NAPT Venetian: First flop to fall in Las Vegas

napt-thumb.jpgWe have been all over the world to cover poker tournaments. From Perth to Kyiv, to Monte Carlo to Uruguay, we've seen poker played in lands we never thought we'd visit. We've even covered more than our fair share of tournaments in Las Vegas. But never did we think that we would be able to sit down in one of our favorite poker rooms in the entire world and cover this historic event.

In just about an hour, we will see the first flop of The Venetian's North American Poker Tour Event. While the final numbers aren't in yet, we're expecting (at a minimum) more than 700 people to sit down for a run at the NAPT's first American title.

NAPT Venetian_S1_Joe Giron_IJ74897.jpg

Last night we saw it all begin with a celebrity charity tournament and insane launch party. Now it's time to put the fun aside and get some real work done. But who are we kidding? This is going to be more like fun than work.

Right now, the poker room manager is informing all the cash game players they're going to have to take a break, because it looks like every table from here to the sports book is going to be in use for a while. Team PokerStars Pros, qualifiers from lands afar, and people who are still lining up to buy-in will spend eight one hour levels in battle today. We will be here for all of it.

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You ready? Then let's do this.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in North American Poker Tour