to 240,000 two hands in a row, winning blinds and antes without any resistance. On the third occasion she tried it, Scott Seiver called from the big blind and they went to a flop of A♥7♦J♠, which Seiver checked. Selbst bet 370,000 and she took it down.

4.25pm: Catch her if you can

We start this level with the following counts. Vanessa Selbst is now in eight figures.

Vanessa Selbst - 10,300,000
Mike Woods - 4,560,000
Mike Beasley - 3,905,000
Al Melville - 1,455,000
Scott Seiver - 1,345,000

4:15pm: Coming back
Here's how we stand:

There are five players remaining.

Vanessa Selbst remains in the chip lead.

The $750,000 first prize is still on the line.

We're back from break.