NAPT Mohegan Sun: Level 26-27 live updates (30,000-60,000-5,000)

napt-thumb.jpg2.45pm: Level up
That's the level up. Join us on the other side.

2:44pm: Woods takes some from Selbst
Vanessa Selbst came in for a raise to 145,000 ad got the call from Mike Woods. On a flop of 2♦7♦T♥, Woods checked, Selbst bet 245,000, Raymond folded, and it was back to Woods, who thought for two minutes before calling. The 7♣ on the turn drew another check from Woods. This time Selbst bet 570,000. Woods thought for another couple of minutes before pushing in a raise, making it 630,000 more. Selbst muttered a bit and then made the fold.

2:36pm: Raymond wins battle of the blinds
Derek Raymond completed the small blind and Mike Beasley checked his option. The flop came down 6♦7♥T♣ and both players checked. Raymond led out for 80,000 when the Q♣ hit the turn and Beasley called. The river was the T♦ and Raymond slid out 270,000. Beasley made the call and mucked his hand as he watched Raymond turn over A♦T♥ for trips.

2:34pm: Selbst wasn't folding
Scott Seiver, one-time push-monkey and short-stack ninja, came in for a fairly standard raise of 150,000. Selbst, re-raised to 550,000, and Seiver insta-mucked. Selbst showed pocket kings. The players noted that Selbst revealing her cards was quite a rarity. "I was just showing him that I wasn't folding," she said.

2:30pm: Sneaky Beasley
Vanessa Selbst raised to 145,000 and Mike Beasley made the call. So did Mike Woods. On a flop of 8♥7♣J♦, Beasley and Woods checked to Selbst, who also checked. The turn brought the J♥. beasley checked, Woods bet 380,000, and Beasley called. The river was the T♠. Beasley checked and Woods thought for a good long while before Woods checked behind. Beasley turned over J♠9♠ for the straight and the win. "Sneaky, sneaky," called Selbst.

2:20pm: Scott Seiver, short-stack ninja
Say nothing about Scott Seiver if you're not giving him credit for his ability to use his short-stack well. Moments ago, Mike Woods came in for a raise to 160,000 and Seiver re-raised all-in for 895,000 total. Play folded back to Woods who slipped into what has become his characteristic thinking pose. It didn't last long. Woods flicked his cards in the muck.


Scott Seiver at NAPT Final Table

On the very next hand, Seiver open-shoved for more than a million and got folds from the whole table. Do that enough times, Scott, and you may just win this tournament by picking up the blinds and antes.

2:07pm: Battle of the Mikes
Mike Beasley, while eating a granola bar, raised to 160,000. Mike Woods then re-raised to 460,000. Beasley made the call while finishing off the crumbs of his snack. On a flop of J♣5♥K♦, Beasley checked, and Woods checked behind. On the T♠ turn, Beasley checked again and opened the door to a 600,000 bet from Woods. Beasley folded and opened a bag of Ms. Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ* chips. (Insert your own joke about poker chips vis a vis potato chips.)

*Other brands of potato chips are available. PokerStars Blog does not endorse one brand over any other. Unless box-loads of them happened to arrive out our door. In which case we'd eat anything. And endorse it wholeheartedly.

2:05pm: Raymond squeezes out Woods and Melville
Derek Raymond made it 145,000 to go and both Mike Woods and Al Melville called. They were greeted with a J♠9♠7♣ flop and the action checked to Melville. He bet 275,000, Raymond moved all-in and Woods folded. Melville passed as well and Raymond took down the pot.

2:00pm: Back in action
With six players remaining, we've returned to play.

1.40pm: Break time
We're taking a 20-minute break. Well, we're not, we're writing this, but the players are. Join us them again at around 2pm.

1.35pm: Bax busts in seventh, winning $85,000
Cliff Josephy had one move left in his armoury - an all in shove for his last 220,000. Derek Raymond, who had previously left JohnnyBax crippled, was the player keenest to finish the job and Raymond moved in over the top. All others got out the way and it was the two of them again - this time for Josephy's tournament life.

Josephy: A♥5♥
Raymond: A♦9♦

Josephy was going to need to spike a five, or something even more unlikely, to stay in this tournament, but it wasn't to be. The board ran: A♠7♦8♠3♥J♣ and out went Josephy in seventh, winning $85,000.


