2008 PCA: Level 11 News

We'll be updating all the news from Level 11 in this post. We're moving to 1,200/2,400/300. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top.

  • Fans Divided--Ohio State is taking on Louisiana State University tonight for the national football championship, and some big fans will be torn. Kris "runningsolo" Kuykendall, a Supernova from Cincinnati, will be fighting for his tournament life here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure as the game begins. He turns 25 on Wednesday, and his family is here to cheer him on to a birthday victory in the Bahamas. They're all decked out in Ohio State gear on the rail, rooting for Kris, a former high school wrestling state champion. Right now, Kris has about 65,000 in chips and needs to double up.

  • Odds on Ramdin--While walking the floor, we're told by Greg Raymer that Victor Ramdin was offered 5-1 on an unknown amount of money that he wouldn't make Day 2. At the time, Ramdin was down to 2,500 chips. Today, Ramdin has more than 150,000 and a big smile on his face. With 196 players remaining, the chip average is about 115,000. We are scheduled to play until about 8pm tonight. I'd put the chances of us hitting the money at...well, it's just not gonna happen.

  • Tough break--Ryan Collett, the PokerStars qualifier who led after day 1A just had his table broken. He picked up his 140,000-odd chips and found his new spot - immediately to the right of David "Dragon" Pham, who is sitting with something close to 290,000. Ouch.

  • Hey, look who is here!--We've just spotted John Ford. We're just sure how he slipped by us over the last day or so, but it's good to see him. Ford final tabled the PCA last year, winning $550,000 for his third place finish. He's still in today, sitting with a moderately short stack.

  • Double-up for Thew--Julian Thew, who started the day with only 16,000 in chips has just doubled up. With around 70K in the pot and the board reading 8h8d3c2s, Thew put the rest of his chips (around 25K) in the pot. His opponent thought for an age before calling. When Thew reveled 78 offsuit, his opponent mucked. Apparently, he was drawing dead.

  • No repeat for Steve--Steve Paul-Ambrose will not repeat his 2006 championship at the PCA. After facing a button raise, Steve put it all-in with 77. After no small amount of thought, the button called for more than half his stack with AQ. An ace on the flop and no seven forthcoming, and Steve Paul-Ambrose is out.

  • Chip counts updated-- Selected chip counts from the end of Level 10 can be found on the PCA Chip Counts page.

  • Chip, chip, chip leader Much is known about the Scandinavian domination of the EPT. And just because we're now in the Caribbean, it doesn't mean those pale-faced Nordics are off their game. Probable chip leader at the moment is Johan Bergqvist, from Sweden, who is the right side of 300,000 at the moment.

  • Chasing the second title Yesterday, we ran through the players chasing an elusive second EPT title, but missed off the name of Rueben Peters, EPT Dublin champion in season four. That could be a major oversight because Peters is still in the field today and sitting with about 80,000.

  • Playing time--Tourney director Mike Ward confirms, we will be playing this level and one more before breaking for the night. 234 players remain.

  • Thor Hansen's departure--Thor Hansen departed at the end of Level 10 after running his shortstack headlong into kings.

  • Akkari accelerates - News reaches us that Andre Akkari just doubled up to about 300,000. He had queens, he was up against A-K and won the race when a queen flopped.

  • Rizen rising - Eric "Rizen" Lynch, the online sensation who made a splash at the 2006 and 2007 World Series, has been a silent assassin today, moving up to the neighborhood of 280,000. He recently took a bit of a hit, doubling up Thierry Van Den Burg, who now has about 95,000, but Rizen is still very comfortable and looking strong.

  • Ramdin still in - Team PokerStars Pro member Victor Ramdin has flown under the radar somewhat at this event, never troubling the chip leaders, perhaps, but still confidently going about his business. And his long grind continues deep into day two, where he's still sitting behind about 35,000. A couple of double-ups, and you never know.

  • Team-mates still in the hunt - Ramdin still has seven Team PokerStars Pro team-mates afloat in the event, each with enough chips to stay there for a while. ElKy has somewhere close to 80,000, Barry Greenstein just reported in with 105,000; Daniel Negreanu has close to 100,000; Steve Paul-Ambrose has been on a slide today, but still has 80,000; Andre Akkari has been going in the right direction, and has 95,000. Hevad Khan, meanwhile, is on the charge. RaiNKhan has 120,000.

  • Moneymaker no more - Chris Moneymaker was seen departing the Grand Ballroom moments ago, confirming on the way out that he had, indeed, busted. No details known, and none requested. Sometimes it's best for all not to ask.

  • Making grinding pay - Julian Thew, EPT Baden champion, started the day with little more than 16,000. About three hours in, he still had 16,000. Now, though, he's been finding the hands and making the moves and is up to about 85,000. Known for his wild swings -- his nickname is Yo-Yo -- Julian has been showing that he can grind like the best of them today.