NAPT Venetian: $25,000 Bounty Shootout, Flight 1, Levels 4-9


6:06pm: End of Flight 1
With that we run for a quick dinner break before returning for tonight's Flight 2. See you in a little under an hour.

6:02pm: Corkins wins
On the very next hand, Hoyt Corkins open-raised all in and John Duthie called. Corkins showed the A♦9♥ and Duthie A♥6♦. The board ran out J♥9♠K♦J♦Q♥, and Corkins moves on to join Scott Sevier and Faraz Jaka in Thursday's final.

6:00pm: Runner-runner has Duthie on the ropes
John Duthie limped from the button, Hoyt Corkins raised to 10,000, and Duthie responded by saying he was all in. Corkins thought a bit, then made the call.

Duthie A♥Q♣
Corkins A♦2♦

Suddenly, after nearly three levels' worth of play trailing Corkins, Duthie looked to be in position to win. The flop came A♠5♠6♦, and Duthie still led. The turn was the 4♦, giving Corkins diamond outs as well as a gutshot draw.

The river brought the J♦, giving Corkins the flush and almost all of the chips. Corkins now has 168,000 to Duthie's 7,000.

5:56pm: Duthie moves into lead
Duthie has taken a series of small pots to move out in front of Corkins, taking a slight lead with 90,000 to Corkins's 85,000.

5:49pm: Duthie doubles
Hoyt Corkins open-raised all in from the small blind/button, and John Duthie made the call. Corkins showed Q♥7♦ and Duthie A♥[10c].

The community cards were delivered thusly: K♦J♣4♦K♣A♠. Duthie took the pot, moving back to 74,000 to Corkins's 101,000.

5:41pm: Corkins with the call
We made it to the river, with the board showing 7♣6♥6♠A♠K♥ and about 35,000 in the middle. John Duthie tossed out 15,000, and Corkins thought a bit before calling. Corkins showed A♦Q♣, and Duthie mucked.

Corkins -- 142,000
Duthie -- 33,000

5:31pm: New jacket, level
The action has gone cold. There's even a bit of a chill here in the Bellini Room, prompting John Duthie to ask for a jacket. It's a sharp-looking brown one, although Corkins still tends to attract the eye first with his wide-brimmed cowboy hat.

Being honest reporters, we must dutifully report that jacket request was a bit of a highlight over the last 20 minutes or so. The now more comfortable Duthie continues to nurse the short stack, with Corkins holding a 132,000 to 43,000 chip advantage as we move into Level 9 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300).

5:12pm: Corkins crusing, Duthie down
Hoyt Corkins limped, and John Duthie checked his option. The flop came J♥4♣5♣. Duthie checked, Corkins bet 2,600, and Duthie called. The turn brought the K♦. Duthie again checked, and this time Corkins bet 4,200. Duthie thought a moment, then called.

The river was the J♦, pairing the board. Corkins checked, and after a minute or so Duthie checked as well. Corkins showed 5♥3♥ for fives and jacks, and Duthie mucked. Corkins is still well in front with 140,000 to Duthie's 35,000.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77334.jpg

Hoyt Corkins

4:49pm: Level 8 begins
We've moved onto Level 8, where the blinds are 1,200-2,400 and the antes 300.

4:43pm: Surprise!
Just had a bit of action. John Duthie limped from the small blind/button, and Hoyt Corkins raised to 10,000. Duthie quickly responded with a surprising all-in reraise, and Corkins thought for three minutes before letting it go. That's the second time Duthie has done that during what has been a mostly sedate Level 7.

Duthie is still sitting with about 65,000 to Corkins's 110,000.

4:26pm: Heads up continues
After a raucous start to our afternoon, the scene has settled considerably. Not much movement in the first 15 hands after the return from break. And it is very quiet here in the Bellini Room, where most of the spectators have cleared out, leaving the television crew, some reporters, an technology-driven ambient hum.

Occasionally Hoyt Corkins has responded to John Duthie's preflop raises by shoving all in, but Duthie has skedaddled each time. For the most part they've been trading smallish pots, with Corkins chipping away a bit. He has 127,000 now and Duthie 48,000.

