NAPT Mohegan Sun: Destroying distractions

napt-thumb.jpgAs Day 2 one of the most-attended main events in North America poker plays out this afternoon, the battle for chips will be only slightly tougher than the battle against some king-sized distractions.

On one end of the convention center ballroom, the 441 production crew is setting up the ESPN broadcast. It's a huge operation and like watching giants build a small city.

On the wall courtesy a projection TV, Tiger Woods is set to tee off at Augusta. The coverage of every hole will be breathless. Be sure of that.

And sitting right here beside me is our staff photographer, Joe Giron. He turns 50 today. He's our constant traveling companion/genius photographer, so we're going to have a hard time not thinking ahead to celebrating his half-century of life tonight (by acting like children, almost surely).

But first, we have a day of poker, and it looks to be an exciting one. David Williams (who distracted himself by watching the "V" miniseries all day yesterday) finished at the top of the pack yesterday. The 2004 WSOP runner-up was in good form all day (except for that time he got it in with two outs and managed to spike one of them for a big pot) and is headed back today looking for a title. He's trailed closely by Vanessa Selbst.


We'll also be rejoined by Team PokerStars Pros Vanessa Rousso, Gavin Griffin, Daniel Negreanu, Dennis Phillips, Angel Guillen, Jason Mercier, and Marcello Del Grosso.

Here's a a nice distraction-free, bullet-pointed list of how the day will go.

  • How long is everybody playing? Six 75-minute levels with 15 minute breaks after every level
  • Who remains? Everybody on the NAPT Mohegan Sun chip count list
  • Where are they sitting? In the seats listed on the Day 2 seat draw list
  • What are they playing for? A $750,000 first prize and everything else on this Prize structure page.
  • That should be everything you need to know to get us going for the day. Live coverage begins in about half an hour.