NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout B: Levels 5-10 updates (2,500-5,000-500)

napt-thumb.jpgDay done!
And with that, day one of the $10,000 Bounty Shootout comes to a close. Just like Vanessa Selbst has a chance of pulling off an historic double in the Main Event tomorrow, her Team PokerStars Pro colleague Jason Mercier has the chance of going back-to-back in the Bounty Shootout after he won his table today.

Mercier also won six bounties, so leads the charge for the $20,000 extra prize awarded to the best bounty hunter of them all.

He'll be joined by Eugene Katchalov, also of Team PokerStars Pro. But they'll have their work cut out against Joe Sweeney, Micah Raskin, Jonathan Jaffe, Scott Blackman, Jimmie Guinther, Taylor Von Kriegenbergh and Michael Pesek.

That final table will begin on Thursday. Return to PokerStars Blog tomorrow for the conclusion of the Main Event. Until then, goodnight from Uncasville.

See the full Bounty Shootout final table line up, and list of bounty winners, on the results page.

1.55am: Von Kriegenbergh applies finishing touch
Taylor von Kriegenbergh has won the last table of the day, and completed the final table line-up for Thursday. The last hand went like this: Von Kriegenbergh raised to 10,000 and Pezzin called. That took them to a flop of A♦2♣5♠. They both checked. The turn was 8♣ and Pezzin counted out a bet. Then he simply announced, "All in" instead, for 64,800 total.

Von Kriegenbergh thought about this decision a lot, but then pushed a tower of blue chips over the line to call. Pezzin knew he was in a spot of bother when he turned over his 6♣3♣, but probably didn't realise quite how bleak it was. Von Kriegenbergh had K♣5♣, covering the flush draw, so Pezzin was drawing to his straight only.

The 2♦ wasn't one of his outs, and with that Von Kriegenbergh ended this one. Pezzin comes up one place short. -- HS

Taylor von Kriegenbergh_Mohegan Sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6345.jpg

Taylor von Kriegenbergh wins the final heat of day one

1.45pm: Pezzin persists
Pat Pezzin moved all-in for just over 40,000 and von Kriegenbergh called.

Pezzin: 6♦7♦
von Kriegenbergh: K♥9♥

The flop was 5♣4♠6♣ giving Pezzin a pair and a straight draw. The 8♠ on the turn completed the straight and Pezzin doubled up to 82,000. Von Kriegenbergh still holds the chip lead with about 143,000. --AV


1.35am: Levelled out
Taylor von Kriegenbergh has got his stack up to around the same size at Pat Pezzin's, and this battle could go on for some time yet. Just recently, Von Kriegenbergh limped from the small blind, which prompted a bet of 11,000 from Pezzin. Von Kriegenbergh responded by intimating that he had set a trap. He moved all in, and Pezzin dwell-folded. Von Kriegenbergh then proudly flipped over 7♦8♦. Pezzin was unmoved. -- HS

1.25am: Leveling the playing field
The battle continues.

Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin raised to 10,000 and Taylor von Kriegenbergh moved all-in for 45,800 more.

Pezzin called and showed K♣J♣, Kriegenbergh showed A♥Q♦.

The flop paired Kriegenbergh's queen and it was good enough for the double up. Both players are now close to even in chips. --AV

1.15pm: Pezzin chipping away
On our only remaining table, Pat Pezzin has amassed something like 185,000 of the total 225,000 chips in play on that table. Taylor von Kriegenbergh is trying all he can to keep afloat, but Pezzin has entered bullying mode.

Just recently, Von Kriegenbergh opened to 8,000 and Pezzin called. They both checked the Q♦9♥9♣ flop, but then it kicked off on the 8♣ turn. Pezzin bet 9,500, Von Kriegenbergh raised to 20,500 and Pezzin moved all in. Von Kriegenbergh folded. -- HS

1.05am: And then there were two
Our last table is now heads up.

Jason Somerville went all-in at the Hearts table and Pat Pezzin called.

Pezzin: K♣[10d]
Somerville: 9♣8♣

The board ran 3♥6♥4♥K♠A♥ and Pezzin's pair of kings was good enough for Somerville's bounty. --AV

1am: Jaffe applies the final squeeze on Walsh
Jonathan Jaffe has finished the job on Pat Walsh after a very measured heads up battle. The damage was done principally when Jaffe cracked Walsh's pocket kings, getting all the money in on a turn of 9♦7♥9♣Q♣. Jaffe had 9♥8♥.

