NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Levels 5-10 (1,500-3,000-400)

napt-thumb.jpg5pm: End of flight A
Flight A is now complete. There will be another five tables starting at 7pm as we look to fill that final.

See the full results of this flight on the results page. -- HS

4.50pm: Berg sunk by Guinther
We are done for flight A as Jimmie Guinther has finished off Elijah Berg. The final hand was cruel on Berg, but it also played itself.

They got it all in pre-flop, and both had the goods. Berg's Q♥Q♣ was ahead of Guinther's A♦[10s], but Guinther had something like four times as many chips, so it was the owner of the queens who was in peril.

The flop increased the tension. It came K♦2♦3♦ to give Guinther the flush draw. Berg dodged trouble on the 9♥ turn, but the 6♦ river was emphatic. Berg was sunk.

Guinther moves into the final on Thursday. -- HS

jimmie_guinther_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5906.jpg

Jimmie Guinther Bounty Shootout heat winner

4.40pm: Katchalov wins
One table to go. Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov claims Chau Giang's bounty and wins $40,000 for winning the only 9-handed table of the event.

eugene_katchalov_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5894.jpg

Eugene Katchalov, bounty shootout heat winner

Katchalov's K♣J♠ was up against Giang's A♦8♦. The flop was 9♥K♥7♠ and Katchalov caught his king. The turn was a 2♥ and Giang started pushing all his chips towards Katchalov.

"I get to keep this though," Giang said as he picked up Nick Schulman's bounty chip.
The river was a 4♠ and Giang was sent to the rail. --AV

4.30pm: Kelly canned
Eugene Katchalov has just ended Steven Kelly's resurgence, and will go heads-up with a huge chip lead against Chau Giang. Kelly and Katchalov were looking at a flop of 8♣7♠4♠ and Katchalov checked. Kelly bet 6,000 and Katchalov moved all in, comfortably covering his opponent.

Kelly took his time about it, but figured himself priced in and called. Katchalov tabled 7♦5♦ for middle pair, with a gutshot draw. Kelly had A♦9♥ for overcards.

The 6♠ turn filled Katchalov's straight, but also gave Kelly outs to a bigger straight. But the 8♠ river didn't alter things, and Kelly offered his hand and left. -- HS

eugene_katchalov_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5885.jpg

Eugene Katchalov goes heads up with Chau Giang

Seems like a good time to see what Katchalov had to say to the video bloggers earlier on:

4.25pm: Giang and Kelly
Steven Kelly called from the small blind and Chau Giang, who had Kelly covered, moved all-in.

Kelly called and showed Q♠J♠ to Giang's A♦5♦. A Q♦ on the flop gave Kelly top pair, the turn and river brought blanks, making Kelly's queens good enough for the double up.

Kelly now has close to 70,000 while Giang is the table's short stack with about 35,000.

4.20pm: Kelly busts Vo
Short-stacked Steven Kelly had moved all in pre-flop about four times, all unchallenged, and all that blind stealing meant that when he shoved again from the button and Tony Vo called, it was Vo whose life was in danger.

It was a flip. Vo showed pocket fours to Kelly's A♠Q♦. And the board favoured the small pair. It came 8♠6♦3♦. But just as one of Vo's supporters said: "Hold!", the dealer burned and turned the Q♥. "Why did I open my mouth?" said the rueful railbird.

tony_vo_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5873.jpg

Tony Vo busts

The 5♠ rivered, and that was it for Vo. Kelly is still shorter than his table-mates Chau Giang and Eugene Katchalov, but he's fighting. -- HS

4.15pm: Berg doubles
After Elijah Berg moved all-in from the small blind a couple of times, Jimmie Guinther, with a commanding chip lead, decided to do the same.

Berg snap called, showing J♥J♦. Guinther showed A♣6♠.

The flop fell 3♣K♠[10c], giving Guinther a backdoor flush draw. The 6♣ on the turn would give him a regular flush draw. A [10s] came on the river and Berg doubled up to 55,600. --AV

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 1,500-3,000-400 IN LEVEL 9

3:40pm: The last diamond
In the last hand of the level, Michael Pesek claimed Paul Matteo's bounty, the last one at the Diamonds table.

Pesek bet 6,000 into an 8♣2♣6♠A♣ board, and Matteo raised to 16,000. Pesek moved all-in and Matteo called.

Matteo showed A♠3♠ for top pair, but Pesek showed A♥A♦ for top set. A 3♥ came on the river and Matteo was eliminated.

Pesek is now our second shootout winner of the day and will take $36,000. He only won one bounty, but it was the crucial one.

michael_pesek_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5869.jpg

Michael Pesek only won one bounty, but it's all he needed

Players are now on a 15-minute break --AV
3.30pm: One down, three to go
Scott Blackman has survived the first shootout round. He earned $36,000 and Dan O'Brien's bounty chip in the process.

