2008 PCA: Level 18 news continued

We'll be updating all the news from the end of Level 18 in this post. We're still at 6,000/12,000/2,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top.

  • Mahoney outdrawn-- Jared Mahoney, the PokerStars qualifier, is today's first casualty, and he got unlucky. He was all in pre-flop with K-Q and was called by Evan Tindell. Tindell was dominated, with K-J, but the jack flopped and by the end of it, Tindell had a full house. "Sorry, man," he offered. "That's sick," was Mahoney's only comment as he shook hands with all and departed. He's $32,000 richer.

  • Victor victorious, doubles up-- It started slowly but suddenly there was a rush of activity. Victor Ramdin was loving a flop of 4d-4c-7c, especially with his A-4 in hand. All his money found its way into the center of the table, and Craig Hopkins called. Hopkins tabled Ac-Jc for the flush draw, but turn and river bricked, doubling up the Team PokerStars Pro member.

  • EPT Live--We'll be updating the news from all tables, but if you'd like a live look at the featured table, check out EPTLive.com.

  • Dream in the making--If you had looked at Michael Cooper's original airline ticket, you would think that he wasn't supposed to be here right now. They were scheduled to leave on Monday. "I never thought we would be here," his wife Tina told me a few moments ago with a nervous smile. They now have open-tickets to return to Atlanta, Georgia, because Michael is among the final 40 here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. To get prepared for today, Michael and Tina ate some dinner last night and rented a movie. Now, he's taken his place at Table 5 with 426,000 in chips. That's a below-average stack, but anything can happen here. Michael and all the others left in this tournament are guaranteed to take home $32,000. So for the family reading this at home, your boy is well on his way to an American dream here in the Bahamas.

  • Play resumes--Play is underway with 40 players starting the day. [12:20pm]