2008 PCA: Consolation prize

About the same time the cards were hitting the felt here in the Grand Ballroom, a fierce wind blew outside. It was the kind of island wind most of us don't feel in our daily lives, and if your legs aren't firmly planted, it could blow you over.

As that wind tattered the leaves of the palm trees, it also changed the scenery outside the Atlantis resort. The soft white cover of clouds started to move, slowly but surely, somewhere out over the water. The sun started beating down on the beach, the pools, and the people milling about the grounds of the resort.

It was as if Paradise Island decided to bestow upon the 700 or so people knocked out of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure a much needed consolation prize: some sun therapy. Up until today, the people attending the 2008 PCA have seen only short glimpses of the sun. I found myself chasing it yesterday, desperate to go home to winter with a little color on my face. However, every time I got set up to soak in the sun, it went behind the clouds that soon started to spit a warm island rain. The sun remained elusive until I set myself up to work here in the Grand Ballroom, where we only hear rumors of what the weather's like outside.

I'm sure those 700 or so people who are getting a tan today would rather be here inside the Grand Ballroom playing for nearly $8.6 million in prize money. However, there's a lot to do here on Paradise Island. I'm sure they'll all find a way to entertain themselves. Besides, it beats working an office job any day of the week.


All photos © Neil Stoddart