2007 PCA: Day 3 Live Blog

For Day 3, Ed, Michelle, and I will be live blogging the event from the poker room. Click refresh to see the latest updates. See the links above for starting chip counts and payout structures.

8:57pm--End of Day 3 Chip Counts

Isaac Haxton 3,754,000
Jon Little 2,084,000
Robert Mizrachi 1,798,000
Antonio Ribeiro 1,532,000
Robert Ford 1,313,000
Ryan Daut 1,226,000
Scott Clements 1,060,000
Justin Bonomo 1,052,000
Paul Lui 807,000
Frank Rusnak 806,000
Jon Friedberg 792,000
Joe Marcal 629,000
Erik Riise 620,000
Mario Silvestri 548,000
Luis Chan 433,000
Frank Parisi 289,000

8:55pm--James Jewett says he should have looked at the payout structure before he made that last call. He went out 17th here at the PCA. There's about a $9,000 difference between the payout for 17th place and the cash for the 16th place finisher. He says he thought he had the best hand going in, but he might not have made the call if he had known how much more money he could have made if he had just stayed in for one more place. His finish today was not half bad, though, and he just made his largest live cash ever. He told me he was going to go watch the Ohio State/Florida football game. He said, "I just want to watch football. I just want to stop thinking about poker for a minute."

8:40pm--In the span of one hand at each table, we lost three players. We're working on figuring out chip counts and who is left. Regardless, tthe final sixteen players are done for the night.

8:39pm--I caught up with Gobboboy while he was at the cashier table. He says this beat was "tough," especially because he thought he had the best hand. In fact, he thought the other guy had made a bad call. He won't have long to let his cash here sink in, though. He's leaving here on the 10th to play in the Aussie Millions. I asked him if he had anything to say to mom at home. He said, "Damn it."

8:31pm--After what seemed to be the makings of a storybook tournament, 2006 PCA champ Steve Paul-Ambrose has just busted in 20th place. Down to 177K in chips, Steve pushed with AT and the button called with jacks. Steve couldn't find an ace and now we're down to 19. Steve is now off to dinner. He's missed a week and half of school at the University of Waterloo, so now it's back to the books. Well done, Steve. We're all proud of you.

8:28pm--With the exit of Emil Patel, we're down to 20 players. Emil tells us, "Basically this money is useless." Obviously, he's not all that pleased with cashing where he did. He bought in directly, so his payoff isn't as big as the folks who qualified in satellites. I'm sure he'll get over it. Can three go out in the neext 50 minutes of play? We shall see.

8:23pm--A crowd favorite just went bust. Gobboboy, after making a valiant effort to come back from being down to 70K in chips, doubled up early in the level, but just got AK in against Jon Little's 33. The pair held up and Gobboboy is gone. Nice run, sir.

8:19pm--The Rail Report--I just met a pretty experienced rail bird. Cari is the wife of land developer, James Jewett from Boise, Idaho. Cari says she and her husband travel to quite a few tournaments in their neck of the woods. He's cashed in a few of them. His biggest live cash was at Tahoe, but his biggest overall cash so far was $57,000 in an online tournament. Cari says James has been playing poker as a hobby for a few years now. She seems pretty cool at the moment, but she says she's got her Valium up in the room for the final day.

8:08pm--Isaac Haxton...wow, Isaac Haxton. Matt Molinari is now gone and even he seems stunned. He could barely stand from the table. Haxton came in for a raise under the gun and got three callers. On a flop of 724 with two hearts, Haxton bet out 135K. Molinari, thinking Haxton wasn't in the hand tried to bet out the same amount, then realized he was calling the bet, not opening. The other players folded. The turn was a queen. Haxton checked, Molinari bet out a little more than 200K, and Haxton pushed all in (note: the action was hard to see here and I may be slightly off). Suddenly, Molinari's chips were in the middle and Haxton showed him 22 for a flopped set. Molinari held QJ in hearts for top pair with the flush draw. The river was a four, filling Haxton up and send Molinari to the rail. That pot looked to be in the range of 2 million. Haxton could likely fold for the next couple of days without worry.

