Day 4: Not-so-live blog

We spent Day 4 running around the poker room keeping up with the action. We couldn't bring it to you live because our content publishing provider decided it was a good time to go out for a powder. While we hated we couldn't bring it to you live, here's how we got from 16 down to six.

***Everything below was pseudo live blogging***

Antonio Ribeiro finished in seventh place after getting AT in against Robert Ford's TT.

Scott Clements ran TT into Frank Rusnack's AA and went out in eighth place.

4:24pm--We sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. Our publishing system (a division of Google, if you can believe it) has been in the tank all day long. We've been unable to tell you about the massive movements of chips taking place among the final nine players. That said...only one other player has busted since Paul Lui did. Jon Friedberg just busted after Isaac Haxton flopped a set of deuces to Jon's 55.

1:48pm--Paul Lui has just busted in tenth place.

1:45pm--We have just started Level 19 with the blinds at 10000/20000 and an ante of
3000. There are 10 players left who are all sitting at 1 table. We need 4
more to fall before we are done for the day. Judging by how things have
started it could be a short day but we shall see.

Chip counts at start of the level are as follows:

Isaac $ 6,700,000
Frank Rusnak $ 2,140,000
Jonathan Little $ 2,100,000
Antonio Ribeiro $ 1,800,000
Robert Ford $ 1,350,000
Ryan Daut $ 1,225,000
Scott Clements $ 1,200,000
Robert Mizrachi $ 1,120,000
Jon Friedberg $ 680,000
Paul Lui $ 642,000

In the 1st hand Robert Mizrachi raises to 60K and Paul Lui calls. The flop is 9d-As-Js and a bet of 80K from robert wins the pot.

Isaac makes it 55K to play and gets one caller in frank Rusnak. The flop comes out Jd-Kh-Jc and a 130K bet from Isaac gets a call from Frank. The turn is Qh and Isaac leads out with 400K and takes the pot down.

1:43pm--Here's some of what we've not been able to tell you due to's server problems.

Robert Mizrachi raises to 45K. Justin Bonomo re-raises to 120K and Robert calls. Flop is 7c-9c-5d. Justin bets 220K which is called by Robert. The turn is a Ac and Justin checks, Robert bets 400K. Justin moves all in and Robert folds. On the next hand Justin raises to 45K and picks up the blinds and antes.

Luis Chan raises to 50K and Antonio Riberio calls. Flop comes As-10s-8h. Luis bets 90K and Antonio moves all in. Luis calls off the remainder of his chips with J9 so is up and down. Antonio has KJ somehow is in the lead with his broadway gutshot draw. The turn is a King reducing Luis' outs. The river is an 8 and Luis is gone.

The players are dropping like flies and almost immediately after The shortstack at the start of the day Frank Parisi drops out. Scott Clements raises to 48K and is called in the BB by Frank. The flop is 3-2-J and Frank moved all in. Scott called and showed 10-10 against Frank's 45s. The turn and river blank and we say goodbye to Frank.

Mario is crippled. He raises to 48K. Frank Rusnak re-raises to 140K which Mario calls. The flop comes out 8d-Jd-8h. Frank bets 150K and Mario moves all in. Frank quickly calls and shows A8 against KdQd for Mario. The overcards are immaterial and Mario needs a diamond that does not pair the board. The turn is a 10s and river 6h and Mario is left with 16K.

Scott Clememts raises to 44K and Robert Mizrachi calls. Flop is 2s-9d-Ac and both players check. turn is 9c and the pot is again checked. The river is a 2d and from the lack of betting looking like a split. After checking a final time Robert turns over 7-7 for the win.

In a 4 way limped pot between Justin, Robert, Isaac and Scott the flop comes 9-2-K rainbow. Robert bets 45K which Isaac calls. Ks on the turn and Robert bets 125K which Isaac calls. The river is 3d and a bet of 225K is enough to make Isaac fold.

Justin or Justout? From the button raises to 45K. Isaac re-raises from the SB to 165 total. Justin then re-re-raises and pushes a further 400K in the pot. Isaac moves in and Justin calls. An icy cold deck has given Justin KK and Isaac AA (for the 2nd time this morning). The flop is 7-6-5 and the miracle 2 outer does not come. A queen and a 9 are the last cards Justin sees in the tournament.

1:00pm--Justin Bonomo, after a strong start to the day, just busted in 11th place, running his huge stack and pair of kings into Isaac Haxton's AA.

12:57pm--Mario Silvestri after being crippled. His final 16K went in with queens, quick fell to QT when Jon Little flopped broadway.

12:36pm--These server problems are giving us heartburn. Here's what we've been unable to tell you in the last 30 minutes.

**Joe Marcal is out after raising to 45K. Justin Bonomo called. Isaac Haxton made it 200K. Marcal moved all in, Bonomo folded, Haxton called. Haxton held AA to Marcal's AK. No miracle and Marcal is out in 16th place.

**Erik Riise rasied to 45K. Mario Silvestri reraised to 135K. Riise called. The flop cmae Th4d7d. Silvestri made it 140, Riise moved all in. Silvestri called with AT to Riise's QT. An ace on the turn locked Riise out of the pot and knocked him out in 15th place.

**Luis Chan busted in 14th place with J9 of hearts to Rovert Mizrachi's KJ on a jack-high flop.

**Frank Parisi, short-stacked from the beginning, just went out in 13th place.

12:03pm--Players are drawing their seats and sitting down. Today we will play down to the final six, aka the WPT televised final table.