2007 PCA: Day 2 ends

There are many kinds of victory in a poker tournament. There are those folks who worry about making it through the first day. There are other players who worry about cashing. Finally, there are the champions who look no closer than a first place finish. Over the past two days we have satisfied two of those groups. Everyone who started today had survived their first day. Everyone who finished today made it into the money. Now the time comes to determine who can make it all the way to Wednesday's final table and finish the job.

Remarkably, the man who achieved that goal one year ago this week, Steve Paul-Ambrose, sits second in chips after the finish of Day 2. It's only been a couple of days since people shook their heads and wrung their hands over a seemingly insane laydown in which Steve folded sevens full on the river against an unknown player who severely overbet the pot. Now as we get ready to enter day three, Steve Paul-Ambrose has more than 400,000 in chips and his Day 1 opponent is nowhere to be found. It occured to me today while watching Steve play that he looks like he's been here before. I guess that's because, unlike many of his opponents, he has been here before and gone all the way. It's still a little early to be counting chickens, but there very well be a story in the making here.

Only one person sits with more chips than Steve and that is Justin Bonomo. After a blistering run at Bellagio in December, Bonomo made an amazing run through the field today. At the end of the day, Bonomo controlled his table and finished the day with 475,000 in chips.

The end of the day was an impressive display of fast bust-outs and rush for the bigger cash. Roving Reporter Ed offered a few nuggets from the end of the day.


The Ed Report

At Victor Ramdin's table, UTG raises to 9K and the button calls. Victor Ramdin then makes it 23K total. The initial raiser folds and the button looks at his stack, looks at the number of players left on the scoreboard(133), realizes he is playing for his tournament, and folds. We now have 131 left and it looks like he will make at least the higher payout.

Shortly after Victor raises to 9K and Daniel Negreanu pushes in. The blinds fold and Victor instantly called showing the rockets. Daniel shows KQ and needs a lot of help. This does not come, although he does pick up a flush draw on the turn. Daniel is out and Victor up to around 260K.

On the very last hand of the night we lost wattabackyard. He pushed all-in from the button hoping to steal the blinds. The SB called and then the BB set the SB in. The SB folded and wattabackyard showed A6 vs A10. In a little overkill, two tens hit the board and wattabackyard is gone.


Here are some faces from the field as the day drew to a close:

Jon Friedberg

Glen Bean


Isaac Haxton

Barry Schulman

Martin Wendt


For a full list of people who cashed today, check out the 2007 PCA winners list.

Here's a chip count for everybody who made it through Day 2:

2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure End of Day 2 Chip Counts