NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout B: Levels 1-4 updates (400-800-100)

napt-thumb.jpg10pm: Level over
Level four is over. We now usher in level five.

9.55pm: Small pairs
Daniel Negreanu's bounty has been claimed.

Joe Gibbons and the Team PokerStars Pro found themselves all-in preflop.

Negreanu: 2♦2♠
Gibbons: 6♦6♠

The board, 5♥3♣J♣Q♠[10d], brought Negreanu no help and he was sent to the rail, leaving only two PokerStars Pro at the feature table. --AV

daniel_negreanu_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6189.jpg

The game is up for Daniel Negreanu

9.55pm: Klodnicki ousts Elias
This one isn't especially pleasant, especially if your name is Darren Elias. He got his last chips in the pot pre-flop, called by Chris Klodnicki. Klodnicki "only" had A♦2♦ and Elias probably thought he was on for a double up with his A♥8♠.

But the flop came 2♣4♠2♥, the turn was A♠ and the river 6♣. Klodnicki's come-from-behind boat sent Elias out. -- HS

9.50pm: Dombrowski downs Schwartz
Justin Schwartz is "flipping badly" - and certainly that pessimistic assertion was confirmed in the last hand he played at Mohegan Sun tonight. After Chris Dombrowski opened to 1,600, Schwartz moved all in for his last 6,000-ish. And then they were flipping.

Schwartz: 8♥8♦
Dombrowski: A♥Q♠

The flop favoured the overcards. It came K♦9♣Q♥ and the J♠J♣ turn and river changed nothing. Schwartz is out. -- HS

9.45pm: Cannibalism
The Team PokerStars Pros are at it again. This time it was Victor Ramdin who found himself all-in against Vanessa Selbst.

victor_ramdin_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6179.jpg

Victor Ramdin eliminated by Vanessa Selbst

Ramdin held A♠K♣ and was up against Selbst's A♥7♣ on a Q♥2♦8♣ flop. The turn was a 7♥, giving Selbst a pair. The river changed nothing and Selbst added a PokerStars Team Pro bounty chip on top of hers. --AV

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6182.jpg

Vanessa Selbst in Bounty Shootout

9.40pm: Another three way
Joe Sweeney raised to 1,600 from the cutoff and things were about to heat up, shootout style.

Darren Elias re-raised to 4,200 from the button and Alex Keating moved all-in for 16,450 from the big blind. Sweeney moved all-in too, and Elias, who had them both covered, quickly called.

Sweeney: K♣J♦
Keating: Q♥Q♠
Elias: A♦A♠

The flop came K♥9♠3♦, pairing Sweeney's King. The turn, J♥, paired his other card and the J♠ on the river gave him the full house.

Sweeney won Keating's bounty chip and is up 52,000. Elias is now down to 10,000. --AV

9.35pm: Three way
When you have a three way all in pre-flop before the first break, you expect to see some premium hands. So it was in a confrontation between Pat Pezzin, Jonathan Tamayo and Nenad Medic, which ended up earning Medic his second bounty, tripling up Pezzin and sending Tamayo out.

As stated, they got it all in pre-flop. Pezzin was the short stack but had the best hand: K♣K♦. Tamayo had Pezzin covered, but had the worst hand: A♦Q♦. Medic had the most chips and had J♠J♣.

The board ran 5♣2♣7♥6♣6♠ and that meant that Pezzin won the main pot, Medic won the side pot, and Tamayo won nothing. Medic claimed the bounty from the side pot with Tamayo. -- HS


9.30pm: Time for Timoshenko
The shootout massacre continues. This time, Dan Shak and Yevgeniy Timoshenko were the ones who went all-in preflop.

