2007 PCA: Day 1A Level 4

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Note: The action is now moving so fast, the Ed Report has been reduced to a flurry of quickly scratched notes that Ed is leaving beside my laptop. Rather than make this as pretty as possible, I'm going to give you the bare bones of it. --Brad

The Ed Report

Steve Paul-Ambrose has been suffering and enjoying a teeter-totter day. At one point he was up to 65K. Then, later, Steve raised to 1,100 under the gun and got a call out of the big blind. On a flop of K73 with one diamond, both players checked. The turn was an eight of diamonds. Steve bet out 2.5K and the big blind raised to 9K. Steve called. The river wad the three of diamonds. The big blind pushed for 60K, covering Steve. After thinking for a long time, Steve mucked 77 for sevens full of threes. His stack was reduced to 50K (still not a bad number to have at this point).

Chris Moneymaker--OUT--After seeing his stack reduced to less than 6K, Moneymaker doubled up with 66 vs 55. Later, he limped from EP and called raise to 2K. The flop came out KQx. The raiser bet out, Moneymaker jammed, and the other player called, showing QQ to best Moneymaker's AA. The turn and river blanked and Moneymaker took the long walk.

Other notes:

--Terrence Chan is out
--Vanessa Rousso is up to around 65K
--Bill Chen has moved up to 34K after flopping a set of queens and busting a shorter stack.

You know why this thing is going off so well? Well, frankly, it's a mystery. Wrangling this many cats with mercury slippers is an almost impossible task. But, there are a lot of people working without sleep and making it work. People like Sharon Goldman, the Queen of the PCA. As it happens, I have a picture here of another guy who makes sure this tournament works, a man who doesn't sleep, a man deserved of a good cigar. I present, Tournament Director, Mike Ward.

We'll be back in just a bit with more from Level 5.