2007 PCA: Making sausage

I like food. A lot. I'm the type of guy who will eat a Lucky Dog in the French Quarter or follow my food guru to Michael Mina in Las Vegas. Not only that, I enjoy cooking and am happy to bury my hands in some raw meat. As such, I actually (contrary to the wisdom of Otto von Bismarck) don't mind watching the sausage-making process.

That's what the early part of this day at the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is all about. It's about finding hotel rooms for hundreds of people, making sure all the tournaments are in order, and making sure the chips and dealer buttons haven't gone out for a powder. The PokerStars crew is doing a fine job of making sure all is well and any problems are handled with all due speed. Me? I'm readying myself for the PokerStars Welcome Party tonight at 7pm and trying to explain to folks how one hour in the sun is enough merit a Caribbean sunburn. I've also been poking my nose in on the sausage-making process.

Players line up at the registration desk outside the Atlantis Grand Ballroom

Lee Jones toils in the PokerStars office

One of around 800 premium bags being handed to PokerStars qualifiers when they arrive (this year they are leather!)

The poker room, now with more tables, sits ready for the first action

The sun is again setting on Atlantis. Here in just a bit, we'll all make the trek over for the big Welcome Party. Then...well, then it's time for poker.