8:02pm--The Rail Report--We have an update on Gobboboy for his mom reading back at home. He's still in, but he's just suffered a big blow by losing a $1.6 million pot. He's down to $70,000 chips. I just talked to him during a break, and he seems pretty cool in spite of the big hit he just took. He told me he'd either be the chip leader or gone in the next hour. Gobboboy tells me he thinks he's played awesomely up until now. He says he either made a misstep or got unlucky on that last beat. The 19 year old started playing poker about two years ago. This is his first cash in a WPT event, but he's been traveling around playing a lot of tournaments recently. He calls himself a "tournament specialist." He's flying to Australia just after this for the Aussie Millions. He says he's going to try to play everywhere he can until he's old enough to play in the World Series of Poker in 2008. He hopes to be the best player out there by then. Good luck, Gobboboy, and hello mom!

7:51pm--We're on a short break. The PCA Winners list has been updated. The end of this level was full of action, with gobboboy coming out with the worst of it.

With a board showing Qc-5c-4d-3c and 150K in the pot Johnathon Little bets 120K. this is subsequently raised all in by gobboboy and Johnathon calls. Gobboboy has 9h9c and Jonathon AQ. The river is a blank and Mr. Little is up to 1.9 million and gobboboy is left perilously short with 70K.

On the last hand of the level, Justin Bonomo doubled up with QQ vs AJ on a jack-high board.

Here are some chip counts at the end of the level.

Isaac Haxton 2.3 million
Jon Little 1.9 million
Robert Mizrachi 1.6 million
Frank Rusnak 1.1 million
Antonio Rivera 1 million
Justin Bonomo 917K
Scott Clements 713K
Luis Chan 450K
Pete A. 350K
Joe Marcal 1 million
Gobboboy 70K

7:44pm--The Rail Report--Two Moneymaker Millionaire Finalists are on the rail at the PCA. Eric Stern, 26th place finisher, is hanging out with Richard Colin, the Moneymaker Millionaire 6th place finisher. They're sweating Erik Riise from Norway. He's one of the 27 players left in the PCA. Eric Stern says he and the other Erik have been hanging out and having drinks the past few nights. Eric and Richard tell me their new buddy is sitting pretty right now. They say he looks pretty calm. In fact, they watched from the rail as there was an all-in at Erik's table. Everyone at the table stood up for the hand, except for Erik. That's calm.

7:30pm--Robert Mizrachi has just got to the 1 miilion mark by eliminating a player. On a flop of 2d-6c-4c the money went in. Pocket Queens for Robert vs A8 of clubs. No club or ace on either the turn or river and we are down to 28.

We are now redrawing for seats. Joe Marcal is the player who has done the dirty work and elimanted the player to his left. With a flop showing Q-7-3 Joe bet 30K and this was called. The turn was another 3 and Joe Marcal bet 100K and was raised all in for 200K more. Joe quickly called and showed 2-3 for trips against AQ. the river was a K and we are at 27. 9 more to go before todays action finishes.

7:16pm--Play has slowed down a lot. We're down to 28 players and need to lose ten more before the night ends. We're scheduled to play one more level after this one. It dpesn't appear we'll hit 18 by 9pm. If we don't, it's time for dinner and then a late night.

7:14--The Rail Report--Matthew Molinari is a professional poker player who lives in New York City. I talked to a friend of his who is standing at the rail. Molinari's buddy thinks he's probably in the top five in chips right now. Shawn Hattem says his friend has been playing online for a few years now. He mostly plays cash games, but Shawn says Matthew has won a few online tournaments. I asked Shawn what it was like to watch his buddy play for $1.5 million. He says he's "pretty excited, especially since I own five percent of him."

6:56pm--The Rail Report--Frank Rusnak reports for the Chicago Sun-Times and plays quite a bit of poker. When the paper interviewed him, he said that he plays poker just about every day and has studied the game a great deal. His sister, Theresa Rusnak, and his cousin, Rachel Johnson, are watching him from the rail. They've kept a close eye on his chip stack. They say he's remained very steady throughout the day, never winning or losing all that much at a time. His sister and cousin tell me Frank is very practical. I asked them what he would do if he cashed really big in the PCA. His sister told me, "He probably will not do anything different than he did last week."

6:46pm --Isaac Haxton now has more than 12% of the chips in play at 2.4 million.

We are now at Level 17 with the blinds at 6000/12000 and an ante of 2000.

On a board of 9d-Jd-6h-5d Isaac Haxton bets 70K and is raised to 210K total by Johnathon Drane. Isaac makes the call and the river is the 2s. Johnathon Drane then moves all in for 600K and Isaac thinks for an age before making one of the sickest calls I have witnessed this tournament. With a possible flush out there all Isaac has is J8 for top pair mid kicker. Johnathon Drane was on a bluff and mucks his hand. Isaac moves up to 2.4 million chips and is commanding chip leader.

