2007 PCA: Day 2 battle for the cash

Just two hours into Day 2 of the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, sixty of the 443 who started have found their way to the beach. As the day began, PokerStars announced the details of the 2007 PCA Payout Structure. In a moment, the enormity was clear. One hundred and eighty players would walk away with cash. First place is going to cash for an astounding $1,535,255--the biggest prize ever offered at the PCA.

How do the faces look as the day begins:

Steve Paul-Ambrose

Bill Chen

Chris Lee

Vanessa Rousso


Jon Friedberg

Joe Pelton

Katja Thater

Kristian Ulriksen

Tom McEvoy

Mimi Tran

Daniel Negreanu

John Phan

Mark Seif

Here's a quick walk through the early part of the day:

The Ed Report

We are now in day 2 proper with the blinds at 500/1000 and an ante of 100.

Players are dropping like flies and unfortunately one of these happened to be Barry Greenstein. Details of his exit are unknown but he was shortstacked coming into the day so had to make a move early.

Elky has been on the right side of an exit. He raised to 2K from the cut off and this was called by an early limpers. On a board of 6-6-K Elky bet 4,500 and the other player moved in. Elky called and showed AK to out kick his opponents KQ. A 10 on the turn and 7 on the river was good enough for Elky and he eliminates a player and takes down a 35K pot.

Last years winner Steve-Paul Ambrose has started well. He raised to 3K from the cut off and got two calls from the blinds. the action was checked to him and he popped 4,500 which was enough to take it there and then.

Julian Gardner has taken a huge hit to his stack. facing a raise of 2,900 Julian re-raised to 7,900. The initial raiser moved in for 27,500 more which Julian took some time to call. A10 for the unknown vs QQ for Julian. All was looking good for Julian on a flop of 5c-7d-8s but then running 10s meant that Julian was left with around 16K.

Hooks no good for Victor Ramdin(fortunately he folded them).From early position Victor raised to 3K and then subsequently watched 2 players go all in for 17K and 34K respectively. Victor thought for a while, checked that it was the first hand of the day that the 2nd all-in chap had played and folded pocket Jacks. The two left in turned over Ah10h and AdKd and the A10 received no help and was drawing dead on the turn. Yet another elimination.

Wattabackyard has recently doubled up. The action was folded round to him in the SB and all the chips ended up in the middle. 66 for wattabackyard vs A9 for the BB. The flop was 10h-3c-6d so the BB blind needed runner runner 8-7. A 10c on the turn sealed the double up and the river was a meaningless Kd. That win puts him back up to around 27K.

Some more PokerStars qualifiers were duelling on another table. KidPokerJD raised to 2,800 from early position. The BB -db- reraised to 8K. KidPokerJD thought for a while before calling. The flop came down 5s-3h-7d and after -db- checked KidPokerJD pushed all in for 25K or so. -db- passed and drops to around 75K whilst KidPokerJD moves up to close to 45K.

After seeing a couple of limpers including David Williams, Vanessa Rousso raises it up to 6K. David is the only caller and the flop comes out As-2d-8c and both players check. The turn brings the 9s and David again checks. Vanessa fires 10K at the pot and David passes.


Notable Chips at end of level 7

Bill Chen 50K
Joe Pelton 23K
Jon Friedberg 22K
Leif Force 40K
Mimi Tran 28K
David Singer 24K
-db- 85K
Katja Thater 22K
Julian Gardner 36K
Tom McEvoy 60K
Steve Paul Ambrose 110K
John Phan 62K
Victor Ramdin 36K
Elky 80K
55Lucky55 113K
KidPokerJD 45K
Fred Goldberg 26K
Michael Mizrachi 21K
Daniel Negreanu 90K
wattabackyard 28K
tigerti 25K
David Williams 63K
Vanessa Rousso 93K
Martin Wendt 65K