2007 PCA: Mid-Level Five Carnage

We interupt this level to bring you a post with no pictures. It is simply too graphic to show images of what's happening here.

First...an early strong start from Joe Hachem as ended in an early exit. Exact details of how he became shortstacked are unavailable at this moment, but his exit came at the hands of Daniel Negreanu who turned a broadway straight with QT to best Hachem's ace.

Humberto Brenes has also been eliminated by Tom McEvoy. The 1983 WSOP winner seems to have his sights set on knocking out members of Team PokerStars. How so?

Let's let Ed take over.

The Ed Report

It was no surprise to find us watching table 7 at the start of this level and no sooner than the level had begun we had lost a couple of the big names.

Tom McEvoy raised to 1,800 from early position and Isabelle Mercier pushed all in for 11 total from the big blind. Isabelle showed presto (5-5) and needed some magic to outdraw Tom's pocket kings. The board came all high cards and Isabelle was eliminated by player Tom McEvoy.

A couple of hands later JohnnyBax raised to 1,800 from the button and David Williams called in the BB. The flop came 2s-7h-5h and David checked to JohnnyBax who pushed all in for around 10K. David instantly called and showed 8h2h for a pair and flush draw. JohnnyBax showed A10 off suit. The turn was a Jc and the river was a 2 giving david trips and eliminatng JohnnyBax and 2005 TLB winner from the PCA.


We'll be back at the end of level five...hopefully with some pictures that don't involve a lot of blood.