Scott Clements has just eliminated a shortstack with A5 v A2. Both the low cards paired and there were 4 diamonds on the turn giving the player a hope of a tie but the 5th diamond did not make an appearance. 33 left.

A limp from Robert Mizrachi means we are 3 way to a flop. 10-2-4 rainbow and a bet of 30K wins it for Paul Liu.

Matt Molinari just crippled a player on a King high flop with his KK beating his opponents KQ.

6:27pm--Picture pages...

Chip leader, Isaac Haxton

Pete A.

Jon Friedberg


Battleship matches

6:23pm--The Rail Report--Scott Clements is trying to get over a very bad beat. I caught up with him when he came over to kiss his fiance at the rail. I asked Scott how he felt, and he said, "I'd feel better if I didn't get sucked out on on the river." His best friend and poker buddy, Jeff Anderson, actually shared Scott's bad beat story with me. It goes like this. There was a raise and a call. The flop came Q-J-10. Scott had AK and he bet out. They were all-in on the turn. The other guy had a set and rivered a full house. Scott lost about a $600,000 pot. Ouch. Scott is a professional poker player and has a lot of live tournament experience, so he's not easily rattled. His best friend says Scott won a World Series bracelet last year in Omaha High-Low, and he just won a WPT event in Niagara Falls. Jessie Hayton is a friend who is also on the rail. She says Scott and his three supporters grew up together in Seattle, Washington. His fiance, Courtney Coston, is a cool cookie as well. She looks as relaxed as can be watching her man from the rail. She's looking forward to March when she and Scott will get married in Maui in a small ceremony. Good luck with the tournament, and good luck with the wedding, guys!

6:06pm--36 players remain. At the break going into the 6000/12000/2000 round, here are a few chip counts.

Isaac Haxton 1.6 million
Antonio Rivera 1.1 million
Jon Friedberg 860K
Justin Bonomo 800K
Jonathan Little 750K
Jonathan Drane 700K
Gobboboy 700K
Paul Lui 660K
Scott Clements 600K
Joe Marcal 600K
Steve Paul-Ambrose 470K
Luis Chan 400K
Robert Mizrachi 400K
Matt Molinari 400K
Pete A. 250K

6:01pm--More internet issues and a lot more poker.

Scott Clements recently suffered an ugly beat, after getting a player all in. Clements had turned a straight against his opponent's set. Then the board paired on the river, stealing a 600K pot from Clements.

An early position raise to 30K is called by 3 players. The flop is 10h-Jc-3d and the action is checked to the button who bets 100K. Folded around to Robert Mizrachi who raises all in. The other player calls off his last 150K and both show KQ for an up and down straight draw. Suits are not an issue and the pot is chopped.

Joe Macar faces a raise of 30K and decides to re-raise another 73K on top. The other player moves all in and is instantly called by Joe who has Kings. Pocket 8s for the other player but a King on the flop means he needs running 8s to survive. Unsurprisingly, this does not happen.

With a pot of 100K and the board showing 2h-Jh-9d, a bet of 50K was raised to 150K by Jon Friedberg. Gobboboy who was also in the hand folds, and the initial raiser called. The turn brought a 5h and Jon Friedberg went all in which was good enough for a fold. Jon now has close to 1 million chips.

Paul Liu just crippled a player who was left with 3 purple chips(enough for 1 ante).

37 players are left so we approach another table break. Matt Molinari raises the action to 30K to play and Steve Paul-Ambrose re-raises to 100K. Matt folds and SPA moves up to around 800K.

Very shortly after SPA and another player get their money in the middle QQ for SPA and AQ for the other player. An ace hits the flop and the case queen does not materialise and Steve drops back down to 500K.

Gobboboy just doubled through Isaac Haxton. He raises to 30K preflop and this was called by Isaac. The flop came Jd-2c-6s and a check from gobboboy led to a 70K bet from Isaac. Gobboboy moved in over the top for another 240K and Isaac called. KJ for gobboboy vs 88 for Isaac. No miracle 8 on the turn or river meant that gobboboy is still in the tournament.