Shak: A♠Q♠
Timoshenko: J♦K♣

The board was an unforgiving 6♦Q♦J♣2♥5♦ and Shak was forced to hand his bounty chip over to Timoshenko, who now has over 50,000. --AV

9.25pm: Lind cracks Stein's aces
George Lind III has claimed his second bounty on the feature table, this time cracking the aces of Sam Stein. Lind had Q♦T♠ but made two pair on the K♦Q♣8♣T♥6♣ board, which was precisely one pair more than Stein had. -- HS

george_lind_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6117.jpg

The smiling assassin George Lind III

9.20pm: No mercy
Team PokerStars Pro Joe Cada raised to 1,400 and Alex Wice re-raised to 3,500. Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier made it 7,150 to go and Cada got out of the way. Wice opted for the 5-bet option and went all-in, Mercier made the call.

Mercier had Wice covered but Wice's A♠K♣ was ahead of Mercier's A♥Q♦.
The flop came K♥J♠2♠, giving Mercier a straight draw and déjà vu. "Now you've got 4 outs," said a tablemate. "Last time you hit it on the turn," said Ronnie Bardah.

The turn was indeed a [10s], giving Mercier the straight and prompting suspicion among his tablemates. "Is this real life?" asked Bardah.

The river was a 5♣ and Mercier won another bounty. He's now past the 90,000 mark. --AV

9.10pm: Medic sends Heimiller to mortuary
Dan Heimiller has become the latest casualty, finding this particular Medic to be particularly damaging to his health. Heimiller flopped a set with his pocket tens, but by the time the board had been dealt all the way - 9♦[10h]A♥J♠7♦ - Nenad Medic's 6♥8♥ had made a straight. I didn't see the action, but it seems likely that the money went in on the flop. -- HS

9.05pm: Battle of the pros
Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein and Jason Mercier got it all-in preflop.

Mercier: K♦Q♥
Greenstein: Q♠Q♦

The flop came 9♣J♦3♦, giving Mercier the straight draw. The [10c] came on the turn, giving Mercier his straight.

"Oh God no, a king is coming," Mercier said as the river was being dealt.

But it was a 6♥, proving his gut wrong and earning him a Barry Greenstein bounty chip and autographed copy of "Ace on the River."

mercier_greenstein_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6155.jpg

Barry Greenstein hands over his book to Jason Mercier

"Three years I've been playing against Barry," said Mercier. "And I finally win a book." --AV

9pm: Waxman wilts
Max Waxman has become the second player to depart from Greg DeBora's table, following Bryn Kenney out the door. This time it was Kyle Loman who took the bounty after the following.

Allen Bari opened to 1,200 from the cut off. Waxman moved all in for his last 1,900 from the button. Loman re-raised to 5,000 from the small blind, which was enough to get Bari out the way, and the two of them were heads up with Waxman under threat.

Waxman: A♠2♦
Loman: [10c][10s]

The board blanked and Waxman melted. Bounty goes to Loman. -- HS


9.05pm: Not the worst hand
Kyle Loman raised to 400 from under the gun and Jonathan Jaffe raised to 2,600. Both Matt Waxman, in the big blind, and Loman made the call.

The flop came 9♦3♦7♣ and action was folded to Jaffe who bet 4,600. Waxman moved all-in, Loman folded and Jaffe made the call.

Jaffe showed 7♠3♦ for bottom two pair and Waxman tabled his Q♦Q♣.
"I'll take a nine said Waxman," looking for the counterfeit.

But an 8♠ on the turn and an A♣ on the river wasn't what he was looking for. Jaffe doubled up to 50,000 while Waxman is now under the 2,000 mark. --AV

8.50pm: Lind busts Li, makes for uncomfortable road trip
George Lind III and Andrew Li are heading off on a road-trip after this event, but there was no love lost between the buddies on the feature table. Lind has just sent Li out of the tournament, giving him ample time to prepare the car.

andrew_li_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6078.jpg

Andrew Li, center, and George Lind III, left

It was a straight race. Li had 9♠9♦ and Lind had A♦J♦. The jack flopped and did Li could not pull off a redraw. That was that. -- HS

8.45pm: Kenney's resurgence cut short by Illingworth
Bryn Kenney was the last player to register for this event, but he has become the first to leave. Jonathan Jaffe opened the pot, making it 1,000 to go from the cut off. Daniel Illingworth, on the button, raised to 2,500 and Kenney moved all in from the small blind.

