2008 PCA: Level 17 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 16 in this post. We're moving to 5,000/10,000/1,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 16 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Pirinen profitsMikko Pirinen just took down a decent pot in something of a cooler. His A-10 filled a straight on the river when a queen popped out; that same lady gave Christopher Klodnicki a set with his pocket queens.

  • Fantastic Pham-- David "Dragon" Pham just added another 200,000-odd to his stack, courtesy of Garrett Adelstein. Pham bet 80,000 on a board of 6s-10s-4c, which Adelstein called. The turn was the 2d; check, check. The river was the 3s, completing a potential spade flush, and Pham bet another 85,000 at it. Garrett called, but mucked when Pham showed K-10 for top pair. "He knows when to value bet," said BJ Nemeth. He sure does.


    David Pham

  • Rizen moved again, more misery-- Eric "Rizen" Lynch has sat on about three different tables today but has never managed to get it easy. He started out with Elky and John Friedberg, he was moved to Peter Jetten and William Thorson's table, and his latest move has landed him beside David Pham and Garrett Adelstein, both chipped right up.

  • Getting close to day's end--We're down to 46 players. Play will end at 40 players.

  • Jetten bounces Crawford--Chris Crawford just got his money in good. On a 789 flop, Crawford check-raised all-in from the small blind. Jetten called with QT. Crawford held A7. He was good until the river, a six. That's the tournament for Crawford.

  • Non-action Pham-- David "Dragon" Pham is our chip leader and he got most of them by breathing his fire across the field and shrivelling them up. However, there's more to his game than just flames, and he just made a huge laydown against Kristoffer Edberg. Edberg bet 150,000 on a king-high board, into a pot of about 200,000. Pham thought but folded and Edberg showed pocket kings. Pham was delighted with his fold.

  • Chip counts updated--We're down to 49 players. If you care to see how the chip counts looked at the beginning of this level, check out the PCA Chip Counts page.

  • Thrilla--PCA Step 1 qualifier Jeff Neuman who entered this event for $7.50 says, "I'm thrilled." It's rare to hear anyone say that after busting out of a tournament, but Neuman is an exception. He's happily walking away with $16,000 after busting out in 56th place. [7:09pm]

  • Nosebleed poker--Diego Perez's table was broken and he carried about 700,000 to his new one. Within two hands he was down to about 20,000 after successive double-ups of other players. The first was Jesse Chinni, a PokerStars qualifier from the United States. Chinni's kings were good against A-J and he now sits with about 900,000. Then Perez also shipped plenty to Christopher Klodnicki. Eric Van Den Burg, also on the table, was left shaking his head and wondering where his hand-out is coming from.

  • Good news, bad news for Team PokerStars Pro--The good news for Team PokerStars Pro is that Victor Ramdin just made the nuts for a double-up. The bad news is ElkY is steaming after a confounding hand that he'll be thinking about for a bit. Facing a raise and a call, ElkY re-raised from the small blind with AQ. Jose Cuenca decided it was time to put ElkY to a test and pushed in another 335,000. ElkY passed the test and called to see Cuenca's JdTd. Let it suffice to say, AQ didn't hold. ElkY is still alive, but with about half the chips he had a few minutes ago. [6:48pm]


    Victor Ramdin

  • Live by the tens, die by the tens--Christopher Klodnicki decided he'd had enough of Diego Perez's bullying. When Klodnicki picked up jacks on the button, he came in for a raise, and Perez re-raised from the blinds. Perez decided the re-raise looked too big and put Klodnicki on some sort of re-steal. So, he pushed. Maybe to Klodnicki's surprise, Perez called. No worries, though. Perez held tens. The board blanked out and Klodnicki jumped over one million chips. [6:32pm]

  • Play resumes--Play in the main event has resumed. [6:25pm]

  • Mizzi, Selbst stay afloat--For those interested in the Battleship event, Sorel Mizzi and Vanessa Selbst have advanced to Day 2. They will play the two finalists from tomorrow. A full report will be out in a bit. [6:20pm]

  • Players on break--Players will be back in just a bit. So will we.