4:10pm: We're back
Two tables are in the books, with Scott Seiver and Faraz Jaka advancing to Thursday's final. At our last remaining table, Hoyt Corkins and John Duthie have returned. Blinds are 1,000-2,000 and the ante 200 as they begin Level 7.

3:55pm: Level 6 concludes; players on break
Our last two players are taking the second 15-minute break. Hoyt Corkins has an almost 2-to-1 advantage over John Duthie at the moment.

Here's what we've seen thus far today:

Table 5
1st - Faraz Jaka
2nd - Annie Duke (bounty to Jaka)
3rd - Jennifer Tilly (Jaka)
4th - Joe Hachem (Tilly)
5th - Vanessa Rousso (Jaka)
6th - J.C. Tran (Jaka)
7th - Di Dang (Tilly)

Table 6
1st - Scott Seiver
2nd - Sorel Mizzi (Seiver)
3rd - Bertrand Grospellier (Seiver)
4th - Brian Rast (Seiver)
5th - Chau Giang (Siever)
6th - Antonio Esfandiari (Seiver)
7th - Barry Greenstein (Seiver)

Table 7
Hoyt Corkins - 114,700
John Duthie - 60,300
3rd - Adam Richardson (Corkins)
4th - Hevad Khan (Corkins)
5th - Phil Hellmuth (Duthie)
6th - Greg Raymer (Corkins)
7th - Steven Paul (Corkins)

3:50pm: Duke down, Jaka advances to final table
After surviving a lengthy two-handed battle with the chip disadvantage for most of it, Annie Duke was all in once again before the flop, this time with J♦9♦ against Faraz Jaka's K♠Q♣.

The J♠[10d]7♦ flop was good for Duke, giving her top pair and a straight flush draw as well. But the 9♠ turn gave Jaka the straight, and the 4♥ meant Duke's day was done. Jaka advances to Thursday's final, joining Scott Seiver.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77234.jpg

Faraz Jaka

3:45pm: Richardson out, Corkins and Duthie heads up
Adam Richardson was all in for his last 11,900 with K♠2♥ and Hoyt Corkins made the call with Q♣8♠. The flop and turn were okay for Richardson -- 7♥9♠2♦5♣ -- but the 6♣ on the end gave Corkins a straight and the pot.

Entering heads-up play, Corkins has 113,000 and John Duthie 62,000.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77328.jpg

Adam Richardson

3:38pm: Couple of doubles
Annie Duke survived one on Table 5, although Jaka still has the lead. And on Table 7 John Duthie's pocket eights held up against Adam Richardson's A♥2♥ when the board went K♠7♠3♥K♦2♥.

That leaves Richardson in dire straits as the Table 7's short stack with just 12,000. Corkins remains firmly in the lead there.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77307.jpg

John Duthie

3:31pm: Jaka regains control
After a flop of 6♠5♦Q♠, Annie Duke checkraised Jaka's bet of 5,500 to a total of 16,500. Jaka would make the call. The turn brought the 7♥, this time Duke led out 18,000 and again Jaka made the call. The river brought a scary [10s] and both players checked.

Duke instantly mucked her hand and Jaka raked in a healthy pot without having to show his hand.

Jaka jolts up to 120,000 while Duke is down to 55,000.

3:24pm: Khan KOed, three left at Table 7
Hevad Khan was all in for his last 13,400 with J♥7♣ and up against Hoyt Corkins's K♥4♥. The board ran out Q♣Q♠5♥A♥8♣, and Khan is out in fourth. Corkins remains the big chip leader at Table 7 over John Duthie and Adam Richardson.

3:17pm: Current chip counts/results
Table 5
Annie Duke - 105,000
Faraz Jaka - 70,000
3rd - Jennifer Tilly (bounty to Jaka)
4th - Joe Hachem (Tilly)
5th - Vanessa Rousso (Jaka)
6th - J.C. Tran (Jaka)
7th - Di Dang (Tilly)

Table 6
1st - Scott Seiver
2nd - Sorel Mizzi (Seiver)
3rd - Bertrand Grospellier (Seiver)
4th - Brian Rast (Seiver)
5th - Chau Giang (Siever)
6th - Antonio Esfandiari (Seiver)
7th - Barry Greenstein (Seiver)

Table 7
Hoyt Corkins - 93,000
John Duthie - 34,000
Adam Richardson - 30,000
Hevad Khan - 14,000
5th - Phil Hellmuth (Duthie)
6th - Greg Raymer (Corkins)
7th - Steven Paul (Corkins)

3:12pm: Level 6 begins
That Hellmuth elimination came right at the end of Level 5. Moving onto Level 6 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200). Jaka is still leading Duke by about a 2-to-1 margin on Table 5, while they continue five-handed on Table 7. We'll try to get you a count on the remaining four players there for you shortly.