Jaffe folded, but Illingworth called. He had Kenney covered despite the latter's recent double up through Greg DeBora. It was another flip for Kenney, who had A♦K♥ against Illingworth's J♦J♥.

The board again favoured the pair. It came [10c]9♠4♣9♣5♥ and Kenney was sent packing. -- HS

8.35pm: Kenney climbing
With only 3,800 left, Bryn Kenney moved all-in from early position. Everyone folded and he took down the blinds.

The very next hand Kenney employed the same technique. This time, Team PokerStars Pro Greg DeBora decided to call.

greg_debora_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6094.jpg

Greg DeBora

Debora showed A♦J♣ and Kenney showed a small pair, 4♠4♥.

"Anyone fold an ace?" asked DeBora, and one player raised his hand. "What about a Jack?" And another player raised his hand, diminishing his odds.

The board fell [3]2♣K♦8♥9♣ and Kenney doubled up to about 11,000. DeBora is down to 14,500. --AV

8.25pm: Great minds think alike
Allen Bari raised to 400 from under the gun and Jonathan Jaffe re-raised to 1,200. Bari 4-bet to 2,575 and Jaffe made the call.

The flop came 9♣7♥6♥ and both players suspiciously checked. The turn, [10c], brought another round of checks. The river was an 8♦ and both players checked yet again.

Bari showed A♠K♠ and Jaffe showed the same cards with different suits, A♦K♣. They chopped the pot but Bari won the extra green 25 chip. --AV


8.25pm: Strong-arm Junglen
Adam Junglen just quietly suggested to Jim Alex that tangling with him is a bad idea, putting Alex to a decision for his tournament life on the last hand of level one.

The two of them were at a flop of J♥A♥8♥ and Junglen, who had been under-the-gun pre-flop, bet 1,000. Alex, on the button, raised to 3,000 and Junglen immediately eyed his opponent's stack.

"You have 19 behind?" said Junglen. That was indeed what Alex still had left. After a few seconds, Junglen moved 19,000 of his own in the middle. Alex thought for a couple of minutes, twitched his mouth, and folded. -- HS

8.20pm: Raskin roasts Li
Micah Raskin has just doubled up through Andrew Li, leaving Li very short indeed. Li opened the pot pre-flop and Daniel Negreanu raised. Micah Raskin then four bet, before Li five-bet to 21,525. Negreanu folded, but Raskin called for all his chips, and the two of them were racing:

Raskin A♥K♣
Li: Q♥Q♦

Raskin got there the hard way, making a flush to his king on the 9♣3♣8♣4♣x board. Li had Raskin covered, but he is now in big trouble, while Raskin leads the feature table. -- HS

8.10pm: Cada outmuscles Dombrowski
This is a stacked field and no mistake, and while the likes of Vanessa Selbst, Daniel Negreanu and Victor Ramdin, among others, do battle on the feature table, there's also a wealth of talent on table four.

In a row there are Joe Cada, Adam Junglen and Alex Wice, then comes the Team PokerStars Pro duo of Jason Mercier and Barry Greenstein. Mercier also happens to be the defending champion in this event.

joe_cada_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6097.jpg

Joe Cada at Bounty Shootout

Chris Dombrowski isn't one to be intimidated, although he was just forced to lay something down to Cada after the 2009 World Champion found a check raise. Dombrowski had opened to 500 from the button and both Cada and Junglen had called from the blinds.

The flop came 8♦5♠7♠ and after Cada and Junglen checked, Dombrowski bet 800. Cada then bumped it to 2,800, which turned out to be enough to drive both of them away. -- HS

8.05pm: Tamayo takes some
The board read Q♦K♦3♠ and Dan Heimiller bet out 1,100. Jonathan Tamayo raised to 3,000 and Heimiller shot back with a blue chip, raising to 8,000.

