2007 PCA: Day 1B Ends

Chris Lee's rail grew as the night progressed. Some people in the poker room may not know who he is. The online community, however, knows. Some of them know all-too well.

Lee doesn't look like the type of guy who would punch you in the gut and the knee you in the face while youre doubled over. In fact, he looks a lot like the guy that would help you up while you caught your breath. He looks like the type of guy you'd trust to hold $10,000. Or $100,000.

Chris Lee

I don't know if The Grinder knows Lee by looking at him. But after today, The Grinder will be sure to look around to make sure Lee isn't waiting in the shadows. Or, at least that's what Lee's rail says. I'm not sure of the quote, but one of Lee's buddy said something to the effect of, "Chris ate The Grinder up today."

I don't know the veracity of the statement, but I do know this. Chris Lee finished the day with 174,000. That's enough for me.

So, that's how Level 6 ended tonight. I'll let Ed take you through a few of the final level hands as they happened.


The Ed Report

We are now entering the final level of the day and blinds are at 400/800 with an ante of 100. Green chips have coloured up and raced off.

There is yet another huge hand at table 7 and yet again David Williams is involved. With the pot at 5,000 and the board showing 3d-9d-Ah, it is checked to David who bets 6K. This is raised to 18K by an unknown player in the SB and the other player involved folds. David asks for a count and has him easily covered and decides to move all in. After a lengthy ponder the SB calls. 6d5d for David and AJo for the SB. The turn is a 6c and the river 2c and the SB doubles up to around 100K whilst David drops back to 60K.

Meanwhile Victor has suffered a slight hit. A player in early position raises to 2,500 which Victor calls from the SB. Flop is 8h-Kd-Kc and after checking Victor subsequently calls a 2,000 chip bet. The turn is the 6d and both players check. The river is the Jd and puts a possible flush out there. Victor again checks and his opponent bets 4K. Victor eventually calls and shows AJ for two pair. His opponent shows KQ for trip Kings and takes a nice pot. Victor now sitting at around 35K.

Just behind the table of death sits Elky who has been fairly quiet today with no major swings in his chip count. He was in the BB when the action was folded to the SB who raised a further 2,200 chips. Elky called and the flop came down Qs-10c-6d. The SB led out with 4K which Elky called. The turn brought the 8c and the SB checked to Elky who bet 8K which was called. The river was 5h and again the SB checked. Clearly sensing weakness, Elky shoved his remaining chips into the pot and the SB folded AcKc face up having missed his nut flush and gutshot broadway draw.

Facing a raise of 5,000 chips from the cut off Tom McEvoy pushes all in from the SB. This effectively sets the initial raiser all in as he only has 20K left. After a long think he calls and we are off to the races with Tom's QQ against AKo. The board cards are all Jacks or lower and Tom sends one packing and is up to around 85K.

Tom McEvoy

A little while later on the same table Jon Friedberg doubled up to 20K when his AK made broadway cracking Russell Rosenblum's Rockets.

Nearing the end of the days play Russell Rosenblum was KOed by David Williams. The table of death lived up to it's name once more and who should take his place but two time WSOP bracelet winner Mark Seif.

KidPokerJD effectively trebled up. He raised from early position to 3K and got 2 callers before Elky made it 16K to go. KidPokerJD shoved his remaining 4K into the pot and the other two folded. Another race with AQo for Elky vs pocket 9s for KidPokerJD. The board cards all looked like they belonged in a game of Razz and KidPokerJD shot up to 25K. His family had arrived about 30 min before so were able to see him playing like they remember from Barcelona earlier this year.

On the final hand of the night Daniel Negreanu knocked out Fabrice Soulier with AK v A9. Daniel hit a King on the flop to end the tournament for Fabrice.


Sunday, the remaining players from the two flights will come together and start the whole battle over again. The stacks range from four to six figures. The traditional day of rest will be anything but for the people looking to battle it out for first prize.

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