The 3♣ rivered, leaving Walsh with less than two big blinds. He doubled up on the next hand, but then was knocked out the hand after that. Jaffe's 7♥4♦ beat Walsh's 5♣6♣. -- HS

jonathan_jaffe_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6315.jpg

Jonathan Jaffe wins Bounty Shootout heat

12.55pm: Staying alive
Jason Mercier's chance at a back-to-back NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout title stays alive.

jason_mercier_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6295.jpg

Jason Mercier at Bounty Shootout

In the last hand at the Clubs table, Mercier and Ronnie Bardah were all-in preflop.

Mercier: 3♣3♦
Bardah: A♥Q♠

The board, 6♠8♥7♦[10c]2♠, brought all low cards and gave Mercier the win at the Clubs table, good for $40,000. He also walks away with six bounties and a signed copy of Barry Greenstein's "Ace on the River."

jason_mercier_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6305.jpg

Jason Mercier cradles his bounties

On the neighboring table Pat Pezzin knocked out Nenad Medic, the hearts table is now 3-handed. --AV

*Take a deep breath before reading this sentence.

12.45am: Heads up ding dong
On table five, Jonathan Jaffe has a small chip lead over Pat Walsh, but the relative parity means the two of them are playing an intriguing heads up battle. Just recently, Walsh flat-called from the small blind, Jaffe raised to 9,000, Walsh then re-raised to 25,000 and then Jaffe moved all in. Walsh folded.

pat_walsh_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6309.jpg

Pat Walsh heads up against Jonathan Jaffe

Shortly after, another three bet pre-flop from Jaffe - making it 19,800 after Walsh had made it 8,500 - also got through.

The neighbouring heads-up table, featuring Jason Mercier and Ronnie Bardah, is more one-sided. Mercier has something like a four-to-one advantage, and is milking it. -- HS


12.25pm: Dombrowski downed
Jason Mercier has eliminated Chris Dombrowski. It was all in pre-flop, but then swung both ways, before Mercier emerged victorious.

The hands were as follows: Mercier A♠[10s], Dombrowski 6♥Q♥.

The flop looked like it had given Dombrowski the out-draw, when it came Q♦[10h]K♦. But the turn put Mercier back out front. It was the J♥. Dombrowski still had outs to the flush, but the 4♣ wasn't one of them and so he went broke.

Mercier has now picked up five bounties and is heads up with Ronnie Bardah. -- HS

12.20am: Another winner
The Spades table was heads up with a Q♣3♦6♦[10s]2♠ board, there was more than 10,000 in the pot and Chris Klodnicki had just announced all-in.

"I know you were going to say that," said Joe Sweeney. He stood up while he contemplated his next move. He looked down at his stack and announced the call.

Sweeney showed Q♦9♥ and Klodnicki threw his hand into the muck, making Sweeney the second winner of Flight B. --AV

joe_sweeney_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6288.jpg

Joe Sweeney wins his Bounty Shootout flight

12.10am: Medic doubles through Somerville
Nenad Medic is battling still, having just doubled up to about 46,000 with pocket sixes. Jason Somerville was his opponent, with K♣9♥. The pocket pair stayed good.

12am: Alex out
It's getting late and concentration is beginning to wane. That's one excuse for the hand that has just ended Jim Alex's participation in this event. Chris Dombrowski opened the pot and Alex moved all in - despite the fact that there were still two players to act before him.

Jason Mercier, who was one of those two, asked for a ruling. If he raised Dombrowski's opener, then apparently Alex would be allowed to take back his out-of-turn raise. However if Mercier only called, Alex would be forced to move in.

Mercier called.

As instructed, Alex was forced to move in and when Dombrowski got out the way, the two of them were heads up. Mercier had T♥T♣ and Alex had 5♠5♦. Mercier flopped an unneeded set and Alex was sent to the rail.

jim_alex_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6271.jpg

Jim Alex eliminated

Mercier is now playing three-handed against Ronnie Bardah and Chris Dombrowski. -- HS

11.55pm: Baumstein bounced by Jaffe
Scott Baumstein is out, leaving Jonathan Jaffe heads up with Pat Walsh. Baumstein shoved for Q♦6♥ and Jaffe called with A♠8♣. The board was dry and the ace high stayed good. -- HS

11.50pm: DeBora DeParts
Pat Pezzin remains as the last Team PokerStars Canada in the field after Greg DeBora followed Daniel Negreanu out the door. DeBora got the last of his chips in the middle on a flop of 2♣9♦J♣ and he had a straight draw with his Q♥T♠. His opponent, Pat Walsh, had J♦K♣ and DeBora needed to hit.

He didn't.

