PCA: Dinner break

I wonder if food tastes differently if you know that when your repast is over, you could be one of 25 people who win nothing, or one of 130 people who stand to win at least $10,000.

That is where we stand right now. We're nearing the money bubble and players are on a 90-minute dinner break. I just grabbed a quick bite to eat next to a man who qualified for this event with his Frequent Player Points and is currently on his first vacation in a decade. What's more, he sits on 15,000 chips. That puts him in a somewhat desperate position as the blinds are about to go up to $800/$1,600 with a $200 ante.

While we expect play to slow down quite a bit as we approach the bubble, you can expect more frequent updates as the post-bubble action picks up. I can't promise much in the way of finely-crafted prose, but the updates will be coming faster now.

Until then, enjoy your supper.