5:33pm--The Rail Report--21 year old Isaac Haxton is taking a year off from Brown University to play poker. His buddies who are here with him say he's done well enough playing online to support himself and pay for some of his Ivy League education. Scott Seiver is one of Isaac's fraternity brothers. Seiver says Isaac just started playing No-Limit nine months ago. Before that, he had played Limit exclusively. His friends say Isaac starting killing the No-Limit tables almost immediately. Quinn Sivage goes to Brown with Isaac, but they actually met playing poker online. Quinn says Isaac is really smart and aggressive, and he never has to show his cards. His friends say Isaac recently played in the $5K at Turning Stone, but he didn't cash. His friends say this will be Isaac's first live tournament cash.

5:27pm--Robert Mizrachi makes it 30K to go and is called by both Michael Binger and Paul Liu. The flop comes Qc-8c-3s and an 85K bet from Robert is enough to make the others fold. Robert is now around the 500K mark.

In the very next hand Michael makes it 30K from mid position. The cut off raises to 100K and Michael folds leaving him with 200K.

Victor Ramdin is out. His KQ did not improve against his opponents QQ. He had seemingly been going backwards all day and was shortstacked when the money went in preflop.

Steve Paul-Ambrose just eliminated a player when his 66 held up in a coin flip scenario. Steve now has 800K+ and we have 42 players left.

Moments later, Micahel Binger busted getting QQ in against Erik Riise's KK. Binger is now wandering the cash game area with a sick look on his face.

5:13pm--Delay in posting here due to an ongoing internet service issue. We're working on it. In the meantime...

Level 16 has just begun with the blinds at 5000/10000 and an ante of 1500.

With 100K already in the pot Paul Liu was looking at a bet of 90K on a flop of Ks-7h-9h. He decides now is not the time and folds leaving him with around 300K.

Scott Clements raised to 30K preflop from the button and was called by Jon Friedberg and gobboboy. The flop came out Q-J-10 and the action was checked to the raiser. He popped 45K in the pot and the others fold. Clements shows AK for broadway as he collects the pot.

Things didn't turn out as well a few hands later when he turned a straight against his opponent's set. All the money went in and then the river paired the board and Clements lost a 580K pot.

We have just lost Paulo Carrillo when he moved all in after a raise from Clements. The BB called and Clements folded. AJ for Paulo against the BB's KK. No ace came and Paulo is gone.

4:56pm--The Rail Report--I caught up with Steve Paul-Ambrose during the break. He says he doesn't feel any added pressure as the defending PCA champ. He says it's not likely that he's going to repeat his first place finish, so he's not at all worked up. His mom says Steve's always the calm one in the bunch. It's his mom, sister and girlfriend on the rail who are really wringing their hands. Steve has about $515,000 in chips. Average is about $400,000. His railbirds left for a level and went to the pool. While they were gone, Steve went on quite a rollercoaster ride with his chip stack. At one point he was down to around $200,000. At another, he was up to more than $600,000. His cheering section says they are really happy they weren't here for that.

4:46pm--As we come back from break, here are a couple of hands that played out in the waning moments of the level, including the double up for Jon Friedberg.

A 25K bet from Isaac Haxton is called in the BB by Scott Clements. The flop comes A-9-2 and Isaac bets 45K. Clements raises to 105K and after some thought Isaac re-raises. Clements passes before we know how much the raise is and the cards that flip over from him are K8. Isaac has over 1 million and Clements has 800K.

Aaron Kanter was eliminated by Michael Binger. Aaron pushed all in from the cut off and Michael called in the SB. AJ for Aaron and AK for Michael. No improvement for either player and Aaron is eliminated.

HUGE HAND. Gobboboy raises to 23K and Jon Friedberg re-raises to 100K from the button. BB thinks for a while before folding. Gobboboy asks for a count then moves all in which sets Jon in for his last 240K. Jon calls and shows AKs against gobboboy;s pocket kings. The flop comes A-4-7 rainbow and gobboboy needs the case king to eliminate Jon. A 2 on the turn and a 4 on the river and Jon doubles to around 800K. Gobboboy is down to around 600K. These guys are on the same table as Isaac and Clements so we have 4 monster stacks there now.

47 players remain at the end of level 15.

4:39pm--The Rail Report--Erik Renstrom is guaranteed to win at least $14,128 here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He's a poker player in Tuscon, Arizona. I met up with his proud girlfriend, Missy McCargar, on the rail. Missy tells me Erik's dad taught him how to play poker when he was younger, but recently, he's been playing mostly online. Missy says this is Erik's first big live tournament, and she's pretty proud of him for making it this far. Despite that pride, she says she'd rather see him make the final table than hang out with him in the Bahamas. Erik's mom and dad live in Oregon, and Erik says his mom's his biggest fan. They haven't been able to tell her that he's cashed here at the PCA. Hopefully, she knows about the blog!

