2007 PCA: Day 2 -- And the bubble breaketh

I've often mentioned how much I love the bubble. In my mind, it is often more exciting than a final table. At a final table, the tension is among tenn people. On the bubble, there are dozens and dozens of people sweating the clock and the blinds. That is tension that drips from the wall.

How much do I like it...

This much

I stood over more than one person who had less than a big blind could feel the antes cutting through their clothes.


The Ed Report

With 185 players remaining the bubble looms and play has tightened up.

Notable recent double ups include David Singer with 10-10 v AQ and Aaron Kanter with QQ v AK. David now has around 65K and Aaron has around 50K.

One exception to the to the tightening was between Barry Shulman and an uknown. With the pot at 16K Barry bet 18K on a flop of 3d-7c-10h. this was raised to 42K and Barry thought for a while before passing. Both players have huge stacks and are virtually guaranteed a cash providing they do not suffer a catastrophe.

We have just lost Tom McEvoy in 182nd when his AK failed to improve against his opponents 77. Tom had around 20K in chips when the money went in. We are now hand for hand.


And that's when it happened. Max, an unfortunate soul with around ten big blinds left, decided to push all-in from the button with AQ. He didn't figure he'd get called. Instead, a player found pocket nines and sent Max bolting for the rail.

As usual, once the bubble breaks, the action gets fast. That's where Ed comes in.


The Ed Report, Pt. Duex

Daniel Negreanu eliminates a player. Victor Ramdin had raised to 7K which was called by Daniel. A shortstack then pushed all in for 9.6K total. This was duly called bvy both Victor and Daniel. The flop came out 10d-3c-7s. Victor checked and Daniel fired 10K. Victor immediately folded and Daniel showed Queens to the shortstacks KQ. The turn was the case queen and the shortstack was drawing dead on the river. There are now 167 left as unsurprisingly play has loosened up. Daniel is still below average in chips and has close to 100K.

Steve Paul Ambrose is very close to chip leadership. Following a raise from early position to 8K. Steve re-raised to 27K total. The other player folded and by my count Steve has close to 370K. The highest chip denomination is still the 5K chip and with 100 chips still being used for antes some players are taking up more than their fair share of the table with their stacks.

It only took a lap of the remaining tables to come back and find SPA involved in yet another pot. With the board showing 7c-6h-Ks-7d and a pot of 80K Steve was facing a raise of 50K. He eventually re-raised a further 50K setting the other player all in. He called and both turned over AK to chop it up.

2006 WSOP Main Event Final Tabler Michael Binger has just doubled up. The money was all in pre-flop with Binger holding A9 vs his opponents 99. The flop was 2-10-4. Turn was a 5 giving Michael 4 more outs. The river was an Ace and Michael doubled to around 65K.


Now, we have just one level left in the night. We'll be back later with chip counts and a ton of pictures from the day.