2008 PCA: Day two ready to roll

Today is Monday. I think. In tournament terms, it's Day Two. Which is the day that comes after the two Day Ones, that happened yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow will be Day Three, then Day Four, until Thursday, which is neither Thursday nor Day Five. Rather, it's Final Table Day.

If this all sounds a touch confusing, it's no surprise. Reality was suspended the moment we crossed over into Paradise Island and were greeted by dolphins and turtles. Days are just another convention to which no one really pays much attention. Most people have other matters on their mind.

In this case, those other matters number 8,594,976. That's the figure, in dollars, that we're playing for today. And when I say "we", I mean of course, "they": the 478 players returning, from an original field of 1,136. One hundred and twenty players will get some return on their original stake, while the last man standing will take home $2 million even.

The approximate full payout structure, just announced by tournament director Mike Ward, is as follows:

1st - $2,000,000
2nd - $1,100,000
3rd - $800,000
4th - $600,000
5th - $450,000
6th - $300,000
7th - $200,000
8th - $150,000

9th - $120,000
10th - $104,000
11th - $96,000
12th - $88,000
13th - $80,000
14th - $72,000
15th - $64,000
16th - $56,000

17-24 - $48,000
25-32 - $40,000
33-40 - $32,000
41-50 - $24,000
51-120 - $16,000

These figures are not final as yet, but there won't be any major changes. Stay tuned to see how the day progresses.