2007 PCA: Day 4 Ends

Here are the final six players going to the WPT televised final table.

Isaac Haxton -- 9,216,000

Isaac Haxton is 21 and on a break from Brown University while he plays poker. Over the last two days, Haxton has played big stack poker, and in his words, "hit every flop." Haxton currently has around half the chips in play. He qualified for the PCA in a $175 double shootout on PokerStars.

Jonathan Little -- 2,366,000

Jonathan Little is 22 and from Pensacola, Florida. He plays poker full-time and enjoyed a few cashes in the WSOP this year. For the past several days he's been hidden under a hat and behind sunglasses. What's more, he's been wearing Bose QC3 headphones and barely said a word at the table. He's let his play speak for itself.

Robert Ford -- 2,324,000

Robert Ford is also 22 and, like a few of his fellow players at the final table, on a break from school while he plays poker. He qualified for the PCA in a $ double shootout.

Ryan Daut -- 2,301,000

Yet another 22-year-old, Ryan Daut is a graduate student on his way to getting a PhD in math. That aside, he considers himself a full-time poker pro. His rail is thick with bigtime PokerStars players.

Robert Mizrachi -- 1,450,000

Many people who don't travel the circuit are probably more familiar with Micahel "The Grinder" Mizrachi. That said, everybody in the poker world is familiar with Rober Mizrachi. He had a rough go of it in the early day, but made it to the final table nonetheless.

Frank Rusnak -- 1,166,000

Frank Rusnak reports for the Chicago Sun-Times and plays quite a bit of poker. When the paper interviewed him, he said that he plays poker just about every day and has studied the game a great deal. His sister, Theresa Rusnak, and his cousin, Rachel Johnson, are watching him from the rail. His sister and cousin say Frank is very practical. When asked what he would do if he cashed really big in the PCA, his sister said, "He probably will not do anything different than he did last week." Rusnak qualified in a $650 multi-table satellite.

For the rest of the action from Day 4, check out the dreadful Day 4 Live Blog (that wasn't at all live because Blogger.com, our content publishing provider, went down and killed our action).

We'll be back on Wednesday with live blogging action all from the beginning to the end.