2007 PCA: Level 5 (now with less carnage)

So, it's pretty clear that Level 5 was a pretty bad one for some folks. If you missed it, you can look back at this post. In an effort to keep this blog at a PG-13 level, we're all making an effort to avoid the blood and guts currently flowing across the poker room floor. (Don't worry, we'll get back to it after we clean off our shoes.)

So, how about some pictures?

Daniel Negreanu, warming up with coffee and chips

Greg Raymer discussing the merits of Team PokerStars cannibalism with Tom McEvoy

2006 EPT Grand Final champion, Jeff Williams

Okay, you want a little blood and guts. This is a PG-13 hand for the kids.

The Ed Report

Elky calls an UTG all in for 5,825 and everyone else folds. JJ for Elky vs AJ. An ace hits the flop and Elky is looking for a one outer on the turn or river which does not come. This setback knocks Elky down to 23K

Notable chip counts at end of level 5.

Victor Ramdin 27K
Fabrice Soulier 40K
Tom McEvoy 53K
David Williams 110K
Daniel Negreanu 70K
Barry Greenstein 29K
Russell Rosenblum 30K
Michael Mizrachi 45K
Elky 23K
KidPokerJD 18K
Frederick Halling 7K
Leif Force 12K
Jon Friedberg 10K
John Pham 12K
Mark Seif 40K
wattabackyard 33K
Spiro Mitrokostas 48K

Notable eliminations

Isabelle Mercier
Joe Hachem
Humberto Brenes