2007 PCA: Day 2's angriest table

While we make out way toward the money, I've been camping out at one particular table for a bit. I was initially drawn there to keep tabs on Gobboboy. As I walked up, he got involved in a hand with a guy I didn't know. Gobboboy raised to around 4,000 and the unknown re-raised to 11,500. Gobboboy then re-raised to 35,000 and the unknown called. The flop came king-high rainbow and Gobboboy bet 40,000. After thinking for five full minutes, the unknown pushed all-in. From my perspective, it appeared that Gobboboy was priced in if he had much of anything. Then again, the price or my count may have been off, because Gobboboy mucked fairly quickly.

It was around that time that I noticed a certain animosity creeping up at the table. Gobboboy headed to the rail and his mannerisms alone gave away that he was in no way pleased with the opponent in the one-seat. Barely five minutes passed before the one-seat got involved in a battle of the blinds with the ten-seat. I walked up on the players as they got all-in pre-flop for an obscene number of chips. Actually had their hands been different, it wouldn't have been so odd. Instead, the ten-seat held A7o to the one-seat's A5. A five on the turn sent the ten-seat to the rail.

Again, the confusion and animosity began to mount. The player began to play some serious big stack poker and before the end of the level, he'd chipped up to around 315,000 in chips. The other players at the table were beside themselves. I later learned the player's name is Glen Bean. We'll be keeping an eye on his stack as the afternoon progresses.

As the level came to a close, another player began to stall so that he would have the button at the beginning of the next level. That finally set the table into a rolling boil, the chief bubbler being Mimi Tran who uttered more than a couple of expletives.

Glen Bean's stack is looking to be one of the biggest at 315K. Spiro is doing well at 160K. Tom McEvoy is now sufferinig at around 28K. Last year's champion, Steve Paul Ambrose, is crushing Day 2 with around 260,000.

We'll be back with more in a bit.