2008 PCA: Level 18 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 18 in this post. We're moving to 6,000/12,000/2,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 17 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • It had to end, but it wasn't pleasant-- Asa Smith is the unfortunate man who's tournament is over at the last. He flopped the nuts with his 8-9 on a 7-6-10 board. Glen Chorny had also hit pretty hard too, and his 6-7 then got even better when a 6 came on the turn to fill him up and send Smith out. That's it for the day. Counts and wrap to follow.

  • Ramdin survives-- The first called all-in of the hand-for-hand period was Victor Ramdin's. The Team PokerStars Pro member had A-K and chip-leader David Pham had K-9. Pham flopped an inside straight draw but it never filled and Ramdin doubled up.

  • Hand-for-agonising-hand-- We're down to 41 players and only 40 come back tomorrow. So we're going hand for hand across the five tables until that unfortunate sole is lost.

  • How do you know when someone's bluffing?--When they push all-in, get a call, and muck their cards without seeing what their opponent is holding. That's the last chapter in the story that was Peter Jetten's PCA. With the board reading KJ9Q6 with three hearts, Jetten moved all-in. Emil Timberg, the freeroller from Sweden, tanked hard before making the tough call. He had KQ. Jetten's out and Timberg is healthy again at 900,000. [8:33pm]

  • Friedberg finished-- John Friedberg, who started the day fifth in chips, has become the latest casualty of this brutal day. Asa Smith pushed his short-stack in from the hijack; Friedberg had a decision in the big blind. Smith only just had him covered, but it was still a decision for his tournament life. He called, flipped K-Q and Smith showed eights. The board bricked and Smith all but doubles up, while Friedberg is out.

  • Double double for ElkY--ElkY looked like he was about to go the way of the 1,100 or so other folks who are on the beach or in the bar. Instead, inside of two hands he doubled up twice. Once, however, was at the expense of fellow Team PokertStars Pro member Hevad Khan. Khan is now looking for something else to do tonight. 8:19pm

  • Winners enclosure-- As they've continued to fall, we've continued to update the list of winners. Click HERE to see where all the money went.

  • Hanging around-- A lot of players have entered the mandatory double up or go home mode, Paul Holub, of the United States among them. He pushed pre-flop and ran into Christian Harder's aces. But the taxi was cancelled when a five flopped and Holub survived to double up.

  • Battleship report--If you'd like a look at how today's World Championship of Battleship Poker went, check out Howard Swains' report HERE.

  • Back in action--With 45 players remaining, we are back in action.

  • Day drawing to a close-- We know better than to count our chickens before they have hatched, but there's a good chance that this will be the final level of the day. We need to lose five more players before we get down to the final 40 who will return tomorrow.