2007 PCA: Level 5 Nitty Gritty

With one level left to play tonight, it's time to start providing a little more of the nitty and the gritty action. Just before walking in, I watched 2006 PCA final tablist David Singer bust a guy with JJ vs TT all-in pre-flop. Just before that I saw Robert Williamson get away from what appeared to be AQ vs AK.

Roving reporter Ed just brought back a few hands of note:

The Ed Report

(Blinds at 300/600 ante 75)

Bill Chen is all in again-- With the board showing Qc-8h-Kh, there was around 6,000 in the pot. The turn brought the Ad, Bill bet out 3,000, and got a call from the player to his left. The river was the 7s and Bill moved all in, effectively setting his opponent all in. After a short deliberation she folded and Bill moved up to approximately 40K.

Gobboboy--High stakes regular gobboboy found himself in a tough position. With the board showing 7d-Qs-3s-8d-7h and around 20K in the pot, he faced a 10K bet. After a long think, he eventually called. To his relief, his opponent showed 4-3o His pocket sixes are good enough to take it down and move him up to around 55K in chips.

On a flop of Qd-6c-7c and 7K in the pot downtheline bets 4,000. He gets one caller to his immediate left. The turn is 8s and downtheline moves in for his remaining 19K chips. His opponent folds shortly after and downtheline shows KQ as he takes down a tidy pot putting his stack around the 35K mark. That was all well and good until he ran kings into aces. He is now out.

Selected end of level five chip counts

tigerti -- 50K
gobboboy -- 60K
WPTHero -- 8K
Vanessa Rousso -- 72K
Bill Chen -- 70K
Steve Paul-Ambrose -- 55K
Katja Thater -- 11K
Robert Williamson -- 11K
Martin Wendt -- 23K
Julian Gardner -- 50K
David Singer -- 55K
TheBeat -- 20K

Conspicuous absence from the poker room (read: likely busted)

Mimi Rogers
Jason Strasser
Dario Minieri
Chris Moneymaker
Terrence Chan
Dave Colclough
Jim Hamburger