4:28pm--Getting ready to go to break and come back at 5000/10000/1500, here are some estimated selected chip counts. Word coming in now that Jon Friedberg doubled through Gobboboy just before the break. Details to come on that. I'd suspect that puts Gobbo back at around 500-600K after being up to around 900K

Scott Clements 940K
Isaac 970K
Jon Friedberg 750K
Jonathan Little 740K
Matt Molinari 630K
Justin Bonomo 620K
Jonathan Drane 580K
Steve Paul-Ambrose 550K
Robert Mizrachi 430K
Paul Lui 390K
Pete A. 280K

4:24pm--The list of PCA Winners has been updated.

Spiro calls a raise of 18K in the BB. The flop comes 8c-8h-2c but Spiro has already checked in the dark and gets a 30K bet thrown at him. Spiro moves all in for 81K more and the original raiser folds.

Shortly after Spiro doubles up Aaron Kanter who had moved all in from early position. Aaron had AA and Spiro AKs. A king on the river gave Spiro some hope but the turn and river blanked and Aaron doubled up to around 140K. It wasn't long before Spiro got in a battle of the blinds and ran into AA again. He's now out.

In a battle of the blinds between Scott Clements and Jon Friedberg they checked a flop of 9c-5h-10d. The turn was the 7s and Jon bet 15K which was called. A 3c on the river and Jon bet out 35K which was again called and he showed 10-9 for a flopped two pair and the pot.

With the flop showing Ks-5d-7s and a 60K pot. Martin Wendt fired 40K at the pot which was called. Turn was a 9c and a further bet of 40K from Martin was called. The river was a 8h and both players check. Martin announces a pair but is beaten by KQ. Martin is now down to around 100K.

Steve Paul-Ambrose was facing a raise of 25K UTG. He re-raised to 85K and was called by the initial raiser. Flop was 7c-Js-6s and Steve bet 120K. The other player folded and Steve is back up to around 500K. We now have 54 players left.

Potless went all in preflop with 66 and was called by Isaac Haxton with QQ. the flop came 4-5-7 giving him some hope but no improvement meant he was eliminated in 54th.

Michael Binger just doubled a short stack with JJ v A9s and the A9 made a flush on the river.

A preflop raise of 23K from gobboboy was called by Jon Friedberg in the BB. The flop came out 2h-6s-Ah and both players checked. Qc on the turn and a 30K bet from Jon was called. 7s on the river and Jon fired out 50K which was called. Jon showed 77 for rivered trips and the pot. Shortly after winning that pot, Friedberg got QQ in against a shorter stack's AK. An ace on the turn cut back into Friedberg's stack.

3:47pm--While the main event is playing out, the World Championship of Battleship Poker is going on on the other side of the room. Players are playing heads up sit and gos on PokerStars while sitting across from each other live. The buy-in was $2,020. This event will play out over the next few days. In action today, Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, Mimi Tran, Mimi Rogers Dario Minieri, Robert Williamson, and a host of other tough players. A total of 64 players will fight this out. Hachem and Williamson won their first match. Raymer lost his to a two-outer. You can watch the action live on PokerStars under the Tourney/Private tab. Look for PCA Battleship in purple.

3:40pm--We are now at level 15 with the blinds at 4000/8000 and a running ante of 1000 chips.

An all in UTG for 86.5K more is called by Martin Wendt on the BB. The UTG shows AQ against Martin who is dominated holding KQs. The flop brings 2 clubs and gives Martin a chance at getting a flush but 2 blanks on the river secure the double up.

On a board of 7d-5c-6d-Ah-Jd gobboboy makes a 150K bet into a 100K pot. this is called and gobboboy shows 2 diamonds for a rivered flush and the other player mucks. gobboboy takes down a 400K pot from another big stack.

Isaac Haxton fires out a bet of 60K into a 60K pot with the flop showing Jh-8h-Qs. Justin Bonomo calls. The turn is a 2d and both players check. the 2s on the river prompts a 100K bet from Isaac that is called by Justin. Isaac shows a Queen to take it down.