The turn came 5♠ and the river T♦. That was the end of that for DeBora.

greg_debora_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6266.jpg

Greg DeBora eliminated

11.45pm: Medic doubles up
Nenad Medic was all-in for 37,825 against Jason Somerville.

Somerville held 8♥8♠ and was flipping against Medic's A♣J♦.

The flop came 9♣[10h]K♠ giving Medic even more outs. The [10c] wasn't one of them, but it came on the turn anyways.

Nenad Medic_Mohegan Sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6256.jpg

Nenad Medic all in

A J♠ came on the river to give Medic a pair and the double up. He now has over 75,000, while Somerville is down to 15,000. --AV

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 1,200-2,400-400 IN LEVEL 8

11.37pm: Details
Nick Binger moved all-in for 15,500 and got a call from Jason Somerville.

Somerville showed Q♥9♥ and was up against Binger's J♣9♥. The flop, 8♥5♦[10c], giving Binger a straight draw. A 3♦ came on the turn then a [10h] fell on the river and Binger missed his straight.

Somerville won his bounty and the Hearts table is now 4-handed. --AV

11.35pm: Binger bounced
Nick Binger has been eliminated by Jason Somerville. Details to follow.

11.30pm: Timoshenko tamed by Sweeney
Yevgeniy Timoshenko has become the latest player to be defeated by Joe Sweeney. Sweeney is now heads up with Chris Klodnicki. -- HS

yevgeniy_timoshenko_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6229.jpg

Yevgeniy Timoshenko eliminated by Joe Sweeney

11.25pm: Cada crushed
That's the end of Joe Cada's day, defeated by Chris Dombrowski's mighty 6♦3♣. Cada had A♦2♥ but this board - 8♠7♦5♠9♦2♣ - gave Dombrowski the straight and crushed Cada. -- HS

11.20pm: Micah Raskin wins
Micah Raskin is the first winner of Flight B.

The flop was A♠K♠Q♥ and Joe Gibbons and Raskin got it all-in. Gibbons showed K♥Q♠ for two pair and Raskin had a pair of aces with A♣9♠.

A 2♥ came on the turn and the A♥ caused Raskin to throw his arms up in celebration. Raskin wins the final bounty at his table and an entry to Thursday's final table. --AV

micah_raskin_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6242.jpg

Micah Raskin victorious

11.15pm: Paredes' parade ends
Nenad Medic and David Paredes were all in pre-flop, and although Medic's J♦T♣ was behind Paredes's A♣9♠, the board soon changed that. It ran 4♣8♦9♥Q♦8♣, which gave Medic the straight. Paredes is out. -- HS

11.10pm: Timoshenko ends Azzi's day
Yevgeniy Timoshenko has sent Charbel Azzi out the door in a fairly standard all in pre-flop confrontation. Azzi had 9♠8♥ and needed to hit an eight to beat Timoshenko's A♠9♥. But he didn't. In fact, the board brought two aces and Azzi was no more. -- HS

11.10pm: Heads up
We now have our first heads-up table in Flight B.

Micah Raskin and George Lind found themselves all-in preflop. Raskin had Lind's 39,700 covered, he also had Lind's A♣4♦ dominated with A♥[10c].

The board ran Q♥A♦5♦6♠9♦ and Lind surrendered his bounty to Raskin. --AV

11.05pm: Bardah takes over chip lead
Jason Mercier could seemingly do no wrong, but he has just doubled up Ronnie Bardah and yielded the chip lead in the process. Joe Cada opened, making it 3,200. Mercier raised to 6,400, then Bardah made it 27,000, which was pretty much all in. Cada folded, but Mercier was happy to play and they made the all in official with Mercier's shove.

ronnie_bardah_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6227.jpg

Ronnie Bardah

Mercier had A♦K♣ and he was against Bardah's T♣T♦. This time Mercier couldn't win the race as the board came seven high. Bardah's pair held and he now has something like 80,000.

11pm: Loman laid low
Kyle Loman and Scott Baumstein were all-in preflop and at first, it wasn't certain who was at risk.

After counting out both stacks, the dealer revealed that Baumstein had Loman covered by a couple hundred chips. They had:

Loman: J♣J♠
Baumstein: A♥6♠

The flop fell 6♥[10c]K♦, giving Baumstein a pair.

The turn was a 4♥ and Baumstein seemed resigned. "Just give him a jack, I'm pretty indifferent now," he said.