Bye, bye JohnnyBax

1:32pm: Raymond can't outdraw Selbst's two pair
Al Melville opened for 135,000 and both Vanessa Selbst and Derek Raymond called. The flop was 9♦8♠4♦ and the action checked around to Selbst on the button. She led out for 220,000, Raymond called and Melville folded. Both players checked the 9♣ on the turn. Raymond bet 450,000 when the 2♠ hit the river and Selbst quickly called.

Raymond showed the 6♣7♣ for a busted straight draw, no match for Selbst's nines and fours with 3♠4♠.

1.20pm: Raymond raises head, doubles up
Derek Raymond has been one of the quieter players at the final table so far, but Cliff Josephy is not prepared to give him any respect - and has now doubled him up. Raymond opened to 145,000 from early position and Josephy moved all in from the big blind, covering Raymond. Raymond called and they were racing:

Josephy: A♠Q♣
Raymond: 6♣6♠

The flop added a few outs for Josephy, when it came: 5♣J♠[10c]. But the turn 3♠ and river 7♦ gave the pot to Raymond, doubling his stack of 1,135,000. That leaves Josephy with a meagre 275,000 and he is now our tournament short stack.


Josephy sees his fate

1:14pm: Selbst reclaims chip lead from Beasley
Vanessa Selbst opened for 160,000 and Mike Beasley flat-called on the button. Selbst led out for 260,000 on the K♦7♥7♣ flop and Beasley called. The turn came the 5♣ and Selbst made it 490,000 to go. Beasley made a quick call. The 3♠ on the river elicited a heftly 1,330,000 bet from Selbst. After nearly three minutes in the tank, Beasley gave up his hand and Selbst took down a big one. She's back in the chip lead now.


1:02pm: Bigger blinds
Players are now working with 30,000-60,000-5,000 blinds

1.01pm: Final table flop count...

12:59pm: Getting knocked out, a photo essay
Here's what it looks like when you get knocked off a final table, courtesy our photographer Joe Giron.


Aguiar all-in


Praying to the poker fates




The exit

12:40pm: Jonathan Aguiar eliminated in 8th place ($60,244)
Mike Beasley opened for 125,000, and Mike Woods made his second consecutive three-bet and reraised to 450,000. Jonathan Aguiar moved all-in from the small blind, Beasley folded and Woods made the call

Aguiar A♠Q♥
Woods T♣T♦

The flop was great for Woods, coming down 8♦3♦2♥. The turn was the 4♣, giving Aguiar four more outs with a gutshot wheel draw, but Woods spiked a set on the river with the T♥. Only three hands into the final table, we have our first elimination, Jonathan Aguiar exiting the stage in eighth place.


Jonathan Aguiar -- 8th place -- $60,244

12:36pm: Jonathan Aguiar speaks
While we're waiting for our first big hand (and it really shouldn't be long), here's a few words from Jonathan Aguiar.

12:32pm: Now, the poker
Final table action at the NAPT Mohegan Sun is now underway.

12:29pm: Your final eight


12:26pm: About to begin
Next up, some player introductions, and then some poker.

12:25pm: If you don't like us...
...there is always the always-fantastic NAPT live broadcast.

12:02pm: Final table player profiles
While the audience files in and we get ready to start, here's a quick look at the biographies of our final eight players: NAPT Mohegan Sun final table player profiles.

11:42am: Final table to begin soon-ish
We're on the TV set and watching the technical geniuses behind the production of the NAPT do their final prep work before bringing in the players.

Here's a quick catch-up on where we are: Eight players remain. Mike Beasley and Vanessa Selbst are at the top of the chip counts.

The table features four WSOP bracelet winners: Selbst, Seiver, Josephy, and Raymond.

Here's how they stack up.

Seat 1: Scott Seiver -- 1,125,000
Seat 2: Cliff Josephy -- 1,940,000
Seat 3: Vanessa Selbst -- 4,545,000
Seat 4: Derek Raymond -- 1,545,000
Seat 5: Mike Beasley -- 4,985,000
Seat 6: Mike Woods -- 2,950,000
Seat 7: Jonathan Aguiar --1,555,000
Seat 8: Alistar Melville -- 2,940,000

They're all playing for the following prizes:

1. $750,000
2. $428,000
3. $240,000
4. $190,000
5. $150,000
6. $115,000
7. $85,000
8. $60,244

As soon as the action gets started, we'll live blog this sucker into submission.


Mike Beasley