2008 PCA: Level 12 News

We'll be updating all the news from Level 12 in this post. We're moving to 1,500/3,000/400. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top.

  • Chip counts updated--Selected chip counts of the biggest stacks have been updated on the PCA Chip Counts page.

  • Unofficial player number--159 players have made it to Day 3 of the PCA. Notable chip counts and Day 2 recap on the way.

  • Lynch jumps into lead--Eric "Rizen" Lynch has surged to the chip lead after making a big call to end the night. He now has 526,900. More to come soon.

  • Day 2 play ends--The final hands for Day 2 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure have been played. The bagging and tagging process is underway. Stay tuned for chip leader updates.

  • Railbirds jockeying--The rail is a tough place to be near the end of Day 2. There's a lot of jockeying for position going on. It's hard to see even the closest tables from behind the barriers. A binoculars salesperson could make a killing in here right now.

  • New chip leader--It appears we have a new chip leader and his name is ElkY. Facing a raise to 12,000, ElkY made it 24,000. Another player came over the top for 80,000. The original raiser folded and ElkY called to see QQ. The board didn't help...until the river. The king there gave ElkY the win and more than 400,000 in chips.

  • Khaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!--We've never seen Hevad Khan so quiet. And for good reason. On a 8hJc2d flop, Khan went all-in for approximately 90,000. His opponent tanked, then called with AsJs. Khan rapped the table and didn't say a word. The 3d on the turn made the hand slightly more interesting. The 4d on the river, though...well, that's a suckout folks. Khan, against his nature, barely made a noise. Instead, he raked in a pot worth more than 200,000.

  • Two from the Team--Daniel Negreanu might be no more, but Victor Ramdin and ElkY are two of his Team PokerStars Pro teammates still prospering. Ramdin is bossing his table now, forcing other players to put their tournament life on the line. One such moved in free-flop moments ago, and Victor laid his hand down, flashing a king. Meanwhile ElkY just set his opponent in on the river with the board showing Qd-Js-Qs-10h-8s. After a lot of chatter, his opponent folded but showed 9s-7s for the straight and the flush. Good fold?

  • Friedberg continues to fly--And the Friedberg show continues all the way to the chip lead now. He just busted Josh Arieh with A-K against Arieh's A-Q, all-in pre-flop. Friedberg has a long line of very tall towers, numbering about 380,000 total.

  • Friedberg talks his way to success--With 40,000 in the pot and a flop of A4J, Jon Friedberg's opponent bet 29,000. Friedberg made it another 36,000 to play. His opponent tanked and Friedberg started talking. "Ace jack and you got lucky?" he asked. After an extended period of thought his opponent mucked AK. Then he stood and grasped Frieberg by the shoulders and asked to see Friedberg's cards. Friedberg responded, "I only show when I bluff."

  • Goodbye, Kid Poker--After holding onto a short stack for most of the late afternoon, Daniel Negreanu is gone.

  • Collett to the rail--Day 1A chip leader Ryan Collett just played what he called, "A very strange hand." Collett made it 8,000 from the hijack with 8d9d. The button called. The flop came T74 with two diamonds. Collett pretty much knew his money was going in, it was just a matter of how. Collett checked, the button bet 13,000 and Collet min-raised. The button came over the top for 80,000. Collett pushed and the button had to call for 20,000 more. After a while, the button called with pocket threes. So, any jack, any six, any eight, any nine, and any diamond...and Collett wins. Well, not so much. He missed twice and is now off to enjoy Atlantis.

  • Chip counts updated -- We have updated the selected counts on the PCA Chip Counts page.

  • Last longer?--ElkY, Barry Greenstein, Hevad Khan, and Victor Ramdin are the remaining members of Team PokerStars Pro in the 2008 PCA. At the break, Greenstein steppped over to discuss a few things and Team PokerStars Blog's Brazilian writer, Maria, asked if Barry and the other guys have any sort of last longer. "No," Barry said, "but I hear if I last long enough, they give me money." With a wry smile, he walked away. His stack sits near 100,000 with about an hour left to play.

  • Big stacks get bigger--At the start of level 12, the players leading the charge are those that dominated level 11. And level 10. Eric "Rizen" Lynch took down a sizeable pot moments before the break and now has at least 325,000 and the probable chip lead. Johan Bergqvist is around the 290,000 mark; David Pham something similar, and William Thorsson has 245,000.