2007 PCA: Final Table Live Blog

Click refresh here to see the lastest updates of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure final table Note, as we are outside, internet access is spotty at best out here. If we disappear for a bit, that's why.

Current blinds: 100,000/200,000/20,000

6:05pm--It's over. Ryan Daut wins. He pushes with AdTh and Isaac calls with Qd8h. Board comes: Jd6c5h-- 9h--5c

Isaac wins second place. Ryan Daut is the 2007 PCA Champ, winning $1,535,255. Pictures and details to come.

5:48pm--Huge pot for Ryan.

Ryan calls and Isaac checks. Flop is 7d9s5c. Isaac bets 400K. Ryan calls. Turn card is the queen of diamonds. Isaac checks. Ryan bets 1.2 million. Isaac calls. River is the ace of hearts. Isaac checks. Ryan bets 2.5 million. Isaac calls. Ryan shows Q5 for two pair. It's good.

5:43pm--Isaac just picked up a 2.5 million pot.

Isaac calls, Ryan checks preflop to see Jh2c5s. Ryan checks, Isaac makes it 250K, Ryan calls. Turn: 3s. Ryan checks, Isaac bets 800K, Ryan calls. River is Ks. Ryan checks. Isaac all-in. Ryan thinks. Could this be it? Ryan asks for a count. It's 5,675,000. Ryan gives it up.

Ryan now has abot 10 million to Isaac's 8 million.

5:29pm--Another huge pot for Ryan.

Isaac raises to 500K. Ryan re-raises to 1.8 million. Isaac calls. Flop is AhQd7d. Ryan bets 2.1 million. Isaac calls. Turn: 8c. Ryan checks, Isaac checks. River: Jack of clubs. Ryan checks. Isaac checks. Ryan shows a set of jacks on the river.

Ryan now has Isaac 2-1.

5:25pm--Big ol bluff...

Ryan calls, Isaac checks. Flop comes Qh4hAc. Isaac checks. Ryan bets 300K. Isaac calls. Turn: Kd. Isaac checks, Ryan checks. River: Qc. Isaac bets 700K. Ryan raises to a total of 2 million. Isaac buries his head on his arms for a moment then Isaac re-raises all-in. Ryan goes into the tank for couple of minutes and then mucks. Isaac shows 23 of diamonds for..as Dan Goldman says...the nut low.

Players are now even in chips.

5:20pm--And just like that, Ryan gets 1.75 million from Isaac. Ryan raised to 500, Isaac re-raised to 1.75 million. Ryan pushed. Isaac folded.

5:18pm--Isaac has pulled about 1 million back from Ryan over the first couple hands without a showdown.

5:10pm--Ryan doubles through.

Isaac calls on the button Ryan raises making it 750K total. Isaac calls.
Flop comes 6h3h8d. Ryan bets 1 million. Isaac moves all-in. Ryan calls.

IH: T7 suited in diamonds
Ryan: A7 suited in hearts.

Turn is 4s
River Ad

Ryan takes the chip lead.

5:06pm--Ryan takes down the first hand without showdown.

5:03pm--Updated chip counts:

Isaac Haxton: 13,905,000
Ryan Daut: 4,920,000

4:55pm--The money presentation is underway. We're heads up for the $1.5 million first prize.

4:43pm--Robert Ford is $550,000 richer after being all-in the big blind with his few remaining chips. He has the best hand, but it doesn't hold.

Ford: A8
Haxton: Kd3c

Board: q37Kx

Current blinds: 60,000/120,000/15,000

4:31pm--It goes fast. Ryan raise on the button, Robert jams for 2.6 million, and Ryan calls with KK. Robert has 22. Ryan is covered by just a little bit. Flop comes 9c8h5d. The turn is the four of spades. The river is the five of clubs and Robert is crippled.

4:20pm--The move-ins have started. Ryan has 2,355,000 and just jammed from the small blind. Isaac gave up his BB pretty quickly. Just before that, Ford had done the same thing from the SB, showing AT.

4:17pm--Ryan raises to 350K on the button. Isaac thinks for a good while before pushing all-in. Ryan gives it up fairly quickly.

