2007 PCA: Day 1B Level 2 Action

The floor of the poker room on Day 1B

One of the cool things about PokerStars offering a blog is that it helps a lot of the fans who can't be here keep up with their buddies and favorite players. We're seeing tons of people come in here from 2+2, Neverwin, and other forums. One in particular that I've noticed is TalkingPoker. As it happens, I met one of the honchos from TP last year during the PCA. TP's Mark Petrillo is playing in Day 1B today and we're keeping an eye on him. I just grabbed him after the break. He's down a few chips from his starting stack, but has made it through the first couple of levels. Here's to a little good luck for Mark.

Also, things are really darned busy here today as the PokerStars Blog covers two major events at once. You can obviously keep up with the PCA main event right here. However, you also might want to check out the Moneymaker Millionaire live blog which is being expertly staffed at the moment by Lina Olofsson and Michelle Willis.

The Ed Report

The blinds are now at 100/200 and there has been some good news for Team PS on table 7. On my first sortie round the poker room I did not notice that sharing table 7 with Isabelle and Tom McEvoy was none other than WSOP 2004 Runner up David Williams. With these 3 heavyweights of poker at the table there is bound to be plenty of action there and I caught Tom McEvoy adding to his chips with a sizeable pot.

Isabelle Mercier

With the pot standing at 1,200 chips and facing 2 checks Tom bet out 500 on a flop of Kh-Kd-4d. Both his opponents called and then checked back to him having seen the turn of the 8s. Tom continued to be the aggressor with a 1,200 bet and again received 2 calls. The river was the Jc so any potential flush draws missed and again it was checked to Tom. A 2,000 bet from Tom was not enough to scare either party away and Tom showed two snowmen to give him a fullhouse 8s full of kings. the other players both showed prior to mucking and one had an 8 whilst the last caller had a king. With that pot Tom is around the 30K mark.

There was not such good news for some other members of Team PS on this walk round. John Duthie raised to 650 from the cut off and got a call from the BB. The flop was Ad-Jc-6d and both checked. Turn Qd and again 2 checks. The river was Ac and the BB bet 750 chips. John looked like he was contemplating a raise for a while counting out chips but eventually decided to fold. He is still still sitting at over 30K.

John Duthie, member of Team PokerStars and creator of the European Poker Tour

Victor Ramdin is still having a tough time of it. I am not sure how he lost over half his stack during the first level but his fortune does not seem to be changing. He raises to 650 and got called by the BB. the flop came 6c-Kc-5h and after the BB checked Victor bet 1200. This got a call and the turn of the 4c. Both players seemingly nervous of the possible flush checked and delaer turned over the Qs. two further checks and the BB showed K10s. Victor hit his card on the end as he showed AQ but wisely smelt a rat and did not bet any more. The blinds are still low though and his 8K stack has plenty of play in it.

Victor Ramdin

On a table of 10 players 7 people limp in to the pot for 200 apiece. These include KidPokerJD and Elky. The flop comes 9d-Kd-4h and it is Elky who takes the intiative with a 750 chip bet. He gets two calles and the turn brings a 10d. Both Elky and an unknown check and the final player to act bets 2,300. Both fold and Elky is down to 15K so has had a slightly better level 2 than he did level 1.

Team PS going at it. On a board of Jh-2h-5c-3h Isabelle Mercier bets out 1,600 chips into a 2,500 pot. The only other player in the hand at this stage is Tom McEvoy who min raises to 3,200. Isabelle does not take long to muck and is down to around 14K. Tom on the other hand is going strong and is around the 30K mark.

In other news 2006 WCOOP Main Event winner JC Tran is down to around 3K.


Finally, some pictues and chip counts from level 2.

A floorman settles an early dispute

Joe Hachem

Daniel Negreanu

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2006 WCOOP champ J.C. Tran

Notable chip counts at end of level 2.

Mark Seif 5K
Victor Ramdin 6K
Fabrice Soulesh 35K
Joe Hachem 30K
JohnnyBax 8.5K
yellowsub86 21K
Isabelle Mercier 12.5K
Tom McEvoy 25K
David Williams 23K
Daniel Negreanu 33K
Humberto Brenes 20K
Barry Greenstein 22K
Russell Rosenblum 30K
Michael Mizrachi 25K
JC Tran 3K
John Duthie 5K
Elky 25K
KidPokerJD 19K