NAPT Venetian: Prepared for Excitement at $25,000 Bounty Shootout Final Table

NAPT logo.jpgThe final table area is set. Cameras are in place. Players are starting to stroll down the hallways. Fans are here early to get seats to see some of their favorite poker players battle it out in a unique tournament that offers bounties, an award for the most overall bounties, and a whopping first place prize of $460,000.

There's definitely something to see here at the Venetian in Las Vegas today.

The first heats took place on Tuesday, February 23, and out of 49 starting players, the winner of each of the seven tables won their way to today's final table. Those seven players are as follows:

Seat 1: Joe Cassidy
Seat 2: Faraz Jaka
Seat 3: Peter Eastgate
Seat 4: Scott Seiver
Seat 5: Ashton Griffin
Seat 6: Hoyt Corkins
Seat 7: Brett Richey

They will all begin today with 150,000 in chips, and the level will start them with 600/1,200 blinds and a 100 ante. Every one of the competitors has an equal chance, as far as starting chips, of winning this tournament.

But not all are equal as far as prize money they've won thus far. Seiver comes into action after having not only collected $75,000 for winning the table, but he eliminated every single person from his initial table to collect $30,000 in bounties. He leads the pack on the way to the $100,000 prize for taking the most bounties in this event. However, Corkins eliminated five already, and Cassidy and Jaka each have four to their credit.

Hoyt Corkins.jpg

To catch up on the action thus far, check out the Day 1 recap.

And don't forget to follow today's play right here, as we have a front row seat for all of the $25,000 Bounty Shootout final table.

All photography (c) Joe Giron

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in North American Poker Tour