4:12pm--Isaac just took a nice one off Robert Ford. In a battle of the blinds, Isaac called and Robert checked. The flop came Kd7h2s. Both players checked. The Ah fell on the turn. Isaac bet 200K and Robert called. After a 3 of clubs on the river, isaac bet 500K and Robert called. Isaac turned over K5, which was apparently good, as Robert threw his hand in the muck.

3:56pm--Back to No Flop Land, the most recent example being Ryan's raise to 325K, isaac re-raise to 1 million, and Ryan's fold.

3:41pm--Robert Mizrachi just went out in fourth place, winning $409,703. Isaac haxton came in for a raise and Mizrachi called. The flop came down Th3s3c. Both players checked. The turn was the jack of clubs. Mizrachi bet 400K and Isaac called. The river was the eight of clubs. Mizrachi checked and Haxton moved all in. Mizrachi called quicker than I would've imagine. Isaac showed Q9 for the rivered straigt. Miazrachi didn't turn over his cards. He just sat there stunned. After sitting for twenty seconds, he mucked and walked off.

Isaac now has around 12 million chips.

3:26pm--Coming back from break. Here are some updated chip counts.

Mizrachi 2.51 million
Haxton: 9.28 million
Ford: 3.525 million
Daut: 3.51 million

3:10pm--Jonathan Little is going to have bad dreams tonight. After being crippled with JJ against Mizrachi's AK when an ace fell on the river, he got his last 315,000 chips all-in against Ryan Daut's K6. The flop was pretty damned good for Jonathan. AQ6. The turn was a ten. The river...a six. Jonathan Little is out in fith place earning $317,873.

3:05pm--Robert Mizrachi just doubled up after getting all-in with AK vs Jonathan Litle's JJ. Td2s6c-8c-A. Mizrachi now has nearly 2.4 million chips after spiking his six outer on the river.

2:59pm--We're strating to worry about darkness. It's still two hours off, but we're not thinking we're going to be finished in time. In other news, Ryan just pushed Robert Ford of a raise with an all-in move.

2:54pm--Blinds are up to 60,000/120,000/15,000.

Current blinds: 40,000/80,000/10,000

2:51pm--Little moves all-in pre-flop. Isaac calls. Both players show KQo. Nothing weird happens and we chop it up.

2:46pm--I miss the days of seeing flops. To wit:

Isaac Haxton raises to 225K. Ford re-raises to 775K. Folded back around to Isaac...who...folds.

2:35pm--Remaining prizes:

1: $1,535,255
2: $861,789
3: $550,980
4: $409,703
5: $317,873

2:33pm-For the first time, it appeared Isaac's big stack would come into play.

Jonathan raises to 225K and Ryan announces all-in from the button. Isaac, not surprisingly, asks for a count. Then he mucks. So does Jonathan.

2:28pm--Ryan makes it 225K from the SB and Mizrachi calls. Flop comes AsAh9d. Checked twice.

8h on the turn. Checked twice again.

River is Qh. Ryan checks, Robert bets 300,000. Ryan counts it out and gets to thinking for a couple of minutes before folding.

2:15pm--Ouch. Mamacita. Frank Rusnak has been eliminated on a heart-breaking hand. It went like this:

Ford maks it 280K. Frank just calls. Folds to Isaac in BB who...again...asks for chip count and then tanks for bit before folding.

Flop: Jh9s9c. Ford moves all in and Frank calls.

Ford has AK
Rusnak has KK

Turn is 3 of spades. Ford needs one of three remaining aces...one of which hits on the river.

Frank Rusnak earns...$247,234

2:08pm--Jonathan calls from SB and Ryan checks his option. On a flop of A93, Jonathan makes it 120K, Ryan raises to 300,000, and Jonathan folds.

2:05pm--We're back, still playing at the 40K/80K/10K level.

2:01pm--Chip count update:

Robert Mizrachi: 1,315,000
Isaac Haxton: 9,430000
Robert Ford: 2,355,000
Frank Rusnak: 1,530,000
Jonathan Little: 1,955,000
Ryan Daut: 2,240,000

1:38pm--We're on break.

1:35pm--Frank open pushes for 1.5 million. Ryan thinks forever before folding. Everybody folds. I need a macro for "Everybody folds."

1:31pm--Jonathan limps from button. Ryan calls in SB. Mizrachi makes it an additional 350,000. Everybody folds.

