2008 PCA: Champions in the bullpen

Coming into Day 1A, David Wells was considered to be a novelty in the field. The leather-assed grinders in the room didn't figure to face any curve balls from the major league pitcher. After all, as the story went, Wells had never played in a serious poker tournament before. That said, Wells also did receive a crash course on Friday night from members of Team PokerStars Pro.

As we reported here before, Wells finished his Day 1A flight with an above-average stack and more than a few new fans. After that, he had a day to rest his arm.

While we're not sure what Wells did throughout the afternoon, we know where he ended up last night. As the PCA broke for the day, Wells sauntered in to play in the media and celebrity tournament. He ended up seated right next to 2003 World Series Champion Chris Moneymaker. We'll leave it to you to decide if there is any resemblance.


Whether it is an inborn competitive edge or the time spent with Team PokerStars Pro champions, Wells appears to be functioning as the real deal. In the first couple of hours today, Wells has not faded. In fact, he's kept his stack well above average.

Today, though, is where the pretenders will be culled from the players.

Only time will tell whether Wells can put up a win or get yanked before the game is over.


Wells in action on Day 2

All photos © Neil Stoddart