Tamayo made the call and a 4♠ came on the river. Both players cautiously checked and Tamayo showed Q♣Q♠ for a set of queens. Heimiller looked at his cards, sighed and threw them in the muck. He now has just over 16,000. --AV

8pm: Counterfeit, but still good
Kyle Loman opened for 550 from early position and Daniel Illingworth called on the button. That tempted Scott Baumstein in from the big blind, and he ended up happy to have been tempted.

The flop came 5♣3♠9♥ and Baumstein checked. Loman bet 850, which Illingworth raised to 2,225. After Baumstein called, Loman thought better of it and folded.

The turn was 9♠ and Baumstein led for 3,275. Illingworth called. The river was 5♣ and Baumstein now tickled 2,000 at that. Illingworth called the small bet quickly, and Baumstein said: "I got a counterfeited boat." He tabled 3♦3♣.

He seemed to be fearing the worst, but ended up scooping as Illingworth mucked. -- HS

7.50pm: Re-organising again
The continued delay to the start here is because the Main Event has just wrapped for the day, allowing Vanessa Selbst and Dan Shak, both of whom are on that final table, to join the Bounty Shootout action. Steve O'Dwyer, another Main Event final table-ist, opted not to play here despite having registered. His seat has been filled by Bryn Kenney.

7.35pm: Two down
It seems as though Dan Shak and Steve O'Dwyer will not be playing in the Bounty Shootout. Both of them are still involved in the Main Event, which is now nine handed. -- HS

7.30pm: Starting?
After the mandatory 30 minute delay, players have now arrived to the Bounty Shootout room and flight B should be starting in about 10-15 minutes.

7pm: Flight B to begin
After a quick-fire flight A of the $10,000 Bounty Shootout, during which Scott Blackman, Eugene Katchalov, Jimmie Guinther and Michael Pesek booked their spot at the final, you join us now for Flight B, with a bigger field and a few very famous names.

The organisers have squeezed an additional table into the Bounty Shootout room, and have put an extra chair around most of them. We're now going to watch four nine-handed tables and one eight-handed one, with the 44 players angling for that final table felt.

Players will earn $40,000 if they win their heat ($36,000 for the eight-handed table) and $2,000 for each bounty chip they pick up. At time of writing, two of the registered players (Dan Shak and Steve O'Dwyer) are still going in the Main Event, so they may un-register from this. We will obviously keep you posted.

Here's the table draw for this second flight, and please click over to the results page to see who won what earlier on.

Flight B table assigments

Table 1 - Spades
1 Joe Sweeney
2 Darren Elias
3 Chris Klodnicki
4 Alex Keating
5 Dan Suied
6 Gregory Merson
7 Dan Shak
8 Yevgeniy Timoshenko
9 Charbel Azzi

Table 2 - Hearts
1 Nick Binger
2 Eric Froehlich
3 Dan Heimiller
4 David Paredes
5 Pat Pezzin
6 Jason Somerville
7 Jonathan Tamayo
8 Nenad Medic
9 Taylor von Kriegenbergh

Table 3 - Diamonds
1 Joe Gibbons
2 George Lind III
3 Andrew Li
4 Bryan Colin
5 Victor Ramdin
6 Daniel Negreanu
7 Micah Raskin
8 Sam Stein

Table 4 - Clubs
1 Jim Alex
2 Chris Dombrowski
3 Joe Cada
4 Adam Junglen
5 Alex Wice
6 Jason Mercier
7 Barry Greenstein
8 Justin Schwartz
9 Ronnie Bardah

Table 5
1 Kyle Loman
2 Greg DeBora
3 Pat Walsh
4 Jonathan Jaffe
5 Daniel Illingworth
6 Steve O'Dwyer
7 Scott Baumstein
8 Allen Bari
9 Matt Waxman

Levels last 30 minutes and starting stacks are 25,000.

television_table_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5614.jpg

Television table at Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout

Reporting team: Howard Swains and Alex Villegas. Photographs: Joe Giron.