For those just tuning in, Scott Seiver won his table very quickly, earning all six bounties along the way.

3:11pm: Hellmuth out
Phil Hellmuth had become short again over on Table 7, and open-pushed all in with K♥J♦ only to run into John Duthie's A♠K♠. The flop came 3♠5♥6♠, and Hellmuth, standing up, was already putting on his black leather jacket. The turn was the 9♥, then the river the 6♥, giving Duthie the bounty and taking the table down to four-handed.

2:59pm: Duke marches forward
More heads-up action over at Table 5. We found Annie Duke and Faraz Jaka all in after the flop of [10c]9♥8♥. Jaka had the A♦J♣ and Duke showed K♥J♥. The turn was the 3♥, giving Duke a flush and making the 7♦ river inconsequential.

She doubled up to 85,000 and is now almost neck in neck with Jaka who holds 95,000.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77218.jpg

Annie Duke

2:54pm: Double double up for Duke
After a lengthy run of dry cards, Annie Duke finally pushed all in with 5♥6♦ and Faraz Jaka called with Q♠[10c]. The flop came 2♣3♥6♣, pleasing Duke. "A four would be nice," she said, asking for a little more insurance. Sure enough, the turn brought the 4♥ and a laugh from both players. The river was the J♦, and Duke was back to about 30,000. Jaka still had a huge lead with 145,000.

A few hands later, Duke was all in again. This Jaka raised and Duke called, tabling the A♣6♥ to Jaka's Q♦9♣. The board went 4♥8♣3♥K♥5♦, and Duke is now up to 60,000 -- some breathing room, but still with work to do against Jaka.

2:42pm: Tilly eliminated, Jaka heads up with Duke
After a flop of 2♣[10d]4♣ Faraz Jaka and Jennifer Tilly built a massive pot and got all in, Jaka had Tilly covered. Tilly showed K♣3♣ but was in trouble when she saw Jaka's A♣Q♣. Tilly would need to catch one of the remaining kings or threes to survive.

The turn fell the A♦ and that would leave Tilly drawing dead.

Jaka collects his third $5,000 bounty of the day and moves on to heads up play against opponent Annie Duke. Jaka has a commanding lead over Duke, about 4-to-1. Meanwhile, Table 7 continues five-handed.

2:35pm: Level up
We've moved onto Level 5, where the blinds are 600-1,200 and ante 100.

2:34pm: Seiver sweeps, moves into Round 2
Well it's no surprise the table with the most action is the table that has finished first. Over at table six we found Sorel Mizzi and Scott Seiver all in preflop.

Seiver held A♥9♠ but was behind Mizzi's A♦[10c]. The flop came 5♣J♦4♣ which saw Mizzi still in the lead.

"Put the 9♣ up there" joked Mizzi, "at least I'll still have a sweat."

The turn was exactly that, the 9♣. The two friendly opponents couldn't help but to bust out laughing. The river was the 8♥.

Seiver was all smiles as he shook Mizzi's hand. He was fortunate enough to knock out every player at his table racking up $30,000 in bounties and moving on to the final heat.

2:28pm: Jaka jumps up
Faraz Jaka just doubled through chip leader Jennifer Tilly at their three-handed Table 5. Jaka got it all in on the turn with the board showing 8♥6♣5♣K♠. That turn king was the action card, giving Tilly top pair with K♦9♦. She might have stuck around otherwise. Good for Jaka, who had 7♥4♥ for the flopped straight.

The turn was 2♣, and Jaka is now challenging Tilly for the chip lead with Annie Duke in third.