1:24pm--Robert Ford does not like flops. Or at least he appears to not like them. Three times in the past half an hour, he's pushed for more than 1.1 million when facing a raise. Seems to be working out for him, though. He's won every one of the contests.

1:22pm--Alright, apparently, we're not breaking right now. But, the blinds are, in fact, going up.

Current blinds: 25,000/50,000/5,000

1:16pm--Here in just a few minutes, we're going to break and coming back to the 40,000/80,000/$10,000 level. That should move thing along here just fine.

1:08pm--Isaac raises to 225K and Robert Ford calls.

Flop: 8s4d3d. Isaac bets 400K. Ford folds.

12:56pm--Well-known online player RaiNKhAN loves the camera. How much the cameraman loves RaiNKhAN...well, that's a matter of some debate. Decked out in an unbuttoned PokerStars baseball jersey, RaiNKhAN mugs for the camera every time it comes by. He's railing Ryan Daut...and doing a pretty good job of making sure Daut's cheering section is noticed.

12:52pm--We're two hours into the final table and still have all six players with us. Ryan raises to 135K, and Robert Ford moves all in from the BB. Ryan asks for a count and finds it will be 1,430,000 more. Ryan peeks at his cards and shoots them into the muck.

12:49pm--Robert Ford raises to 190,000, Frank moves all in. Back around to Robert. It will be 620,000 more to call. Robert counts it out, goes into the tank, and then calls to build a pot almost has 1.7 million in it.

Robert Ford: 6s6d
Frank: 7s7h

Board: 3d3h5s/4h/Td

Frank doubles through Robert Ford.

12:41pm--Robert Mizrachi makes it 130,000, Isaac isolates by moving all-in. Everybody else accomodates him and folds, including Robert.

12:39pm--Frank raises to 150. Jonathan asks for a count, then re-raises to 500,000. Folded back around to Frank the Tank. Behind a big pair of Raybans, he thinks for a few seconds before giving it up.

12:34pm--Robert Ford raises, folded to Mizrachi who moves all in. Ford reluctantly.

12:23pm--First all-in of the final table and and it is a doozy. Jonathan raises to 150K. Folded to Robert Ford in BB, and he calls.

Flop: AdQdTd. Robert checks. Jonathan bets 200,000. Robert Ford announced raise to 375K more. Jonathan moves all in. Robert Ford calls.

Ford: KcJd
Little AcKs

Turn: Qh

River: J

All that action and the pot is chopped.

12:19pm--Funny how a short break can take 30 minutes. Regardless, we're back.

12:00pm--We're on a short break. It's ben an ugly one. An entire section of urinals in the men's room backed up. The smell of sulphurous gas was overhwelming. With that pleasant thought in mind, how about some fresh chip counts.

Robert Mizrachi: 855,000
Isaac Haxton: 9,a680,000
Robert Ford: 2,590,000
Frank Rusnak: 955,000
Jonathan Little: 2,005,000
Ryan Daut: 2,740,000

Current blind level: 15000/30000/3000

11:47am--Ryan comes in for a raise. Isaac calls in the blind.
9h6d2h. Isaac checks. Ryan bets. Isaac raises 300K more. Ryan calls.
Turn 5d. Isaac checks. Ryan checks. River is Ac. Checked twice. Ryan has KK. Isaac has 24 suited in diamonds. Ryan's kings take it down.

11:41am--Remarkably out of action today is Jonathan Little. An aggressive player in the early stages of this event, Little has yet to play a hand today. Of course, as I write that, he comes in for the first time and wins the blinds and antes.

11:39am--Ryan raises to 80K. Isaac makes it 240K straight from the button. Frank thinks for a long time in the big blind (drawing the first blogger Frank the Tank jokes of the day) before folding. Ryan, who has had time to think while Frank tanked, gives up his hand pretty quickly.

11:35am--With fifteen minutes remaining in the level, Ryan raises to 80K. Folded to Robert in BB, who makes it 225K more. Ryan folds.

11:31am--Isaac raises to 80. Mizrachi calls from the BB.

KdQh3d. Checked twice.

3h on the turn. Checked twice again.