Blackman and O'Brien were all-in preflop. Blackman held J♠J♣ and was up against O'Brien's A♠K♠, it was an old-fashioned coin flip for the win.

The flop brought 4♠Q♠6♦ and strong emotions from both players.

"That's great," shouted O'Brien as the last flop card was dealt.

"That's just disgusting," Blackman said as he slumped down in his chair. "You have like every out in the deck."

Then they geared their conflicting emotions towards the dealer.

"Come on Tara," O'Brien cheered, but Blackman begged her for mercy. "Tara, do not do this to me."

The turn was a 4♥, and a 3♣ on the river sent O'Brien home, making Blackman the first winner of the day. --AV

scott_blackman_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5862.jpg

Scott Blackman, table winner

3.27pm: A tale of two hearts
Nick Mitchell was eliminated and the Hearts table is now heads up.

Short-stacked again, Mitchell moved all-in and got called by Dan O'Brien. Mitchell showed A♠Q♥ and O'Brien moved his cards towards Mitchell.

"Flip over your own fate," said O'Brien.

Mitchell complied and flipped over a 5♦, followed by a 7♠.

The flop was 2♣K♦J♥ and Mitchell stayed in the lead. A 5♥ on the turn would change that.

"I got this one," said Mitchell, now the underdog.

"Ehhh..."O'Brien said as he looked at Mitchell skeptically.

"I'm kidding, I'm not feeling good about this.

There was indeed no ace on the river (literally or metaphorically) for Mitchell and he was sent to the rail. -- AV

3.23pm: Pilgrim looking for pastures new
Dwight Pilgrim has been ousted from the feature table by Paul Matteo. Pilgrim shoved with pocket fours but ran into Matteo's queens. They had similar sized stacks but Matteo had Pilgrim covered, and when the board bricked Pilgrim was sent packing. -- HS

dwyte_pilgrim_mohegan_sun_2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5824.jpg

Dwyte Pilgrim eliminated from Bounty Shootout

3.20pm: Three-handed double-ups
At our non-feature three-handed table, Nick Mitchell went all in for 26,600. Dan O'Brien, in the small blind, did the same and Scott Blackman folded. Mitchell showed A♥7♣ to O'Brien's A♦8♣.

"I'm not greedy," said Mitchell. "I'll take a chop."

The flop fell J♣5♠4♣. Then a 7♥ on the turn prompted a response from Mitchell. "Now that's a turn car I like a lot!"

The river was a 9♦ and Mitchell doubled up.

A few minutes later, at our other three-handed table, a similar scenario played out. Dwyte Pilgrim and Michael Pesek went all-in on a K♠5♦8♦ flop.

Pesek showed 2♦K♣ for top pair and was against Pilgrim's [10d]8♣.

Pesek's pair held up and he doubled-up to just over 60,000. -- AV

3.15pm: Guinther takes charge
Jimmie Guinther is now leading his heads up battle with Elijah Berg after getting all his chips in with a straight and fading a couple of outs.

The board was out to the turn, showing: 7♦A♥8♣9♦. Guinther shoved and Berg called, and here's why. Berg had 9♥8♦ for two pair. But Guinther had 5♦6♦ for the straight.

The river was the [10c] and that kept Guinther ahead. His all in was for 82,500, which means he doubles to 165,000. Berg has 35,000. -- HS

3.05pm: Tenacity on the spades table
Elijah Berg has something like a three to one chip lead on Jimmie Guinther on the "Spades" table. But Guinther is not giving this one up without a fight. Both players recently checked a 6♥4♣2♣ flop and then Berg called Guinther's 5,500 bet on the Q♣ turn. The river was 5♠ and after Guinther checked, Berg bet 10,000. Guinther agonised over his next decision, but called and his A♦4♦ was good against Berg's A♣9♦. -- HS

3pm: Video
Here's a video:

2.45pm: Panayiotou out
Eracles Panayiotou has left the building after shoving at a double paired board with jack high and getting picked off by Paul Matteo's king high.

One of our tables has four players left, two tables are three handed, while Jimmie Gunther and Elijah Berg are heads up. -- HS


2.45pm: This one's for the kids
Chau Giang raised to 2,600 and Nick Schulman replied by re-raising all-in for 19,675. He also threw in his bounty chip, watch, glasses and wallet.

Giang tanked, it was a tough decision.

"Please don't slowroll me," begged Schulman.

"I'm not," replied Giang.

He thought for a bit more and Schulman picked up the bounty chip with his face on it. "Whatever happens, I don't you to throw this away," said Schulman.

"I promise I won't. I'll give it to my children," laughed Giang as he made the call.
Giang flipped over 6♣6♥ and was up against Schulman's A♦J♥.

The board ran K♥K♠9♠8♣K♣, bringing three kings, but not a single ace to save Schulman.

giang_shulman_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5817.jpg

Chau Giang shows off Nick Schulman's bounty chip

Giang now has 45,000 and a present for his kids. --AV

2.35pm: Strike two more
Two all ins and two eliminations from neighbouring tables at the precise same time. On "Clubs", Curt Kohlberg's J♦[10h] was against Tony Vo's A♣[10s] and lost on the Q♣6♥8♣4♠2♦ board.

