2008 PCA: Level 14 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 13 in this post. We're moving to 2,500/5,000/500. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 13 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Nibbling into the break-The last hand of the level on table nine actually went deep into the break. Looking at a board of 7c-Qs-8s-Jh-5c and a river bet of 70,000 from Emil Timberg, Eric Liu tanked and tanked and tanked. Timberg called a clock, and with about five seconds remaining, Liu called. He showed K-J for second pair, but Timberg flipped pocket eights for the set.

  • Table of death--The newest table of death includes the new chip leader, Peter Jetten. The Canadian PokerStars qualifier has more than 1 million chips and sits at the same table with William Thorson and Eric Lynch. [2:59pm]


    Peter Jetten

  • Petersen down--Jacob Petersen open pushed with QJ and got called by Lance Gettler's AK. Big slick held and Petersen out. [2:56pm]

  • Michaels double-up--William Thorson just doubled the stack of Alex Michaels. Michaels flopped top two with ace-ten, and Thorson refused to show his losing hand.

  • Cousineau out--Tony Cousineau's tournament is over. He was all in with A-10 and ran into William Thorson's A-Q. No miracles, and Cousineau was out in 114th.

  • Thew ships 150,000--Swedish blogger Lina just reported with some faintly disguised glee that Swedish player Emil Timberg just took down a 300,000 pot from Julian Thew. Timberg had A-K, Julian didn't show.

  • Enough of the outs, what about the ins--For obvious reasons, it's easy to report on those seen leaving the tournament arena. But there are still plenty of players in the money who have flown under the radar slightly so far. Here are a handful:

    Ted Lawson -- Made the final table in EPT Baden this season. Also has a World Series bracelet to his name.
    David "Dragon" Pham -- Hardly a newcomer to tournament poker; his winnings are in excess of $6 million, and he has two World Series bracelets. Here, the professional from Atlantic City is a PokerStars qualifier.
    Irina Liepina--Liepina is the wife of British professional Steve Jelinek, who also entered here. But Irina has the bragging rights in the homestead, having progressed all the way into the money. She's one of only two women remaining in the tournament. A PokerStars qualifier.
    Rosamelia Ferreia--The other remaining woman in the field, the player from Brazil shares a table with Liepina.
    Thierry Van Den Berg--A familiar face on the EPT from Holland. Talkative yet fearsome, he's the go-to guy for a story from the tables. And going deep in a major tournament for the umpteenth time.

  • The passion of the Mauro--Mauro Stivoli has just been voted most likely to end up at either the final table or infirmary. His victories today have been many. His celebrations, while not out of line, have verged on violent. The passion with which he hugs his sweater borders on homicidal. We have a medic on standby. [2:36pm]

  • King of ROI--"I'm just so happy to be in the money." That's the Jeff Neuman, who sits at Table 12 with barely a stack left. Doesn't matter to him though. He is now guaranteed $16,000. He got into this event through a PokerStars qualifier for $7.50. [2:33pm]

  • Bubble boy--The unlucky player of the day is Frederik Agersnap. He started the day with more than 300,000 in chips. Today, he is the bubble boy. [2:30pm]


    Frederik Agersnap

  • In the money--All remaining players are in the money. [2:20pm]

  • Bubble approacheth--Play is tightening up now as we get ever-closer to the money. One hundred twenty-three players remain. Play will go hand-for-hand when it gets down to 122.

  • Chip counts updated--The selected PCA Chip Counts have been updated. [1:59pm]

  • Levi fades, out--Nicholas Levi just got all his chips in with KQ against Italy's Mauro Stivoli's AK. No queens or other miracles and Levi is out just short of the money. Stivoli, the PokerStars qulaifier from Italy, has made AK good for him twice today. [1:47pm]


    Nicholas Levi

  • Level 14 about to begin--The big board tells us 130 players remain. Players are getting ready to take their seats. The $100 chips have been removed from the table, and a new $10,000 one has made its way into circulation. It's red.