2008 PCA: Level 16 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 16 in this post. We're moving to 4,000/8,000/1,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 15 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Level 16 ends--The 16th level of the 2008 PCA has ended with 58 players remaining. Tournament organizers are planning to play down to 40 tonight. Updated chip counts and bust outs coming soon. [6:14pm]

  • Battleship players in the money--We'll have a full report on the World Championship of Battleship Poker coming soon, but in the meantime, we thought we'd let you know that Flight 1's starting field is now in the money with the final four playing as I type. Last year's winner Sorel Mizzoo is playing vs. Mike Glasser. Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst is facing off against Matt Kay. [6:07pm]


    Sorel Mizzi

  • Winner list updated--The list of 2008 PCA Winners has been updated.

  • Sickness--It's a three-way pot with Pierre Neuville raising, and ElkY, and Bryan Colin calling. A flop of TdQs3h draws a 35,000 bet from Neuville. Both his opponents call. The turn is a seven of clubs. Now, ElkY starts the betting for 60,000, Neuville calls, and Colin min-raises. Now, ElkY decides to fold. Neuville seemed to go deep into the tank, before announcing "All-in." Colin insta-calls to see Neuville's TT. Colin says, "That is so sick" and tables 77. The nine in the river meant Colin had to ship another 184,000 across the table. [6:02pm]

  • New chip millionaire--Diego Perez loves France. Actually, he loves Frenchman Jacques Zaicik. It was TT for Perez, AK for Zaicik. For a million chips. Perez flopped a set, Zaicik flopped, turned, and rivered...nothing. Zaicik hadn't even gotten used to the new chip smell. He's just picked them up from Duy Le, who is now on the verge of being finished. [5:49pm]

  • Getting through them--The field continues to thin here at the PCA, with the latest count finding just 66 remaining in the main event. There's a relatively flat pay structure, meaning the first 70 players all get the same money, $16,000. The first jump comes when the 51st player is eliminated and we expect it to slow a bit as that mini-bubble approaches.

  • Keeping the pun-makers at bay-- He's no doubt heard all the puns in the world surrounding his cinematic namesake, but Rhett Butler is also a name in the poker world. Today the World Series fifth placed finisher from 2006 is going deep here. He has 238,000 at last count, and is not gone, with the wind or otherwise.

  • Klodnicki doubles--It's a good day when aces don't get cracked. It's a good week when aces don't get cracked this deep in the field. Just ask Christopher Klodnicki. He got paid in full with aces on a kigh-high flop against an opponent who held KQ. Klodnicki is up to 270,000. [5:15pm]

  • Outdraw, double-up--Thierry Van Den Berg is heading in the right direction, courtesy of a pretty nasty outdraw. All in pre-flop, the Dutchman showed 9-9; Hunter Frey, his American opponent, tabled Q-Q. The nine flopped, and everyone winced, but then Frey also picked up a club flush-draw. But the river was a brick and Van Den Berg is up to about 380,000.

  • Selected chip counts updated--We will have a full list of chip counts at the end of this level. Until then, we have added some selected to chip counts to the PCA Chip Counts page.

  • Winner list updated--The list of 2008 PCA Winners has been updated. [4:55pm]

  • Now that's what I call a freeroll--A great story is developing surrounding Emil Timberg, from Gothenburg, Sweden. The young player won his seat here via a series of freeroll tournaments hosted on PokerStars in association with "Slitz" magazine in Scandinavia. He has never deposited any money in an online poker account and plays only in the freeroll tournaments. He's had a wonderful day today -- including flopping quad fives -- and is currently sitting with about 600,000. The freeroll continues all the way into the thousands.

  • Color up--The pink chips, worth $500, have been removed from play. The smallest denomination are now the gold $1,000 chips. We also have blue chips worth $5,000 and red, worth $10,000.