2008 PCA: Level 20 news

We'll be updating all the news from Level 20 in this post. We're moving to 10,000/20,000/3,000. If you're refreshing on a regular basis, the latest information will be at the top. Level 19 PCA news can be found HERE.

  • Break time--Players are on a 10-minute break.

  • Elpayaa hits the Dragon--A pair of nines went in ahead for Joe Elpayaa against David Pham's AQ. The board ran out 77322 and Elpayaa doubled up.

  • Level coming to a close--Level 20 is about to end. We're going to dig into the chips and try to get a good count at the break.

  • Winner's list updated--For a look at who is making the most money today, check out the PCA Winner's List.

  • Ballroom paradise--Overnight, the Grand Ballroom has become an island paradise. Doubt it? Check out Neil Stoddart's pictures.




  • Dull done--John Dull becomes the 30th placed finisher when his ace-king doesn't win the race against Evan Tindell's jacks. They were all in pre-flop and there were no surprises.

  • "Dragon slayer, baby!"--David "Dragon" Pham takes a sizeable hit to his sizeable stack. He bets 250,000 on a flop of 4h-9h-2d, but Paul Holub moves 280,000 more into the pot, putting himself all in. Pham folds and Holub's supporters chant "Dragon slayer," from the rail.

  • All the money was going in--Magnus Karlsson and Miko Pirinen just got it all in pre-flop behind queens and kings, respectively. The flop brought both a king and a queen, and Thierry Van Den Berg noted that Magnus was down to one out. Even that hope was snatched away when Richard Fohrenbach admitted that he'd folded a queen pre-flop. Pirinen doubled up.

  • Nothing Dull here
  • --His mom says it's in the blood. Both sides of Jonathan "KidPokerJD" Dull's family love to gamble, and he is no exception. 24 year old Jonathan is sitting at Table 2 this afternoon. His mother, Nahid, is on the rail. She and his father follow their professional poker player son to many of his tournaments. She says she's calm inside and is thinking positively, but she doesn't want to know his chip count. It's a superstition she has. Jonathan's sister, Jacqueline, was at his side in 2006, when KidPokerJD finished 7th at the EPT Barcelona event. It seems poker is a family affair for the Dulls.[3:02pm]

  • BigEgypt still walking
  • --19 year old professional poker player Joe "BigEgypt" Elpayaa has quite a crew with him here in the Bahamas. His buddy, Steve Marifjeren, has been here with him all week, but his brother and four friends arrived today to surprise him. They're already coming up with Joe chants. The leader so far is "Walk like an Egyptian." At the break, Joe had 664,000 in chips. So, to all the "Cashville" buddies out there reading on the internet, Joe is still walking the walk. [3:01pm]

  • Break report--I talked to some of the people on the rail just after play resumed here in the Grand Ballroom. Kris Kuykendall's parents say he had about $1.56 million in chips at the break. They say he's in good shape and feels comfortable and relaxed. His dad says Kris likes his table.

    Michael Cooper's wife, Tina, says he had about $1.2 million in chips. She says he won a big hand just before the break to bust someone out. Tina says Michael is "in a zone." [2:58pm]

  • Battleship locking and loading--Lee Jones is making the call. The buzz is getting louder next to the blogger table, as players start to gather for the Battleship tournament. It gets underway in just a few minutes, so stay tuned for updates. [2:57pm]

  • D'Ambrosio: "I gotta defend my raise"--It's a raise to 49,000 from James "I was stuck 60k at blackjack" D'Ambrosio. Evan Tindell pushes all in for 219,000 more from the small blind. D'Ambrosio talks and talks and finally says, "I gotta defennd my raise. I have Q7, I call." And so he does. It's Qs7s vs Tindell's As3s. D'Ambrosio calls for a queen on the river. He doesn't get it anywhere and Tindell doubled up. [2:45pm]

  • Ramdin burned-- Victor Ramdin just paid off Dragon Pham's 165,000 river bet, starng at a board of A-K-4-4-3. Pham tabled ace-seven, Victor mucked, presumably holding a king. [2.40pm]

  • Van Den Berg likes ladies-- Thierry Van Den Berg just doubled up after he flopped a set of queens and got James D'Ambrosio to call his all in. D'Ambrosio mucked, but claimed to have king-queen, and still had a rubdown for Van Den Berg: "You weren't as good as you thought you were," he said. And: "You almost slow-rolled yourself into trouble." The amiable Dutchman smiled and stacked his chips, knowing that he might be as good as he thinks he is. Having made the final table of the past two EPTs in Dublin and Baden, as well as a Masters Classics fifth place, Van Den Berg is Europe's form player.

  • Hiccup--Sorry for the brief delay, folks. We had an isolated power failure that dropped our internet service for a bit. We're back at full power. [2:29pm]

  • One player per blind-- We start this level wth 30 players, having lost ten in the opening round and a half. The big blind is now 20,000, which is what each player started with at the beginning of the tournament; an entire existence rendered in the form of two red chips.