2008 PCA: Level 19 News

We'll be updating all the news from Level 19 in this post. We're moving to 8,000/16,000/2,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 18 PCA news can be found HERE and HERE.

  • Reed falls with A9--All in with A9 against Paul Holub's AK, the last thing Reed wanted to see was a king on the flop. No miracle runners and Reed is out.

  • No club! Yes, a club.--It's a three way pot with a flop of Kd3cQc. Michael Cooper bets out 100,000. John Zioulas tanks and eventually puts in his final 176,000. Cooper calls to see Zioulas' QJ. Cooper has 8c9c. The turn blanks out, but the river is the 5c. Zioulas is eliminated.

  • At it again-- And now Richard doubles Magnus up again. (See previous post). This time Magnus has J-J, Richard K-8 and there's no improvement.

  • Double-up, double-down-- Magnus Karlsson and Richard Fohrenbach are playing their own game on table five. First Richard doubles up Magnus, when his K-10 can't overtake Magnus's A-4. Then Magnus returns the favour and doubles up Fohrenbach when both players flop a king but Fohrenbach's kicker plays.

  • Chop-chop-- The board read 9s-10h-8d-Qd-Jh when David Pham slid in 120,000. Pierre Neuville, from Belgium, had some thinking to do, but eventually called and announced he was playing the board. So was Pham and they chopped it.

  • Elpayaa gives some back-- Joseph Elpayaa just doubled up Richard Fohrenback, whose kings held up against Elpayaa's ace-nine.

  • Klodnicki completes his descent-- Christopher Klodnicki started the day sixth in chips, but he's now out, having been brutally beaten by the deck this afternoon. His last hand was typical: he had ace-queen, his opponent, Joseph Elpayaa, had tens. They were all in pre-flop and it looked good for Klodnicki when a queen appeared in the window. An ace turned, making two pair, but the jack on the river filled a straight for the tens and Klodnicki was out.

  • Chinni gets unlucky, broke--Jesse Chinni is on the rail after making the mistake of getting AQ in against Craig Hopkins' AJ pre-flop. The inability to see the suckout coming means Chinni is done for the day. [1:18pm]

  • Cooper's nines--'Twas a scary board of 678 with two hearts when Michael Cooper got his 9h9d in against Christopher Klodnicki. Turned out, Cooper was in decent shape. Klodnicki held 5c7c and missed. Cooper is up close to a million now. 1:13pm

  • Kuykendall crew--Kris Kuykendall came into this world 25 years ago today. This afternoon, his parents are standing at the rail here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, watching their "baby" play for nearly $8.6 million in prize money. His rail crew is a little smaller today. His sister and childhood friend had to return home, but they're reportedly checking in here for updates (we'll do our best, guys). Kris' parents are a strong support system, though, unwavering at the rail. Kris' mom says after play ended here in the Grand Ballroom last night, they all had a sandwich, went back to the room, and made A LOT of phone calls. For everyone following Kris who was second in chips at the start of play today, he's now seated at Table 3 along with starting chip leader, David Pham. A lot of chips on that table, folks. A lot of chips. 1:08pm

  • Tsang done-- Elton Tsang's tournament is over. He moved his short stack in with 3-3; he ran into Michael Cooper's larger stack and J-J. No outdraws this time and Tsang's day is done.

  • Pham's flames fizzle-- David "Dragon" Pham just tried to send Lance Gettler's tournament up in smoke, but Gettler survived and double through the chip leader. All the chips went in on an ace-high flop, and they both had one. But Gettler had A-J in the hole; Pham only had A-9. The kicker played.12.55pm

  • Colin out--Bryan Colin is no longer in his seat at the final table. The pro player from New York is 24. He's a mixed game specialist who plays high stakes games online and live. The world traveler used to be a trader on Wall Street. Today, he finishes short of the big cash.

  • Flushed--Magnus Karlsson likes him some spades, especially the fourth one on the river that kept him alive against Christopher Klodnicki. Fortunately for Klodnicki, it's not a big hit.

  • No break--There is no break as we barrel into Level 19. [12:48pm]