2008 PCA: Gone fishin' with the Supernovas

by Michelle Willis

Supernova Shane "fumbo420" Fumerton might remember this PokerStars Caribbean Adventure by the ones that got away: a tournament victory and one really big fish.

I met Shane early this morning, down at the ferry boat dock. He and fellow Supernova Clayton "slammedfire" Mozdzen, Clayton's girlfriend Keli Keyes, and one lucky friend of Supernova Ryan "southside1" Aiken boarded Chubasco III, a 46 foot fishing boat. Shane and Clayton may have been out of the tournament, but that doesn't mean PokerStars couldn't show them a good time. That's one of the reasons it pays to be a Supernova, or at least a friend of a Supernova.


Captain Mike and First Mate Charlton were our crew on this perfect morning. As we pulled away from the dock, there were very few clouds in the sky and the morning air was already warm. It seemed like a perfect day to go deep sea fishing.

Matt Dodd from Austin claimed a spot on the top deck with the captain. As we pulled away from land, I got to know Shane, Clayton, and Keli a bit. First Mate Charlton went about setting up four lines off the boat as we chatted and soaked in the sun.


Matt Dodd on deck

Shane just turned 28 years old on January 3rd. He left Canada for the his third PCA in the Bahamas on the 4th. It was -30 degrees Celcius when he left home. Fortunately, Shane says he doesn't mind the winter in Winnipeg. Chris Moneymaker's breakout victory in the World Series of Poker is what inspired Shane to get into the game. He's mostly an online player, who says he finds it hard to transition from multi-table play on the internet to slower live action. Shane enjoys fishing. He tries to go several times in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. He says if he ever wins the big one, he'll buy a cabin on the lake and fish more often.

Shane, Clayton and Keli went deep sea fishing in the Bahamas last year, but they didn't catch anything. Keli and Clayton got to break the streak first this morning. Our lines caught two fish nearly back-to-back. They reeled them in together. I wish I could tell you I got the money shot of the Supernova and his girlfriend reeling in their fish, but I was busy hanging my head over the side of the boat and emptying the contents of my stomach. Apparently, I'm more of a land person than a choppy seas person. Ace blogger, reporting for duty, sir.

Clayton and Keli each brought in wahoo, fish that can swim up to 75 miles an hour. Our untrained eyes estimated they were in the ten to fifteen pound range, but Matt Dodd says they were smaller. This is our fish tale, though, so we can make them as big as we want, right? All I know is those dudes put up a fight. It wasn't easy to get them in the boat, and once they were there, they didn't want to stay. Keli and Clayton were the victors in the end.


Clayton and Keli

Clayton is 24 years old, and he plays poker for a living. This is his and Keli's second trip to the PCA. They were also at EPT Barcelona. Clayton and Shane met a few years ago after they had both won seats into the World Series of Poker Main Event. They realized they were both going and they lived in the same area, so they became friends. Since then, they've played in many tournaments together. They say they almost always go out of the tournaments on the same day, and sometimes even with the same hand. Ace-King ended their run this time around.

Shane had hoped to catch a big one during his PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and he almost did. First Mate Charlton says it was huge, a 40 to 45 pounder, and Shane went to work. We all thought he had it when, suddenly, nothing! It got off the line. Shane thought it was something he did wrong, but First Mate Charlton says there was no way he could have gotten that fish in the boat. It was just not Shane's day.


Shane Fumerton

A while later, the brother of the fine woman who organized this trip and many other fantastic things for the Supernovas wrestled a barracuda and won. James Hadley has some experience in the water, and he made it look easy. He also saved me from jumping off the boat by supplying me with Dramamine, so, I owe this trip report to the barracuda-wrestling brother of Joan Hadley. Thank you, fine sir.


James Hadley

So, in the end, it seems fishing is a lot like poker. Sometimes you get the fish. Sometimes the fish get away. And sometimes you miss all the action because you're in the tank. No matter what, though, I bet these PokerStars Supernovas will come out winners in the future, both in the water and especially at the tables.