2008 PCA: Level 15 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 15 in this post. We're moving to 3,000/6,000/500. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 14 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Level over--Level 15 is done. We'll have updated chip counts and bust outs very soon.

  • Non-stop action on the table of death--The table featuring William Thorson, Peter Jetten and Eric Lynch is undoubtedly the one to watch. Thorson is an action player, raising at least three hands an orbit. Lynch is utterly fearless, and isn't scared of Thorson. Jetten is going deep in here, just like he did last month in the Five Diamond Classic at the Bellagio. Sparks are flying. Also seated are Jeff Neuman, a short-stack at the start of the day, but who has shoved his way back into contention. And Craig Hopkins, a PokerStars qualifier from England, who is continuing his silent progress.

  • Shipping out--We should also mention the World Championship of Battleship Poker is underway here at Atlantis. Pictures and stories will be coming a little bit later. [4:36pm]

  • Jose Cuenca flops two, doubles up--Cuenca picked a good time to raise with 78. The 78K flop missed his opponent, but that didn't stop them from getting it all in on the turn. Cuenca was up against a pair of nines. His hand held and he's one happy Spaniard. [4:36pm]

  • Jetten gets halved--Not a good level so far for one-time chip leader Peter Jetten. Looks like William Thorson got the bulk of the half million missing from Jetten's stack. [4:22pm]

  • Neuman bumped...from Battleship--Jeff Neuman, the man from Maryland who qualified for the PCA in the PCA Steps tournaments for $7.50, has just been bumped...to Day 2 of the World Championship of Battleship Poker event. He was signed up to play today, but is still alive in the main event. In fact, he just doubled up. He was signed up for the Battleship event Day 1, but had to get a pass to play tomorrow. Now he's hoping he won't be available tomorrow either. Neuman is here with his wife, on a breif vacation from running an athletic club in Maryland. [4:02pm]

  • ElkY slew Thew--Julian Thew is gone. He took a huge hit earlier and re-raised all in after ElkY had raised with pocket tens. Thew had A-10h but failed to hit and the Team PokerStars Pro member took out the EPT Baden champion. ElkY now has close to 600,000.[3.55pm]


    Julian Thew

  • Akkari out--Team PokerStars Pro member Andre Akkari is out. No details how, as yet, but he's now railbirding friends still in the tournament. Victor Ramdin, ElkY and Hevad Khan are the three remaining Team PokerStars Pro members still in the field.[3.45pm]

  • Busting out, staying in--Irina Liepina's day is done. She found queens but ran into kings and there were no miracles. Different story two table away, though, where Ross Romash doubled up by cracking kings with A-J. He flopped the straight and John Friedberg was forced to pay him off.[3.40pm]

  • Chip counts updated--Selected chip counts have been updated on the PCA Chip counts page. [3:40pm]

  • PCA winners--We have just started a list of all the people you cashed. You can keep track of the cashers on the 2008 PCA Winners page. [3:30pm]

  • Back to it--Level 15 just began with 106 players remaining. We're playing to 40 today. [3:15pm]