2:15:pm: Hachem eliminated, Tilly gets bounty
Jennifer Tilly opened the action over at table five to 2,100. Folded around to the big blind, Pokerstars Team Pro Joe Hachem who announced all in for 15,200. Tilly would think just for an instance before making the call.

Hachem tabled 5♠5♥ and was in good shape when he saw Tilly's A♣5♣.

"Just put the case five up there" pleaded Hachem. Well he got his wish when the flop came 3♣5♦4♣, but this also gave Tilly a straight flush draw. The turn was the 9♥ and Hachem would only need to dodge one more card. "Club" shouted Tilly just as the river K♣ fell and Hachem is sent packing.

Tilly collects a $5,000 bounty and is now up to 100,000 in chips.

2:23pm: Raymer out
Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer was just all in for his last 7,600 with Q♠6♣ versus Hoyt Corkins's A♠5♦. The board went K♠J♠9♣A♥9♦, and Corkins wins the Fossilman's bounty, the first earned at Table 7.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77309.jpg

2:15pm: Seiver serves up another
Scott Seiver looks to be challenging already for that $100,000 prize for taking the most bounties. Four players have been eliminated at his table thus far, and he has all of the little red "bounty" buttons in front of him.

The latest came via Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, all in preflop with 5♠5♣ against Seiver's A♠[10d]. The board came J♠[10h]4♣K♠9♥, and that ten gave Seiver the hand.

He's now heads up with Sorel Mizzi, with about a 130,000-to-45,000 advantage.

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77226.jpg

Sorel Mizzi

2:11pm: Hoyt doubles
Over at the feature table, Hoyt Corkins and Steven Paul were all in preflop. Corkins held A♦Q♦ while Paul showed J♣J♦.

The flop was kind to Corkins, 4♠A♠3♠. The turn 2♠ and river 8♥ were no help to Paul and Corkins would double up.

Corkins is now at 33,000.

2:06pm: Double-knockout for Seiver
This is turning out to be a lucrative afternoon for Scott Seiver. Two more bounties for the Table 6 chip leader, after a three-way all-in hand involving him, Chau Giang, and Brian Rast. The hands...

Seiver A♠[10d]
Rast 9♣9♥
Giang K♣K♠

The 2♥A♥6♥ flop gave Seiver the lead, Rast a flush draw, and Giang not much hope at all. The turn was the 5♣ and the river the 4♠, and we're now three-handed with Seiver in a commanding lead.

1:58pm: Jaka takes Rousso's bounty, too
Shortly after that hand with Tran, Jaka was at it again. This time Vanessa Rousso was all in preflop with A♠[10d] against Faraz Jaka's A♥Q♦. The board came 8♣4♣5♣3♥6♣, and Rousso is out.

1:55pm: Tran eliminated, Jaka gets bounty
Over at table five we found J.C. Tran all in for 9,250 with A♦Q♥. He was up against Faraz Jaka's J♦[10c].

The flop was J♠[10h]9♥, which gave Jaka top two pair but also provided Tran with an open ended straight. The turn and river fell 4♦7♦ respectively and Tran is eliminated.

Jaka picked up a few chips and is now at 36,000.

1:47pm: Chip counts through Level 3
Table 5
Jennifer Tilly - 73,225
Faraz Jaka - 28,775
Annie Duke - 25,550
Vanessa Rousso - 19,225
Joe Hachem - 18,975
J.C. Tran - 9.250
Di Dang - OUT (Tilly)

Table 6
Scott Seiver - 93,375
Sorel Mizzi - 37,425
Bertrand Grospellier - 21,075
Chau Giang - 18,550
Brian Rast - 4,575
Antonio Esfandiari - OUT (Seiver)
Barry Greenstein - OUT (Seiver)

Table 7
John Duthie - 37,700
Steven Paul - 29,350
Phil Hellmuth - 27,000
Greg Raymer - 25,500
Adam Richardson - 22,225
Hoyt Corkins - 16,750
Hevad Khan - 16,475

NAPT Venetian S1_$25K Bounty_Flight 1_JoeGiron_IJ77241.jpg

Scott Seiver

NAPT Venetian $25,000 Bounty Shootout reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Marc Hodge and photographer Joe Giron.