2008 PCA: Day 1A Rail Report

Editor's note: From time to time at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, we take a quick break from watching the tables and look over our shoulder at the rail. Some people here have brought friends. Other players have an entourage. The Rail Report introduces us to some of the best sweaters on Paradise Island and the people they are rooting on.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is more than a poker tournament for Michael Cooper. He just got married in October, and his wife, Tina, says this trip is like a honeymoon for them. Tina's heart is in two places this evening, though. She's here in the Bahamas supporting her husband, but she says she misses her three month old baby boy who's back home in Atlanta.

This is not Michael Cooper's first year at the PCA. His wife says he came last year but got knocked out on the second day. If he can make it to the money this time, perhaps he can start a college fund for his baby boy.


A reflection of Atlantis

Another person on the rail today caught my eye because of his t-shirt. I noticed the logo immediately, because it said "Missouri" in big bold letters. It seems like forever ago, but I was once a student at the University of Missouri, and I assumed this young man was, too. Although Craig "craigthedeac" Boyd is not a Mizzou student, he is a Missouri boy. He's from St. Louis, but he's a junior finance major at Wake Forest University.

Boyd's not just on the rail today to check out all the famous faces in the crowd. He's here sizing up the situation. Boyd qualified for his own seat through a PCA Steps tournament. He says he wants to get a feel for the action before he has to take his seat tomorrow.

This isn't Boyd's first live tournament, but it's certainly his biggest. He says he's played in a few small tournaments in casinos. He started playing poker in home games with friends and then worked on his game online. Boyd has quite a crew with him here at the PCA. In that bunch, there are five Wake Forest students, including one other who is playing in the tournament, and two of Boyd's friends from St Louis.

Photo © Neil Stoddart