On "Spades", Blake Purvis was all in with J♠[10s] against Elijah Berg's K♦5♥. The board there ran K♣K♠Q♠7♦5♣.

Moral of the story: don't play jack-ten.

By the way, if you're struggling to keep up - and I'll be honest, I am - then continue to check the results so far page, where you'll find who has knocked out whom to date. -- HS

2.30pm: DeGilio out
Tony Vo has just eliminated Michael DeGilio.

After going all-in preflop, DeGilio's J♥[10h] was drawing slim against Vo's A♣A♦.

The board came 3♣Q♠5♣2♣ and an A♥ on the river cemented DeGilio's fate and his bounty was claimed. --AV

12.25pm: Family Feud
All five players in the feature table paid to see the, [10h]K♣7♣ flop, but that's when things got heated.

Justin Conley moved all-in and action folded to Eracles Panayiotou, who decided to call.

Conley showed 8♣4♣ for a flush draw. Panayiotou also showed a flush draw with 9♣[10c] but his 10 would also give him top pair.

The pair of 10's held up and Panayiotou earned Conley's $2,000 bounty chip. --AV

2.25pm: Berg finishes Duhamel
Elijah Berg has completed the job on Jonathan Duhamel, turning a set with his pocket deuces. Duhamel was all in pre-flop for a micro-stack, holding only Q♥4♥ and got no help .--HS

jonathan_duhamel_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5804.jpg

Jonathan Duhamel hands over his bounty chip

2.20pm: Duhamel in trouble
Jonathan Duhamel has been left on fumes after tangling with the table captain, Elijah Berg. Berg opened to 4,000 and Blake Purvis called. Duhamel moved in for about 40,000 from the small blind, and Berg's snap-call forced Purvis to fold.

"You got a pair?" said Duhamel.
"Yep," said Berg, showing K♣K♠. Duhamel's 7♠7♥ couldn't catch up, and the World Champion was left with only about 5,000 after that. Berg has loads. -- HS

elijah_berg_mohegan_sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5800.jpg

Elijah Berg

2.07pm: Eugene Catch-a-lot
Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov and Michael DeGilio had both their hands on the table, waiting for the board to be dealt.

Katchalov held J♦J♣ and was up against DeGilio's 3♦3♣.

It's safe to say the flop, A♥A♣J♥, fell in Katchalov's favor. DeGilio would need running 3's to win or running Aces to chop. A 4♠ on the turn would eliminate those options and Katchalov doubled up to around 30,000.

A few hands later, Katchalov would catch again and eliminate Robert Dalton. --AV

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 800-1,600-200 IN LEVEL 6

2pm: Out, out and out
There has been widespread carnage on all tables in the very early stages after the break. From the "Spades" table, Melanie Weisner and Paul Volpe have been eliminated by Jimmie Guinther and Jonathan Duhamel respectively.

And on the "Hearts" table, Adriano Pucci has busted. He was sent packing by Nick Mitchell. Pucci had A♠[10h] and Mitchell K♥J♦, but the K♠ rivered and that was that for Pucci. -- HS

1.50pm: Switching sides
Scott Seiver moved all-in from the button for 10,750. Dan O'Brien decided to follow suit and moved in from the small blind. It was up to Richard Lyndaker in the big blind.

"Snap him!" Seiver told Lyndaker.

"I don't know, I would've called just you," Lyndaker said as he threw his cards into the muck.
Seiver showed Q♣7♣, an underdog to O'Brien's A♦6♣.

The flop came J♥[10s]K♦, switching the cards the players were rooting for, a top pair for one player would now give the other a straight. The turn was a [10d] and the river brought a 4♠, bringing no straights and Scott Seiver was sent to the rail. --AV

1.45pm: Katchalov clings on
Eugene Katchalov open shoved for 14,175 from the cut off and Steven Kelly over-shoved from the small blind. That persuaded Tony Vo to fold and it was just the shoving two to the flop, with Katchalov at risk.

Katchalov had K♦Q♥; Kelly had A♣J♣. The dealer was Katchalov's friend on this occasion, putting down a pot-splitting 6♠8♠7♥9♠5♥. -- HS

1.40pm: Off we go again
Play has resumed. --HS

With four levels already complete, we're heading into a fifth. That's the way these things work.

The four biggest stacks on the four tables belong to Dwight Pilgrim, Steven Kelly, Scott Blackman and Blake Purvis.

This swift structure is already catching up with anyone who has started slowly, and with blinds now going to 600-1,200-100 there are sure to be numerous casualties in the next few levels. That's fun.

Trophy_Mohegan Sun 2011_BSO_Joe Giron_JGP5625.jpg

Bounty Shootout trophy