PCA Memories: The Great Button Mystery of 2006

In 2006, I sat in the back of the PokerStars office and readied myself for what was sure to be a very long seven days of blogging. The office had not yet taken on the look of a mid-battle war room. Instead, there was an odd silence and a few looks of consternation.

Everything about the 2006 PCA had been planned down to the letter. All cards, chips, tables, bags, and shirts had been sent to the island well in advance. Among those shipments was a box packed with 100 dealer buttons and cut cards.

Somewhere along the way, that box went missing.

As the eleventh hour drew near, it became increasingly clear that trying to find the box was no longer an option. One industrious PokerStars employee hit the cell phone and got to work. He tracked down the required dealer buttons in Miami. Even better, he found someone who was willing to hand-carry them on a plane to Nassau and get them to Paradise island in time for the opening of the poker room that night.

Somewhere along the way, though, this button delivery man ran into someone else who was going to Paradise Island. That person's name was Chris Moneymaker.

As I wrote in 2006 in the story Of Buttons and Big Games...

With just minutes until the Main Event Super Satellite began, Moneymaker slid into Atlantis with a package of dealer buttons and an extreme appreciation for the fact that no one asked him before he boarded his flight, "Did anyone unknown to you ask you to carry anything on the plane?"

It's not every day that you have a World Series champion as your deliveryman.

That's that PCA, for ya. Something new every year.