We now have 62 players left. Isaac Haxton has joined the table of Jon Friedberg, Steve Paul-Ambrose and BigRisky the current chip leader. Isaac raises to 24K from the cut off and Jon Freidberg makes the call in the big blind. the flop comes 2s-6s-9d and a 60K bet from Isaac takes the pot.

A now shortstacked Walter Lee Chambers is all in with A10 v AQ. the flop is 8-6-5 then a 7 on the turn gives a few chopping options. The river is a 4 and Walter survives with both players playing the board. Walter is all in again on the very next hand and picks up the blinds and antes.

3:14pm--As players get ready to come back from break, here were a few hands from the last level:

With a pot of 50K and the flop showing 5s-9h-2h Jon Friedberg bet 30K. This was called by the BB. turn and river were the Jc and 10c and there were no further bets. The BB showed 9-6 which was good enough to beat Jon's 88. 69 remaining at this point.

Michael Binger just doubled up when his A9o ended up making an Ace high flush. He now has 80K.

Facing a raise of 19K Steve Paul-Ambrose re-raised to 60K total. This was called by the initial raiser. The flop was Js-3c-7h and Steve bet 100K. A quick all in caused Steve to fold and his opponent showed JJ for top set.

With 60K in the pot and the board showing 4s-10s-5s-2h Victor Ramdin finds himself looking at a bet of 50K from across the table. He takes his time to fold and is down at 150K.

2:52--Coming up on the end of this level and getting ready to head into the 4000/8000/1000 level. Here's a list of selected chip counts going into the break.

Scott Clements--1 million
Jonathan Drane--900K
Justin Bonomo--850K
Jonathan Little--690K
Steve Paul-Ambrose--490K
Luis Chan--400K
Pete A.--340K
Jon Friedberg--330K
Paul Lui--140K
Ted Lawson--230K
Walter Chambers--290K
Robert Mizrachi--400K
Victor Ramdin--180K

2:50pm--In a 40K pot and the flop showing Kc-Jh-3h Paul Lui faces a bet of 18K. he folds and is down to 70K.

Isaac Haxton and Steve Paul-Ambrose are going at it again. With 50K in the pot and the flop showing A-9-K the action is checked. A J on the turn prompts Isaac to bet 25K which Steve calls. the river is a 7 and Isaac fires out 80K. Steve thinks for a while before calling and showing AQ. Isaac mucks and Steve is up to 650K.

A pre-flop raise to 16K from gobbobboy gets re-raised by Potless to 40K. The money all ends up in the pot and it is AJ for gobboboy vs 88 for Potless. The board reads 7-6-8-J-Q and Potless doubles to 140K.

David Williams is out with A2 vs AQ on an ace high flop.

Justin Bonomo has just eliminated a player when his JJ held up against A10. He is now around 700K in chips. Some orange 10K chips that you might see in photos have been introduced.

In a big 3-way pot Martin Wendt has just eliminated a player and doubled through another. KK for the shortstack, 55 for Martin and the other player felt priced in to call Martin's all in had QJs. A 5 hit the flop and that was enough. Martin now at around 350K. we have 73 players left.

2:38pm--We have our first million chip man. Scott Clements is sitting at 1.1 million.

2:25pm--Picture time:

2:17pm--The 2007 PCA Winners list has been updated.

2:08pm--Justin Bonomo is back. He now sits on 645K after busting someone with AK vs KQ.

2:06pm--With 50K in the pot and the flop showing 2s-Qs-3h Steve Paul-Ambrose bets 22K and is called by Isaac Haxton. Ac on the turn and a bet of 38K from Steve is enough to win it.

In a battle of the blinds, 70K in the pot and the flop showing Qs-6d-8c, Walter Lee Chambers bets 35K. This is raised to 85K which Walter calls. The turn is 7h and Walter sets the SB all in and he folds.

Spiro has had a bad day at the office and is down to around 50K.

Jon Friedberg raises to 15K preflop and is re-raised to 40K. He calls this and the flop comes down 5s-10s-8h. Jon checks and faces a 50K bet. After a short mull he folds but still has over 300K in chips.

Aaron Kanter moves all in from early position for 70K. He is called by Walter Lee Chambers. Two tens for Aaron and AK for Walter and it is race time. 8-5-4-J-9 and Aaron doubles to around 150K. There are 86 left.

In other news -db- was eliminated just before the break with AJ vs. AK.

1:53pm--We're playing at the 3000/6000/500 level. Victor Rmdin just busted a shortstack with AK vs AT.

