2007 PCA: Day 1A Level 3 Comprehensive Report

Fighting tooth and nail(s)?

Richard Newell's table is not an easy one. While he's not yet used his teeth (near as I can tell), he's been using his nails. How so, you ask?

To be sure, Newell, um, nailed his attempt to get on the blog.

Richard Newell

Just before I met Newell, I checked in on Scott "doubleas" Gallant. I walked up to him re-raising on the button pre-flop. His opponent, sandwich in hand, popped him back. Doubleas seemed to think a bit before checking the Sandwich Man's stack and raising enough to put him all in. After thinking for a second, the man put his sandwich on the table and called. Sure enough, Doubleas held aces up against a pair of kings. Nothing nasty happened on the board and Doubleas stack moved up above 30K.

Another member of Team Blog for this PCA is Eric Harkins who is succeeding in showing you the difference between my amateur photography and what a pro can do. here's a look around the room through Eric's eyes.

Katja Thater

Mimi Rogers

Mimi Tran

The ubiquitous Moneymaker Millionaire t-shirt

Robert Williamson

Vanessa Rousso

Joe Sebok

Steve Paul-Ambrose

Bruce Yamron


The Ed Report

Vanessa Rousso--Vanessa continues to be the agressor on her table in the early stages of Level 3. Her early position raise to 650 was called by two players. On a board of 3c-Kh-4d, she mades a standard continuation bet of 1,500 chips which was called by one player. The turn brought the 7s and both players checked. An ace on the river forces Vanessa to check once again and her opponent bets out 2,000. Vanessa cursed the ace before folding. Despite this hit to her stack she had close to 40K and was the chip leader on her table.

Then, before the end of the level, Vanessa raised to 600 preflop and got one caller. The flop came 7h 3h Tc. Her opponent checked the flop, Vanessa bet 1500, and got called. The turn came the 6h. Once again, Vanessa answers a check by betting 4500. Once again, she was called. The river was the six of diamonds. Indeed, once again, her opponent checked, Vanessa bet 5k, and was called. Surely much to her opponent's dismay, Vanessa turned over 6-4 for runner-runner trips. She's now up to 54K.

Katja Thater--Facing an early position raise of 600 and a call, Katja Thater also called from the small blind. The flop came As-4d-8c. After Katja checked, the original raiser bet 1,500. The other player in the hand folded, but Katja made the call. The turn is a 3d, Katja again checked, and saw a 3,500 chip bet from her opponent. After a long mull she eventually folded and now sits around the 25K mark.

John Shipley--2002 WSOP final tabler John Shipley made what looked like a standard button raise to 600, which the big blind called. The flop was 9-3-2 rainbow and John made a standard bet of 800. The big blind again called. The turn brought another 9 and both players checked. A 4 on the river and a check from his opponent caused John to bet 2,000. After getting the call, John turned over the rockets and his opponent mucked.


Selected end of Level 3 Chip Counts

tigerti -- 22K
maximilian74 -- 6K
TheBeat -- 25K
Chris Moneymaker -- 11K
Katja Thater -- 24K
Vanessa Rousso -- 54K
Bill Chen -- 20K
Jim Hamburger -- 26K
Doubleas -- 33K
Mimi Rogers -- 15K
Steve Paul-Ambrose -- 60K
David Singer -- 30K
Robert Williamson --17K
Terrence Chan -- 18K
Martin Wendt -- 19.5K
Julian Garnder --30K