2008 PCA: Level 13 News

We'll be updating all the news from Level 13 in this post. We're moving to 2,000/4,000/400. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top.

  • Level 13 ends--Level 13 is now in the books. Looks like we'll get close to the money in Level 14. Updated chip counts will be available soon.

  • Khan vs Robin Hood--Sounds like a great movie, huh? In this case, it's reality. We just saw a Team PokerStars Pro vs Team PokerStars Pro cooler. It was aces for Hevad Khan and kings for Barry Greenstein. They got it all-in on an all-heart flop and the aces held. Greenstein, as always, signed his copy of "Ace on the River" for Khan. There are around 130 players remaining. Hevad sits close to 340,000 in chips. [1:15pm]


    Hevad Khan

  • Presto--Matt Zoorob started the day at Table 5, Seat 5. A few minutes ago, he got it all in from the small abling against AT. Zoorob pushed out his pocket fives. "Table 5, Seat 5? There's no way I'm laying this down." His fives held and Zoorob is still in the running for the money. [1:09pm]

  • Akkari misses, still hanging on--Brazil blogger Maria reports that Team PokerStars Pro member Andre Akkari just missed his nut flush draw and has now entered the land of the short stacks. [1:02pm]

  • Slick double-up--Mauro Stivoli, a PokerStars qualifier from Italy, just pulled off a double-up against Rob Lederer, another qualifier. Lederer raised pre-flop, Stivoli moved in for 81,000 more and Lederer tanked. Eventually he called, and showed A-10h. Stivoli's A-K was good.

  • All-in, no call--Three times I've passed by table 18 and three times I've seen short-stacked Richard Fohrenbach all-in. Each time it was pre-flop, and each time he found no callers. Still plugging away.

  • Class of the titans, redux--And who is now in the one-seat at Eric Lynch and Jon Friedberg's table? Yeah, that's ElkY. I'd say eleven other tables have to feel really lucky right now. [12:45pm]

  • Khan gets even with Thew--Some shocking gamesmanship now from Hevad Khan, who came over to greet table-mate Julian Thew this morning, lent over to shake his hand, and poured coffee all down Julian's white trousers. Totally accidental, of course, but these two do have some previous, so no one would have blamed Hevad if it had been deliberate. En route to his EPT Baden triumph, Julian took a massive pot off Hevad when he called a pre-flop raise with 5-3, bluffed on the turn and filled a straight on the river to crack Hevad's jacks. The Team PokerStars Pro player wasn't happy about that, but after the coffee incident today, I guess they're even.

  • Clash of the titans--Eric "Rizen" Lynch has been moved and now sits at the same table with Jon Friedberg. [12:32pm]

  • Chorny's set holds--It looked like it might be sickness for Glen Chorny. He got it all in with a flopped set of sixes against Justin Wright's gutshot and flush draws. Wright missed and Chorny is looking healthy. [12:30pm]

  • Hevad Khan gives some away--Khan is doing his best to elimate the shorter stacks here. This time, it didn't work. Eugenio Carmoneto got it all in with AJ vs Khan's A9. The best hand held and Eugenio is up to more than 100,000. [12:24pm]

  • Ezzo's double exit--Bill Ezzo started the day with 49,000 chips and lost them all very early in play...or so he thought. As he walked away, the dealer called, "Excuse me, sir! You're not out." Ezoo came back to find 2,000 worth of chips in front of him. It was enough for a few hands of antes. Finally, he was all-in in the big blind...with 2-4 offsuit. It didn't hold. Ezzo is out just short of the money. [12:20pm]

  • Big-stack bullies--At the other end of the spectrum, the big stacks can take a few liberties. Peter Jetten, a cash qualifier, raised under-the-gun, Chris Pearsall, an FPP qualifier, reraised 3,500 more. Then William Thorson, the aggressive Swedish player took them both on, bumping it another 85,000. They both folded and Thorson didn't need to show anything except a bit of muscle.

  • Short stacks get them in--A few all in moves on the first couple of hands. First, Jeffrey Neuman doubles up through William Thorson (ace-king good enough), then Jens Eriksson, Neuman's neighbor and even shorter-stacked does the same. His pocket threes were better than Neuman's A-9.

  • The plan for the day--Today's schedule is already decided. We're playing down to 40 players, no matter how long it takes. That might mean a dinner break, it might not. It might mean past midnight, it might not. I'm not prepared to guess.

  • Play begins--Tournament players have just finished unbagging their chips and getting all their instructions from Mike Ward. We're told hand-for-hand play will begin at 122 players. [12:07pm]