1:45pm--Players are coming back from break.

1:31pm--Players are on a 15 minute break. Here are a few estimated chip counts.

Isaac Haxton--450K
Steve Paul Ambrose--450K
Pete A. -- 300K
Luis Chan 460K
Walter Chambers--400K
Jon Friedberg--340K
Justin Bonomo--390K
Matt Molinari--465K
Jonathan Drane-- 580K

1:25pm--A shortstacked Barry Shulman has just been eliminated. The money was all-in pre-flop with 98s for Barry and 10-10 for Martin Wendt. The board was 5-A-4-8-Q and the owner of CardPlayer is OUT.

Speaking to John Pham he was eliminated a while back with QJ v AQ. He was very short at the time and even shorter after.


Isaac Haxton raises to 12K and it is called by Steve Paul Ambrose in the BB. Flop is 6h-9d-Ah and the action is checked. Turn is 2s and again it is check-check. the Qd prompts a 20K bet from Isaac and Steve quickly folds. He still has around 450K.

On a flop of Ah-Ac-2h a bet of 25K from gobboboy was raised up to 60K total. Gobboboy re-raises all in and is eventually called. Both show 2 hearts but gobboboy has the King. No hearts come and no one pairs their hole cards and gobboboy eliminates a player and moves up to 570K. 93 remain.

Jon Friedberg has just been involved in a Rockets v Rockets battle all in pre-flop. No miracle 4 flush comes and the players split the antes and blinds.

1:17pm--With 12 minutes remaining at this level, we're down to 93 players.


Facing a riase to 12K. Paul Lui re-raises to 35K. The BB then moves all in for a further 130K. Paul passes but is still in decent shape with around 200K.

Victor Ramdin takes down a pot. On a board of Q-K-3-4 VR bets 25K and is called. The river is a Q and a further 25K bet is enough to win the pot for Victor.

Michael Binger makes it 12K to go from early pos. Walter Lee Chambers re-raises to 30K and Michael folds showing QJs. This knocks him down to around 80K.

Barry Shulman just lost an enormous pot. Having raised to 12K pre-flop he got one caller. Flop was 4d-9d-Qh. Barry bet 25K and was called. Turn 9c and Barry bet 50K and was called. the river was the 8h and Barry announced all-in for about 140K. the other player called and showed 10-9 for trips. Barry had pocket Kings and is down to around 30K. On the very next hand he moved all in to pick up the blinds and antes. 98 players currently remain.

Spiro raises pre-flop to 12K and gets one caller to his immediate left. Flop is Qs-3d-Ks and the action is checked. Js on the turn and a 15K bet from Spiro takes it down. He is sitting comfortably with around 240K.

12:53pm--Early action has been bad for Justin Bonomo and great for Matt Molinari. Molinari is up to around 500K. Bonomo, who started the day with 475K is down to around 300K.

12:44pm--Brandon Redmerski, one of the nicer guys in the room, just got pocket jacks in against Jonathan Drane. No jack came on board and Redmerski is out.

12:41pm--Sam Hiatt just ran kings right into Emil Patel's aces. No miracle on board and Sam is out.


Brian Lindsay is all in on the 1st hand and John Phan mucks 65s in the BB.

Michael Binger has doubled up through David Sykes when his KQ improved against David's 77.

Martin Ruprecht is out. K10 did not improve against the AJ of George Lusby.

Meez is OUT - details unknown but he was shortstacked coming into the day.

John Phan is very low and pushes all in for 17K - no callers and he shows a suited 78.

Stephanie Fournier has doubled up to around 200K with AK v KQ on a AKQ flop.

Spiro wins a pot. With the flop showing K-3-3 John Conkright bets 20K and Spiro raises to 60K which is enough to win it.

Partick Pezzin pushes in for 25K. Called by Joseph Serack and then raised to 70K by Wesley Ismay. Joseph folds and we have 97s for Patrick vs KK for Wesley. The board comes Qc-3c-8c6s-4d. The straight does not materialise on the river and we have lost another.

12:33pm--John Phan has been eliminiated. We're down to 108 players.

12:24pm--We're currently running at about one bust-out per minute as the short stacks start to go.

12:15pm--After coloring up and racing off the pink 100 chips, players are just starting play. One hundred twenty-one people are starting today. Tournament Director Mike Ward announced the intention to play down to 18 players before we break for the night. He's hoping to accomplish this in six levels of play. "It's going to be close he said."