2008 PCA: Hitting at the right time

Jesse "Hittman76" Hitt is not a big-name poker player. The real estate agent from Tacoa, Georgia spends his days weather the tough home selling market and taking care of his wife and four kids. Still, he likes to play around at the lower limits.

With seven bucks, he took a shot at a PCA Step 1 tournament. After three or four tries, he advanced. The story was the same all the way up to Step 4. Then, it was a Friday night. His wife was very pregnant. He knew the Steps tournament qualifers were about to come to an end.

After three years of playing poker, he had never had a chance to play in a big buy-in tournament. By the time he made it through the Step 5 tourney, he started to realize he had a chance. In fact, his friend wanted Hitt to wait on playing so he could watch the Step 6 event. It was good Hitt didn't wait. He sat down on a Sunday and played one of the last Steps events before they were just down for the year.

With nothing but smiles in his eyes, Hitt said, "I won the tournament and two days later I had a little boy."


Now, Hitt has a chance to win more than a million bucks on an investment of $7. That would be a pretty decent ROI, eh?

We found Hitt today because he's sitting next to Eric "erbloore" Bloore, a PCA and tournament circuit regular who we've been following for years. Bloore has worked his way up to more than 50,000 chips after flopping a straight and having to make a tough call on a board that paired queens on turn. His opponent had KQ and Bloore's straight held.

The PokerStars Blog has a lot of good eys on the table. Bryan, who some of you might know from the PokerStars tournament scene, has been keeping an eye on Daniel Negreanu's table.

With 3,000 in the pot, the flop came down Ts9c7c. When then turn came the Th, a player bet 1,000 and Negreanu put his opponent all-in. Negreanu knew he was good on the flop. He held Jh8h. With the board paired, there may be a chance he was behind. When the insta-call didn't come, Negreanu knew he was still good.

Enter, the Kid Poker Show.

"What are you thinking about doing here?" Negreanu asked before making it clear that his chips were already in. There was no changing that.

With his opponent in the tank, Negreanu kept talking. Whatever he said worked. With one card to come, his opponent called with KJ...and missed.


Photo © Neil Stoddart

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