2007 PCA: The Bubble Approacheth

It is now possible to see the dollar signs in the players' eyes. As we end this level, we're just a few players shy of the money. The stories coming out of today's play remain to be Glen Bean, who has worked his stack up to an impressive 390,000. Last year's PCA champion, Steve Paul-Ambrose is also sporting a big stack with around 260,000 in chips. Yesterday's chip leader, Chris Lee, is not faring as well. After ending yesterday with more than 170,000, he now sits with around 36,000.

Steve Paul-Ambrose

Chris Lee

Roving Reporter Ed, though, may have the best comeback story of the day, that of Victor Ramdin who was at one timie down below 10,000 in chips.


The Ed Report

Victor Ramdin has had a sensational start to the level. I missed how accumulated so many early on but witnessed him in a pot of 13K with the board showing 5-6-6. Victor bet 11K and the other player raised all in. Victor called and showed J-6 for trips against his opponents pocket aces. No miracle turn or river and Voctor eliminated him and is up to around 130K.

Vegas726 is yet another PokerStars qualifier doing well. He is using his large stack to good effect and re-raised an initial raiser 13.5K more pre-flop. The other chap folded and vegas726 crosses the 200K mark.

After losing a big pot a while ago gobboboy has also got back to winning ways. He has just elminated someone when he moved all in with the board showing Ah-Kh-8d-Js-Jd and the pot around 30K. The player to his left called all in and lost to gobboboy's A6. I did not see the hand play out so I imagine there was a likely good reason for this strange loss. Gobboboy is back to around 140K.

Victor continues his remarkable accumulation. On a board of 9h-8s-3h-7c-2d and a pot of 60K Victor is facing a 25K chip bet he calls and shows 9-3 for two pair and enough to win it. his opponent mucked immediately he was called so was clearly on an out and out bluff. Victor now has around 200K.

2002 WSOP runner up Julian Gardner appears to be out.

Tom McEvoy had let his stack dwindle and pushed all in from early position. There was a quick call and then the big blind moved all in for a further 27.8K more. This forced the other player to fold and indirectly helped Tom out. Tom showed 6-6 and the BB AcKc. The flop came 3-4c-5c Turn 10s and river 2h to treble Tom up to around 30K.


End of Levle 10 Selected Chip Counts

Victor Ramdin 180K
Daniel Negreanu 50K
vegas726 140K
Barry Shulman 200K
Tom McEvoy 32K
wattabackyard 26K
David Singer 25K
gobboboy 160K
Jon Friedman 230K
Steve Paul Ambrose 275K
Spiro 210K
David Williams 55K
Martin Wendt 110K

Also a special hello to Jill, wife to Jay Newnum, who couldn't make it down with her husband. Hope you're staying warm, Jill.