But a 6♣ came and turned Baumstein's indifference into celebration. He's now has 40,000 and another bounty chip.--AV

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 800-1,600-200 IN LEVEL 6

10.55pm: Three more down
Two more short-stacked players, one on the feature table and one not, are out. The first of those is Bryan Colin, who shoved pre-flop with Q♠8♣ and couldn't outdraw Joe Gibbons' A♣Q♥. The second was Eric Froehlich, whose Q♠8♠ couldn't beat Pat Pezzin's A♣[10c].

Moral of the story: queen-eight no good.

bryan_colin_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6225.jpg

Bryan Colin busts from the bounty shootout

Also missing in action is Allen Bari. Greg DeBora got him. -- HS

10.50pm: The most wonderful time of the tournament
It's that time in the tournament again. The blinds are high, stacks are short and all-ins are heard every other minute.

At our feature table Micah Raskin found himself all-in on a [10c]8♠5♥ flop against Bryan Colin.

Colin held [10d]6♦ but Raskin showed Q♠Q♣ for the over pair. Raskin's hand held up and he doubled through Colin.

A few hands later Colin would find himself all-in again, this time it was preflop versus Joe Gibbons.

Colin was at risk this hand and he was trailing behind Gibbons' A♣K♦. The first card on the flop paired Colin's 9 and the river paired his 10, doubling him up.

Action is sure to continue as another all-in has just been announced. --AV

10.45pm: Mercier's mauling continues
Adam Junglen has become the third player to fall to the bounty might of Jason Mercier. Junglen moved all in pre-flop for 7,600 and Mercier called from his huge stack. "I only looked at one," said Junglen, and turned over Q♥9♣.

Mercier had Q♦J♣ and the board blanked, meaning Mercier's jack played. Junglen headed home and Mercier took yet another bounty chip. The Team PokerStars Pro won this event last year, and is looking good for a repeat already. -- HS

10.40pm: Lind doubles up
George Lind just doubled-up courtesy of Micah Raskin.

Micah Raskin held 7♠7♣ and was up against Lind's A♥7♦.

george_lind_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6215.jpg

George Lind III doubles up

The flop, 6♣A♦8♣, gave Lind the pair of aces and it held up for the double up. Lind now has over 60,000. --AV

10.35pm: Azzi doubles through Sweeney
Joe Sweeney can't knock everyone out - at least not yet. Charbel Azzi just doubled up when his pocket nines stayed good against Sweeney's A♥7♦. Azzi was all in pre-flop for a little more than 15,000. --HS

10.25pm: The tale of Sweeney continues
Joe Sweeney found himself in a three-way all-in with king-jack for the second time today.

But this time he was up against Dan Suied's A♥Q♣ and Gregory Merson's 5♣5♦, Sweeney had them both covered.

The flop was [10c]2♦J♦, putting Sweeney in the lead. Another jack came on the turn and Sweeney killed two birds with three jacks.

He's now up to around 75,000. --AV

10.20pm: Disturbance in the force: Selbst is beaten
Yep, here comes that rash of eliminations.

First up, Greg DeBora bust Daniel Illingworth, when DeBora's A♦Q♠ stayed good against Illingworth's Q♥6♥. A queen was on the turn and they got it in.

Then on the feature table, Joe Gibbons managed what no one else has ever managed at Mohegan Sun: he eliminated Vanessa Selbst from a poker tournament.

It looked for all the world as though it wouldn't happen, but he hit a two-outer on the river to end the Bounty Shootout participation of the Team PokerStars Pro. (She is, of course, still in the Main Event.)

Selbst opened the pot, Gibbons raised to 10,000, Selbst moved all in for 41,300 and Gibbons called.

Gibbons: 9♦9♣
Selbst: K♠Q♠

Selbst flips well, and it looked as though she was going to do it again when the flop came A♣Q♣Q♥. The turn was J♦, but then the 9♥ rivered and Gibbons vaulted into the lead.

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6204.jpg

Vanessa Selbst: That doesn't normally happen

He had Selbst covered, and so her day is finally done. -- HS

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6210.jpg

Vanessa Selbst gets a hug from Joe Gibbons after busting from Bounty Shootout

10.15pm: Back for level five
We're now entering level five, and if Flight A was any indication, this is where a lot of players get knocked out.

To see who has already been eliminated, head on over to the results page, then stay here to see what happens next.

Level five begins with the following players leading their respective tables: Joe Sweeney, Jason Mercier, Nenad Medic, Micah Raskin and Pat Walsh.

Here's a glimpse of what they're all playing for (in addition to the odd thousand dollars here and there).

Trophy_Mohegan Sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP6110.jpg

Reporting team: Howard Swains, Alex Villegas and Brad Willis. Photography: Joe Giron.