NAPT Mohegan Sun: Selbst and Seiver surge to summit in the Sun

napt-thumb.jpgSome time this afternoon, the staff at the convention center of the Mohegan Sun Casino set up a marketing stall for Big Game Fishing Journal. It provided a strangely appropriate juxtaposition for what was going on in the neighboring Uncas Ballroom, namely the kind of day in the world of high stakes poker where all the big game come out to play and attempt to feast on the fish.

It was pretty savage out there. In a brisk six-and-a-half levels of play, an overnight pool of 125 players was reduced to its final 24. We burst the bubble, we made 80 players a bunch of cash, we slayed poker megastars and discovered future heroes. It was difficult to know piranha from plankton come the end.

One thing's for sure: Scott Seiver and Vanessa Selbst had clearly chosen the right bait for their day on the high seas. Selbst will take the biggest stack - a mighty 2,285,000 - into tomorrow's penultimate day of this inaugural NAPT Mohegan Sun tournament. But Seiver is barely a seaweed's breadth behind, bagging 2,241,000. The two of them were fisher-folk extraordinaire, netting player after player in an irresistible surge to the top of the counts.


Vanessa Selbst end of day three chip leader


Scott Seiver, started the day with 40,400

If you take a look through all of today's coverage (links provided below) you'll see countless mentions of both Selbst and Seiver, which usually end with one of them stacking up mountains of chips. They didn't always get their money in good, but they usually came out the other side with the biggest smiles. Either one of them could probably fold all day tomorrow and still take a stack to the final.

There are 23 other class acts intending to book their place around that auspicious slab of felt too. Head over to the chip count page to see the identities of all those still in with a shout. The esteemed likes of Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy, Jonathan "FatalError" Aguiar and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso are likely to leap out.


Jonathan Aguiar


Cliff Josephy


Vanessa Rousso, during another wonderfully focused performance

It was another splendid tournament performance from Rousso, locking up the Team PokerStars Pro last longer once Dennis Phillips had followed Marcello Delgrosso out the door. Both of them were in the money, but not in the highest echelons. Rousso, on the other hand, is making a habit of this. We will see tomorrow if she can go all the way to the final.


Marcello Delgrosso


Dennis Phillips

There's a long, long list of people who can't. The prizewinners page details who won what today on the reservation. You might recognise a few names, such as Lars Bonding, Jeff Madsen, Sorel Mizzi, David Williams, Michael Martin, Eric Froehlich, Ryan D'Angelo, James Akenhead, Todd Terry and a fellow named Ivey. They were all in the top 15 percent of the finishers, but not at the very tip.


Phil Ivey eliminated at Mohegan Sun

(That said, Nicholas Kamen would probably swap pretty much anything to get his name on the list. He was our bubble boy today, busting in 105th place and going home with nothing from three days' work.)


Nicholas Kamen, Mohegan Sun bubble boy

By tomorrow, all of those will be the forgotten as we focus on finding our final table players. But relive their misery - and others' delight - with any of the following links:

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Then head on over to for moving pictures and video blogs.

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See you all tomorrow for more fishing. Night night.