Qd on the river. Mizrachi checks. Isaac bets 125K. Mizrachi calls. Isaac shows pocket eights and wins. That's our first river, folks.

11:28am--Isaac raises to 80. In the big blind, Ryan announces raise and puts out an additional 225K. Isaac gives it up. A blogger to my right just suggested it would be funny if Ryan asked Isaac how much he had behind. I happen to agree.

11:23am--Mizrachi makes it 80K to go. Isaac calls from the button.
Flop: AcJh6s. Mizrachi makes it 135K. Isaac asks for a chip count (which he does A LOT), and announces a raised an additional 250K. Mizrachi mucks.

11:19am--Frank makes it 90K. Folded to Isaac in SB who asks for a count then goes into the tank. Isaac announces raise, calls the 90K, and then puts out 275,000. Robert Ford folds and it's back to Frank, who thinks a bit and mucks.

11:14amIssac raises to 80K and Mizrachi calls from the BB

Flop: 7s3d2h. Mizrachi checks. Isaac bets 140. Robert calls.

Turn is Tc. Mizrachi checks. Isaac bets 300K. Sixty seconds of thought and Mizrachi folds. Apropos of nothing apparent, Isaac flashes the king of clubs.

11:10am--Mizrachi raiss to 100K and Ryan calles in the big blind.

Flop: Qh4dTh. Ryan checks. Mizrachi checks.

Turn: 6h. Ryan checks. Mizrachi makes it 250K. Ryan thinks for a minute, breathes a bit heavy, then mucks.

11:04am--So, with 63K in the pot before the cards are dealt, the pots are nice, but all stacks are still playable for the rest of the level. Nobody has to be pushing pre-flop. There was some rumor runnign around last night that we'd start the day at 30K/60K. Thhat would've been, in a word, worse.

11:00am--Robert raises to 100K, folded to Mizrachi who calls from the SB.

Flop: 2h3hJd. Mizrachi checks. Ford makes it 175K. Mizrachi calls.

Turn: 9s. Mizrachi checks. Ford bets 400K. Mizrachi, with a pained look on his face, folds.

10:55am--Jonathan raises to 85K from the button. Ryan re-raises to 285K. Everybody else folds and then Jonathan folds. That's another one for Ryan.

10:52am--Three hands, three raises, no callers. Ryan: 2, Isaac: 1

10:49am--Cards are in the air (to to speak--this wind really is a monster).

Around the table...
Seat 1: Robert Mizrachi
Seat 2: Isaac Haxton
Seat 3: Frank Rusnak
Seat 5: Jonathan Little
Seat 6: Ryan Daut

Ryan plays first hand and makes it 80K to go on the first hand and gets no callers.

10:46am--As we start, we're going to be at 15000/30000/3000. Here are the starting chip counts.

Issac Haxton $ 9,216,000
Jonathan Little $ 2,366,000
Robert Ford $ 2,324,000
Ryan Daut $ 2,300,000
Robert Mizrachi $ 1,450,000
Frank Rusnak $ 1,166,000

10:42am--It just occurred to me. Both years prior to now, the person who was in seat 1 going into the final table ended up winning. Mizrachi has his work cut out for him.

10:37am--PokerStars' Dan Goldman is welcoming the crowd and warming them up. This is the time where the TV tricks come into play. It's a little silly to watch. The crowd gets taped going through various emotions they might experience during this event. Ryan Daut's rail is getting into it a little more than most.

10:33am--The 10am start time is a lot like the official start of a cocktail party. The expectation of anything ever actually happening at 10am is just silly. That said, players are being introduced as we speak.

10:24am--To set the scene here....the weather has been great this week, up until last night when wind and rain blew in. The rain went away, but the wind remains. The palms are blowing like hurricane video from your local TV station. Mike and Vince are set up at tableside to do their play by play. They're being smacked by the wind. I suspect we'll use the French-style of dealing--a slide rather than a toss--to keep the cards from flying off into the lagoon.

10:19am--While we're waiting, a few ghosts from the past still haunt this area. Both years we've been at the PCA prior to this year, the power has gone out at Atlantis during final table play. I'm just waiting to see what happens this year.

10:15am--Looks like it will be closer to 10:30 before we get rolling here.

10:00am--The audience and players are fiinding their seats. We'll be playing shortly.